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The Independence Day - A Day for Retrospection and Introspection

We are celebrating the 71th Independence Day. This day is not for just celebrations and holiday only. But, this day is also for serious retrospection and introspection of deteriorating politics, the peasant unrest and the rise of religious politics.

We are celebrating the 71th Independence Day of our beloved country. Some of us normally celebrate it by hoisting national flag and many of us celebrate it as a holiday. Just by hoisting national flag and listening to some lectures of some politicians is not the end of our duty for the country. The citizens who are in euphoria of all is well, celebrate this day as a holiday. This day is not just for celebrations and holiday only. As a conscious citizen of the country we must devote some time to retrospect the spirit of freedom struggle and reasons of deterioration of politics after independence. We must also introspect our role in correcting the present political situation.

We must understand that the progress and wellbeing of the country embodies the progress and wellbeing of the citizens of the country. No doubt, our country has many landmark events on record during last seventy years of independence. But, a lot is to be done to improve the plight of peasants and workers of the country. The recent peasant unrest in various states shows that the situation for this lot of citizens has not changed much during last seventy years.

We have witnessed the autocratic behavior of our politicians. They are crossing floors and indulging in horse- trading to form unethical alliances and thereby killing the very spirit of democracy.

We are witnessing a rise in religious politics of polarising people on the religious basis to digress the attention from the core issues of improving living standards of the deprived people, and progress of the country as a whole.

Retrospection of the Freedom Struggle

Freedom struggle of India is unparallel in the world history. It started with a mutiny and ended in a peoples' movement which chased off the British Rule from India. The only underlying spirit during this struggle was rock steady unity of the people. The people rose above their caste, religion and other parochial affiliations like region and language. The British Rule tried to divide this unity with the help of some radical organisations and their leaders, but all went in vein. The selfless leaders sacrificed their everything in this struggle. These leaders hailed from various regions and strata of the Indian society. After achieving independence, the leaders in the saddle had a gigantic task of rehabilitation of millions of refugees of partition and unification of the country by merging the princely states. The leaders cherished the ethos of freedom movement in the Constitution of the country. Our constitution guarantees the dignity of the individual to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation. Our constitution is an instrument for people to restrain government.

Erosion of Democratic Values and Spirit of Constitution after Independence

With the passage of time, power started corrupting the politicians. Some politicians thought of taking advantage of power for their benefit. In the mean while some leaders of freedom struggle era also played with the trust of their voters to grab power. The hunger of power led to the darkest period of democracy in the form of emergency. The service spirit of politics turned into a game of power in the hands of few unscrupulous politicians. Many politicians amass huge properties and money. We observe no serious debates on the issues of national interest in the parliament. We are observing only chaos following different party lines. Parliamentary sessions are being wasted without any fruitful business. In the recent past we saw unholy alliances of legislators against the popular mandate of people just to grab the power. Our representatives in the parliament and state assemblies are acting against our interest and behaving like autocratic rulers. Many of our representatives are acting against the basic tenets of democracy. Owing to the nexus of officers and politicians, the deprived and poor people could not be benefitted by the public welfare schemes.

In the recent past we see a rise of religious politics and chaotic law and order situations owing to some dogmatic beliefs of a specific religion. Religious preachers and dogmatic individuals are being elected for constitutional positions. All political parties are alike when there is a chance of grabbing power. The principle less and corrupt politicians are posing a threat to the unity of the country. Rise of caste and religious politics is mocking the very tenets of our constitution.


We must introspect the reasons of this situation and how it can be corrected. We cannot blame the politicians for this. This is our responsibility to elect right representatives. Our connivance to core issues like corruption in politicians, criminalization and communalization of politics may jeopardise the very independence of the country.

We have to rise above our caste, creed, religion, sex and parochial affiliations like region and language to pledge that we will not vote any corrupt and criminal politician . This will pressurise the political parties to field candidates of good background. We have to fight out unitedly with the spirit of freedom struggle to get rid of the criminal and corrupt politicians.

We must remember the movement for " Lokpal". Then ruling party and other political parties were pressurised by this movement to pass Lokpal law. Ironically, the party which was beating its chest for the law is in power and avoiding implementation of Lokpal law on flimsy grounds. Supreme court has directed the government to implement it but the government delaying its implementation by taking advantage of parliamentary procedures. The party which got power in a state only on the rhetoric of Lokpal is not even talking of Lokpal. This is the best example of how politicians are making the common man fool and achieving their ulterior motives. We have to fight once again for the implementation of Lokpal Law.

To control the autocratic behavior of our representatives and their intimidation with the administration, electoral reforms are necessary. The ruling politicians are not implementing the electoral reforms and police reforms in spite of the supreme court's directives. We have to pressurise the ruling party to implement these reforms or we should vote that political party which will promise the implementation of these reforms.

During past three years, some politicians of religious dogmatic ideology are flaring the religious sentiments of common man to digress the attention from the core issues of food, clothing, shelter and health. These politicians know that religious ideas act as opium on illiterate citizens. The British have already used such politicians against our freedom struggle. But the unity of people foiled their attempts. We have to be very cautious of such politicians and try to aware illiterate citizens of this ulterior motive of dividing the country.

We have to act in time otherwise it would have been too late.



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