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Characteristics of successful candidates in competitive examinations

Competitive examinations are held where the number of positions are very limited. The competitive examinations are totally different than conventional examinations. In this article, the author discusses the characteristic traits of successful candidates in various competitive examinations. Read to know more.

Competitive examination is totally different from conventional examination. In conventional examination, there is a pass mark in every subject and the examinee is required to get the pass mark to qualify the examination. Thereafter, there is concept of Division/Class. For example, if a student gets more than 60 percent marks in conventional examination, it is stated that he/she has secured first class marks. On the other hand, there is no concept of qualifying (passing) the examination in case of competitive examinations. Generally, competitive examination is held where the numbers of seats are limited. If there are hundred seats/vacancies, only the top hundred candidates would be considered to be qualified the competitive examination.

Nowadays admission to various prestigious courses (for example, medical, engineering, legal, etc) and filling up of Government job vacancies are done through competitive examinations. The present author is fortunate to have qualified various competitive examinations without any guidance. From his personal experience and with his interactions with persons in the same circumstances, he has found that successful candidates in competitive examination have some specific characteristic traits. In this article, the author has discussed the characteristics of successful candidates in the competitive examinations.

Successful candidates are fully aware of the syllabus

The candidates who become successful in competitive examinations are very much aware of the syllabus of the specific examination. Those candidates study according to the syllabus. They give adequate stress to each portion of the syllabus according to the distribution of marks. This is a major characteristic of successful candidates in competitive examinations.

They have different mindset

As already said, competitive examinations are totally different from conventional examinations. There is no concept of pass or fail in this type of examination. So, the candidates who become successful in competitive examinations prepare themselves in a different manner. Their sole aim is to become successful in the examination. So, instead of comparing the marks, they always compare their performance with that of other candidates.

Successful candidates are methodical

Successful candidates in the competitive examinations are methodical. They methodically analyse previous years' question papers and prepare themselves according to the trend of the question papers as analysed by them.

They are conscious about time constraint

There is always limitation of time in case of competitive examinations. As for example, for recruitment in lower level Government posts, a candidate has to answer two hundred questions in two hours. The candidates who become successful in such examinations always practise according to the time schedule. They appear in mock tests and make conscious efforts to complete the papers within the stipulated time. Time overrun is a strict 'no-no' for them.

Regular practice

The successful candidates give stress on appearing in mock tests. The successful candidates do regular practice by appearing in mock tests. As already mentioned, they practise to finish the paper within the stipulated time. Furthermore, they note down their areas of weakness and further strengthen these areas by more practice.

Successful candidates are self-confident

The successful candidates in various competitive examinations are self-confident. They remain confident even after temporary setback. The present author has seen many candidates appearing in Civil Services examination year after year. Even if they do not qualify the Civil Services examination at the first attempt, they do not get disheartened. They start preparing with more determination and ultimately become successful. So, self-confidence and determination are two major characteristic traits of the candidates who become successful in various competitive examinations.

Concluding comments

The candidates who are aspiring to become engineers, doctors, etc. must remember the above traits of the successful candidates. They should be self-motivated, self-confident, methodical and hard-working. They should practise mock test papers and complete the papers within the specified time limit. The same is applicable for the candidates of different competitive examinations for filling up of various Governments job vacancies. They must have proper mindset to clear competitive examinations and make honest endeavour in a systematic manner.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao31 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article by Mr. Partha. He has given an account of qualities that are required for a candidate to be successful in competitive examinations.
As mentioned by him self confidence, syllabus awareness, old paper analysis and time management are very important for a person to be successful.
A candidate should be through in his curriculum and also should be in touch with national and international happenings, to say in a simple language, current affairs. He should give some time to improve his IQ also.
My appreciations to the author for the interesting write up.

Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Proper preparation for the competitive exam is the most important aspect in its success. This preparation should include certain smart practices as well as certain hard work. Smart practices means learning easy and short methods to solve problems quickly. Candidates also have to do some hard work to remember formulae, equations, values of certain physical or chemical quantities to apply them in solving the problems. Attempting more tests and solving old question papers is good for picking up speed and time management but one has to rely strictly to the basics and concepts of the topics. In competitive exams they give more importance to test your thinking, analyzing and reasoning abilities but not your memorizing and recollecting abilities. So one has to give more importance to improve understanding aspect of the basics and concepts of the topics. Taking the help of your teachers in clearing doubts, combined study with other students and going through various standard study materials will enrich you with more knowledge to come out successfully in competitive exams.

Author: Partha K.26 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Thanks to Dr. Rao and Mr. Kambhampati for reading this article.

Mr. Kambhampati has stated: "Candidates also have to do some hard work to remember formulae, equations, values of certain physical or chemical quantities to apply them in solving the problems."-So far as MCQ-type competitive examinations are concerned, I can tell from personal experience that in case of quantitative aptitude, those candidates can calculate very fast, have better chance to be successful. Although coaching institutes generally teach many short-cuts, in the examination hall, these short-cut methods create for confusion.

He has also stated:"....one has to rely strictly to the basics and concepts of the topics. "-In this connection, I would state that the competitive examinations are attempted by students of various streams. So a student of a particular stream can't be expected to learn concept in respect of any other stream at short period. So little bit of mugging is necessary. Learning concepts is theoretically very sound, but practically not very feasible, especially for students of altogether different stream. However, concepts are important for IIT entrance or Medical entrance examinations.

Author: K Mohan21 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

By the way, not all the candidates appearing for the competitive exams gets qualified for one great reason that they failed to understand the very format of each exam and thus missed the opportunity. Most students think that all the competitive exams are of same nature and they go prepared reading all that is known to them. Seldom do they realize that general and aptitude test is important for some competition and for some only general knowledge questions are given more importance. But what I feel is that general aptitude test is a boring subject for many and they fail only in this during competitive exams. Moreover, by attempting so many exams in a year with different dates, the candidates confuse themselves and end up with no fruitful performance.

Author: Venkiteswaran06 Mar 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

During my college days, I used to read the Competition Success Review. Even when I was not appearing for any competitive exam I used to read it to gain an all-round knowledge in various subjects and also to have an idea of how to appear for competitive exams. Regular preparation and a sort of disciplined preparation is necessary for ensuring success. Sometimes I have seen the rank holders in some competitive exams 'sillyfying' the essentials and declare that they did not burn midnight oil' and that they enjoyed in every way. That I feel is just becoming smart after the success!

The above article mentions some of the essential requirements in brief. The points can be useful in any competitive examination as the general basic characteristics. As everyone is having only the same 24 hours in a day, the success is for those who utilize this 24 hours most optimally and effectively.

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