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Characteristics of a mentally healthy person: Part-2

This article explains qualities like clear conscience, living a meaningful life, self-acceptance, holding attention, thinking ahead, playfulness, being grateful etc. which are characteristics of a mentally healthy individual. These characteristics are the qualities of a healthy mind which is free from stress and tension.


Mental health is as important as physical health. To achieve overall health, both physical and mental health are essential. Learn the Characteristics of a physically healthy person to understand the traits required for sound physical health. Good physical health cannot be achieved if mind is in unsound condition. Still, it is the most neglected area. We take care of our body through diet and exercise, but sadly do not even care to spend five minutes of our day to take care of our mind which is actually as important as our body is. We do not follow any diet or exercise regime for our mind. This is because we feel that our mind is perfectly healthy as we are not suffering from any mental illnesses or mind related diseases. We simply do not understand that mere lack of mental illness does not confirm that mind is healthy, but a number of characteristics together will decide whether a person is mentally healthy or not.

Characteristics of mentally healthy individual

Characteristics of a mentally healthy person are actually the qualities which a mind should possess to be claimed as healthy. Learn more such Characteristics of a mentally healthy person: Part-1 to understand about qualities of a sound mind. In absence of these qualities or features, mind is considered to be suffering from ill-health.

Following are the characteristics of a mentally healthy individual-

Mentally healthy individual has clear conscience

A mentally healthy person has a conscience i.e., he knows what is right and always looks forward to do the same, regardless of whether someone is around him or not. Ethics is in his blood and thus he can never think of behaving or performing anything in an unethical way. Actions of a person always determines the kind of person he is from within. If his actions are right then it shows that his inner conscience is crystal clear. Though he focuses on reaching his determined goal, but journey to reach that goal is also as important to him as goal is and can never think of hurting anyone or cheating by any means. End is very important to all of us, but for a healthy mind, means of reaching end are as important as the end goal is. He is honest, caring, ethical and all these pure qualities of his soul is very well reflected in his personality and in his actions.

Playfulness- A characteristic of a sound mind

A healthy mind is capable of handling playfulness which results in creation of laughter and provides relaxation. He can laugh at himself and also has good time and fun with others. Laughter makes life enjoyable and alive. Without laughter, life would seem pretty boring and tiring. Ill-health of mind cannot allow a person to possess quality of playfulness. Laughter is considered to be the best medicine. It is a tonic for both mind and body. Having fun creates a calming effect on mind. It takes away all the stress and tension and relaxes the mind. Playfulness teaches a person to live in moment, adapt himself to the present environment and live in harmony with others.

Good attention

Attention is very essential. We usually pay most of our attention to physical health and thus we end up eating best diet which nourishes our body in all the best possible ways as well as exercising which will make sure that our weight remains in normal range and all our body organs function efficiently. A mentally healthy individual gives equal importance to both physical as well as mental health. He is always attentive towards his mental status. He keeps himself away from stress and tension and always instills positive attitude by thinking positively. This will decrease the risk of anxiety related disorders and depression. The more the attention is given to mental health, the more physical health improves and as a result, overall health improves. Each and every thought of ours create some sort of effect on each and every cell present in our body. This is the reason that we should pay attention to what we are thinking so that we create only positive and useful thoughts and prevent negative and waste thoughts so that along with good mental health we can achieve overall good health.

A mentally healthy individual thinks ahead

This is a very important characteristic of a mentally healthy individual. Thinking ahead does not always mean worrying about what future has kept in store for us. It means planning ahead to simply free ourselves from last minute hustle-bustle which we often face when time is running out of our hands causing lots of stress and tension. Thus, in a way we still live in moment, but plan ahead to keep ourselves relaxed and away from stress and tension. This kind of active role which we adopt in life brings us not only good physical health and good mental health but wellness from all the perspectives. In case of those individuals who are suffering from mental ill-health may not be able to plan ahead cause they have too much on their minds. They find so much of difficulty in completing the present work and in staying updated. Thinking ahead of time seems almost impossible to them. A mentally healthy person always looks ahead in time instead of waiting for things to happen i.e., he controls things instead of allowing things or events to control him. He has more of a positive attitude rather than simply being reactive. He plans everything ahead and then very well organizes everything. Once done, his next task will be to exercise the same.


A mentally healthy person just accepts himself the way he is. No sort of rejections comes in his mind i.e., he is not concerned much when it comes to his age, body, sex, gender, weaknesses, strengths, skills, limitations etc. He accepts himself completely. We all can achieve the state of self-acceptance when we become aware of reality. When we live in delusion, we reject reality and that is why we develop so many insecurities related to us leading to self rejection. Self-acceptance is an easy state to live in cause in this state we do not create a need to conceal ourselves or defend our mistakes so that only our strengths and skills get revealed. We accept our mistakes, embrace our failures and weaknesses gracefully and while doing so no fear gets created in us. We become grateful for our positive traits and we get ready to correct or rectify our faults i.e, neither we try to conceal our negative side nor we remain blind to it. Once we accept ourselves, accepting others for who they are too comes very naturally.

Grateful for everything

A person who is mentally healthy will always be grateful for his life cause he understands importance of every second and thereby appreciates it genuinely. He lives with complete contentment. Life is not less then a miracle for him and thus appreciates it by living it with joy. When deeper aspect of life is understood, he is able to appreciate blessings in his life and thus is grateful and utilizes every second to live completely instead of focusing on the limitations life imposes on him. Being ungrateful means focusing more on limitations and always complaining about the weaknesses. When his focus gets shifted from what he don't have to what he has then he becomes grateful and this attitude helps him to cope up with all the miseries and pain which he has hidden inside of him and thereby grows above all of them. Grateful attitude also creates positive impact on physical and emotional well being and creates spiritual awareness. A mentally unhealthy person will constantly interest himself in complaining and that is why he lives a resentful life. He always either blames himself or else others to find faults for the failures he has encountered. This kind of negative and ungrateful attitude creates negative impact on both physical and mental well being.

Lives a meaningful life

A mentally healthy person will always find his life meaningful. One or the other thing in his life makes it a meaningful ride like a goal, a commitment or an ideology. It is important to live a life which matters. In fact, each day and each second should be lived in a way as if it matters the most and this is what living a meaningful life is about. We need to look for opportunities which will make our life meaningful and this is what wisdom is. A mentally healthy person is capable of adding meaning to his life rather simply caring for his miseries. Great work is created in midst of great sufferings. Having a meaning or purpose in life is definitely very important. Purposefulness living or living a meaningless life affects both physical and mental health. Searching in for a meaning in life motivates a person and this motivation is intrinsic. This is the reason that a person accomplishes that task with interest and just does not do it for the sake of doing.


Mental health is the most important aspect of our health and yet the most neglected aspect too. It hold so much of significance cause a good mental health will not only assure strong bonds and strong relationships but will also affect ability to learn, work and progress. Characteristics like finding meaning in life, playfulness, holding attention, clear conscience, accepting self as well as others, living gratefully etc all display a healthy mind i.e., a person who has these characteristics is known to be having a good mental health.

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