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Top 15 characteristics of a professional

Want to be an efficient professional in your work place and become a role model in your work setting? Want to prosper in your career with your professional touch? Then read this article to equip yourself with the characteristics of a professional to be successful.

Need for professionalism in a company or an organization

Professionalism is the art of how you conduct yourself in your work place or any other work settings. An efficient professional possesses varied characteristics that provides him/her a prominence in the work place with respect and integrity. A professional shows exemplary characteristics for the progress of his/her company. He works with dedication and determination, contributing towards the company success. Professionalism plays a vital role in a person's personal growth and to have a successful career. It has to be developed through keen observational skills and in finding out the good attributes of each and every person. This helps his/her to build their personality with quality traits that is very positive for their growth in career and to have a bright future. Here is a list of characteristics that helps to build you professionally for your successful career ahead and to achieve your milestones.

1. Be positive

Building good interpersonal relationships with your colleagues is very important for team work. Be optimistic; show self confidence and self esteem. Be supportive to your boss and colleagues. Avoid making any remarks or comments on others. You should strive to work towards achievement with optimism. Be hopeful to build a better future. Be honest and trustworthy. Speak from the heart and keep a smile on your face. Leave behind your worries and tension when you enter the office.

2. Be well dressed

Pay attention to the work culture in the company. Dress professionally as per the company rules and regulations. Be clean and in good health. Follow the instructions so that you receive respect from others. Follow good manners, orderliness, ethical values and cultivate habits of high principles.

3. Be active and alert

Be energetic and enthusiastic to learn and implement the firm's principles. Be prepared to take challenges and be alert to avoid any undue incidents to happen. Solve problems before the issues become big and hampers the progress of the project. Solve the issues diligently and scientifically. Accept responsibility for your actions. Be a life long learner. Do your work to your best of your abilities. Speak to your superiors if the tasks are not possible, seek for solutions. Be result-oriented and perform your duties effectively.

4. Be acceptable

Accept mistakes committed, correct them and proceed. Learn from mistakes and gain experience. Cultivate the habits that are acceptable to all. Prepare feedback about the project, analyze logically and find solutions. Be composed and avoid gossip, be humble and get guidance from superiors if you have any problems. Have concern for others, understand their problems and lend your hand when the situation demands. Avoid foul language and offending others. Give respect to every individual at work and in your life.

5. Be punctual

Be on time to your job and meetings. Adhering to time is very crucial for a professional, as you set an example for others to follow. Manage your time effectively. Do not postpone your commitments for tomorrow. This leads to accumulation of work and you may hurry up in doing the work with mistakes. Avoid delaying or wasting your time for unnecessary work. Focus on your target set.

6. Be mature

Avoid unnecessary talks and personal matters with your company members. Be committed to your work. Avoid attending to personal matters such as calling friends, family members or texting emails and chatting. Avoid playing computer games, sending messages and having casual talk. A professional should aim for excellence in the work and follow strict ethical codes. Meet deadlines and take responsibilities with positive approach. Be available to assist the co-workers. Exhibit a professional approach to solve issues following company policies. Handle issues carefully and professionally. Be pleasant in your work.

7. Be a planner

Plan your work systematically and efficiently to be accomplished successfully. Organize human resources and materials in orderly way to avoid any confusion. Have an eye for details. Observe even small things and implement the plans to perfection. Be prepared to make changes at short notice. Work diligently in a relaxed atmosphere. Do not hurry and make mistakes. Make a follow-up check list, review the progress and take measures to include/exclude certain things.

8. Be a leader

Lead the group with proper guidance and with ethical values. Take risks and handle them properly. Address the gathering, motivate people, instill confidence and trust in them. Communicate clearly to make them understand you. Be quick in action and smart in working with intelligence. Be able to get the things done promptly. Follow the promises kept and complete them on time. Be organized and systematic in completing the tasks. Maintain a check list to keep track of the work completed/not. Never complicate things.

9. Be updated

A professional needs to be equipped with the latest information related to work and the development in his job area with other companies. He is resourceful and builds up his knowledge to acquire knowledge about the project. He equips himself with the latest technological knowledge and techniques to enforce for achieving excellence in work setting. Attend workshops, seminars and discussions to enhance your skills. Note down all important tasks to be done. Be is a self learner and a life long learner to make improvements for your life.

10. Be a good listener

Listen to others, understand their problems. Make eye contact when you speak to then. Discuss issues with coworkers to resolve issues. Lend an ear for their concerns, as this shows that you have consideration for them and you are there to listen to their problems at work and solve issues for them for their work efficiency.

11. Be a good communicator

Communicate with clarity and with poise. Deliver messages to reach people. Be an effective communicator to make your point clear and to make them understand what you say. Build interpersonal relationship with them by effective communication skills. Always identify yourself without name and company's name when you cal or talk with others. Be polite to get thing s happen. Use words of courtesy such as thank you, excuse me and other words. Communicate clearly to gain trust of other people.

12. Be Dedicated

Be dedicated to your job. Be prompt in doing your work to as much perfection as possible. Stay and completes the work if the situation demands it. Avoid arguments and anger towards your colleagues. Be respectful to your job and do not waste others' time or use their things without permission.

13. Be appreciative

Be appreciative when others achieve success and congratulate them for their achievements. Praises others for their efforts and hard work. Show an interest in other's work. Provide moral support for their growth. Be confident, reliable, and adjustable and one among the many in the company makes a distinctive mark in the company with your efficiency. Build networking relationships for useful purposes. Develop a friendly attitude towards others. Do not blame others for your mistakes.

14. Be approachable

Be Always available to all members for any help, guidance and to receive instructions for quality work. Involve yourself to encourage and inspire your team members to strive for achieving results. Build a rapport with the members to understand and transfer your knowledge for application in work process. Be motivated, updated with latest information related to the work and for your enterprise. Motivate others for better performance. Be eager to learn for your professional and personal growth.

15. Be ecofriendly

Strive for conserving resources, take measures for recycling and for preserving natural resources. Aim at educating your colleagues about cleanliness to be followed for a safe & better tomorrow. Promote for reducing waste generated and inculcate the habit of reusing. Follow good practices that are helpful to the society and for yourself.


If you have the will power and determination to learn the characteristics of a professional, then you can choose to become one. Be eager to learn, then focus on developing them to become an efficient professional. There are ways to develop and nurture good things in life. Make up your mind and follow your instincts. Become an efficient professional in your professional career and for your personal prosperity.

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Author: Abhishek Kumar Verma08 Oct 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Waw this is a really helpful article for all the youth who became a professional.

Author: Venkiteswaran27 May 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

I think one more point 'Be responsible' has to be added. A professional takes responsibility to whatever he does and says. That means he has to be careful, alert and prepared for that. He should be answerable to his actions and statements. They are subject to scrutiny by the various sections who will be related or connected to the profession or professional.

Unlike an amateur, a professional is serious in what he says and does. He himself or by others subjects his actions and words to review, analysis and verifies the effectiveness, effect, impact and results of them and takes needed amendment and even total changes from such reviews and feedback.

One who shirks responsibility cannot become a successful professional.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I think a professional should have the belonging to the company. He should never think that he is an employee there and he is working for his salary. He should have the feeling that the company is his own. Then he can become a real professional. Another point to be noteworthy is a hands-on experience. In case of any trouble, you should be able to guide the people and see that problems are getting sorted out.
A professional should always believe in teamwork. He should be able to acknowledge the contributions of other people in the success. The professional will never look for his authorities but look for his responsibilities. Once he is feeling responsible automatically authorities will come to him. A constructive criticism with appreciation is always a must for a professional. Always look at the issue but not at the person who does it, is what a professional will always follow.

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