Characteristics of a successful lawyer

With the advancement of society, litigations have increased. As a result, more and more young men and women are joining legal profession. In this article, the author has discussed various characteristic traits of successful lawyers.

With the increase in population, the society is becoming more and more complex. As a result the number of litigations has been increasing day by day. In earlier days, people were familiar with two types of litigations i.e. criminal litigations and civil litigations. But with the passage of time, more and more and more different types of litigations are coming into picture. Corporate litigations, environmental litigations, etc have become more prominent nowadays. As a consequence of increase in number of litigations, more and more young people are joining legal field. More and more young men and women are pursuing LLB and later becoming lawyers. It is pertinent to know the qualities of a successful lawyer. A successful lawyer earns huge amount of money. But not all lawyers can become successful. In this article, the characteristics of a successful lawyer are being discussed.

A lawyer must have vast legal knowledge

Needless to say that the first and basic criterion of becoming successful in legal profession is to have in-depth knowledge in at least one particular branch of law. The author has seen that some lawyers are practicing only in rent-related disputes. They possess vast knowledge in that area, keep track of judgements in such cases and have roaring practice. These lawyers may not take any other types of cases, but even then they are considered very successful lawyers. So, the aspirating lawyers must choose their particular fields of specialization and concentrate their efforts in the chosen field. Such lawyers have more chances to be successful.

Having good drafting abilities

This is another major quality which a successful lawyer must possess. A lawyer must be able to draft his client's version with full clarity and in correct English. The lawyer must be able to highlight the major points of argument and furnish all evidences in a systematic manner in the submission. A successful lawyer must have the ability to draft his client's statement in a coherent and logical manner.

Ability to research

A successful lawyer must have the ability to research and to find out similar Court cases and judgements. Finding out judgements which work in his/her favour is a major quality essential for the lawyers to be successful.

Ability to understand complex issues quickly

This is another major characteristic which can be seen among successful lawyers. The successful lawyers very quickly understand the crux of the entire matter, strong points of his/her client and the weak points of the opponent. He/She prepares the next plan of action accordingly. If a lawyer cannot understand the issue quickly, he/she won't be successful in this profession.

Possessing oratorial skill

Needless to say that the lawyers must have oratorial skills. Without oratorial skills he/she would not be able to convince the Judge to hear his/her views. He/She must be fully prepared to face various situations in the Court and prepare the line of argument instantly. Different lawyers may have different types of oratorial skills. Some speak loudly, some speak slowly but distinctly, some believe in reasoned argument while some other lawyers can examine the witnesses in an excellent manner. But every successful lawyer possesses the convincing power with reasoned arguments.


Good lawyers must possess this quality. A lawyer who has this quality can go to great lengths to defend his/her client even under adverse circumstances.

Concluding comments

Nowadays in India many students are studying law and they aspire to become successful lawyer. But success does not come very easily in this particular field. Successful lawyers must have some definite characteristic traits which have been discussed in this article. All aspiring lawyers should try to develop these traits to become successful in their chosen profession in future

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Author: Nomita Mitra30 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

I must thank the author for such a well written article on the essential qualities and characteristics of a successful lawyer. In order to be successful as a lawyer one should possess a vast knowledge on legal matters, good debating skills and some other qualities as mentioned by the author.
Besides the above, a successful lawyer should also possess the following humane traits:
1. A successful lawyer should be honest to the core. He should not take up false cases just for the sake of money.
2. A successful lawyer should have strong presence of mind. It said that once Abraham Lincoln was asked to take up a case of a rich client against a poor man who the client said had refused to pay 5 dollars he had taken as loan. The poor man said that he had never borrowed any money from the rich client. Lincoln heard his argument and felt that the poor man was not telling a lie. He agreed to take the case of the rich client for a fee of 10 dollars, The rich client paid the fee in advance. Lincoln took the money and went to the poor man. He gave him 7. 5 dollars and asked him to pay 5 dollars to the rich client and keep the 2.5 dollars with him. The client was happy and both Lincoln and the poor man got 2.5 dollars each.
3. A successful lawyer should be kind at heart. There are many examples when Deshbandhu C.R. Das, a famous lawyer of West Bengal fought the cases of poor people without charging any fee.

Author: K Mohan15 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A lawyer must understand that he is representing his client's case and he should feel the responsibility and the importance of the issue and make a deep study. Similar cases if any heard and passed previously should also be studied and given as an example during the arguments. A lawyer cannot be a casual person by just hearing the problem of the client and depending on the bookish knowledge he has. He has to think different ways to counter the allegations and also bring in the suitable legal sections which might be useful to the client to mitigate their case. A lawyer should not make the case lengthy and project as the big case of no winning character. That may discourage the clients from visiting him. He must take the case with good cause and try to finish it as early as possible and all that requires is good homework from his side.

Author: Reena Upadhya17 Apr 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Just a single trait or characteristic will not make a lawyer successful overnight. He needs to develop lots of such qualities in him to shine in his field. A successful lawyer will always have a sound judgment. He thinks critically about the whole case and follows a chain of logic. A successful lawyer very well knows where he is going wrong before it is too late and rectifies the mistakes as promptly as possible. This is where his good judgment ability comes in handy. He knows where the weaknesses and strengths of the whole case lie. He goes with his gut and the most successful ones are the ones whose intellect never deceives them.

A successful lawyer convinces his client to follow what he is saying completely which will be in best interest of his client. Sometimes he can resolve the whole case just outside the court by negotiating with both the parties. This is where interpersonal skills come in handy. The whole of the information which a lawyer gets through his case study needs to be analyzed by him completely i.e., he needs to absorb in him lots of information. Sometimes the case presents more than one argument and this is where a successful lawyer strikes easily as he knows which argument or law should be presented that will help his client and the whole case to advance further in the right direction.

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