Bigg boss Raiza – A classy woman with super good characteristics

Bigg Boss by Star Vjay is a trending TV show in Tamil now with high TRP. This show started with 15 contestants, Raiza is one among those 15 contestants. All 15 members were undergone characteristics analysis by viewers. I chose Raiza to do a character analysis because she is a talented woman but an introvert. So it requires an analysis to highlight her super characteristics and bring it to the limelight.

Bigg Boss is a reality game show conducted among 15 contestants in a home for 100 days. Contestants of the show are celebrities and primarily from mass media industry and few from other related industry like modeling. Comparing to Raiza, many others are experienced in silver screen and familiar to public. I write deep about Raiza because, she seemed to be worth talking about.

Raiza - Blessed with beauty

Raiza is a model and actress from Bangalore, Karnataka. She did many ads and acted in many album songs. She has done her debut in Kollywood, in the movie Velai illa pattadhari II. She is a Miss India contestant and also, she had won Miss Beautiful Smile award in Femina Miss India Contest. Raiza was already well recognized for her physical beauty. From the bigg boss show, she was well admired for her expressions, style and speaking slang.

Introvert and Extrovert

I believe no one is completely introvert or completely extrovert. Everybody has the mix of both characteristic traits. In that way, Raiza, until she got comfortable in the show, was more like an introvert; Later, she was more like an extrovert. It can well be divided as introvert before Oviya's walkout and extrovert after Oviya's walk out. It is not that Oviya was a reason behind her characteristic change. She was same in her thoughts from the beginning, but Oviya's sufferings made her to realize that she needs to speak out her thoughts and to be louder and stronger in it.

Self Realization

It is not that she was bad in the beginning and became good all of a sudden. Only people with good intention can self-realize. All they need is just a spark. Raiza got it during Oviya's walk-out.

Her Realization:
  1. knowing what is right and wrong are not just enough to be good, confronting it to the people involved in it is more important.

  2. Standing on truth side is more important than standing with majority.

  3. People in the house are not the world.

Let us look into her characters which made her stay distinguished in Bigg boss

Deep in her profession

Raiza is a model, it is important to be beauty conscious and health conscious to her profession. To any model, self-grooming is primary. She has skills in grooming herself from hair to toe. She also respects and loves her profession, and thus she is ready to contribute to other's beauty needs.


The best part of Raiza is speaking only after thinking. This is well understood by the way she communicates. She generally talks with points. She lists out the reasons for whatever opinion she gives. When she asks questions also, she clearly makes the opponent understand what was her doubt. She does not make the conversation into complication. Her clarity in thoughts and communication is visible at all the time, especially when she nominates people for eviction.


Raiza takes whole responsibility of cooking when she became a cooking team head. She was there in kitchen throughout the week, for all her house mates' food needs. This was mentioned by her house mates in various situations.

Team player

Raiza knows the dignity to be maintained within the team. She does the work in such a way that team harmony is maintained. No one has ever find uncomfortability with Raiza in any team work. She also has that team spirit. When she was a cooking head, Oviya and Julie were in her team. When Julie complained on Oviya's cooking mistakes, Raiza mentioned, it is unfair to talk about the team members' mistake to others. During laundry task, though it seemed to be very difficult, she represented herself as Govindamma in that task, enjoyed and entertained the team and played a vital role in the success of their team.

Listener and Open to suggestions

Raiza basically don't get into an argument, if she feels right, she says yes, if the talk was against her opinion, she tries to give simple explanation but will not take that conversation into argument. Some people misunderstand that she simply speaks with the flow and no independent opinion. If well observed, she gives her points at the end of the conservation.

She is always open to suggestions. When she was a cooking team head, she arranged for a meeting with housemates and accepted their suggestion with open mind. Ganesh, when he was a captain of the house also highlighted the same, "Raiza is open to suggestions, and also knows to take her independent decisions". It shows, though she is an independent decision maker, she listens to others.

Problem avoider

I already mentioned, she does not make arguments. I think that is enough to show her nature to avoid problems. Still, I had noticed few more incidents that shows her nature to avoid problems. The very first time, I noticed it, when she was a cooking team head. On that day, Oviya made ladys finger curry with lesser quantity, few of the house mates complained about it. So, she asked Oviya to prepare again, when few other housemates want to adjust with available food, she did not force her to do and put an end to it. At that time, Raiza mentioned that she does not want to aggravate an issue. If it is possible to ease it, then should go with that way.

Sportive and Funny

Raiza sometimes by – passed the rules and was punishments for it. Even when difficult tasks were given, she enjoyed doing it, also entertained people around her. Raiza as Govindamma in laundry task is an example to it. Her facial expressions are funny still beautiful.

Honesty & Straight forward

Through out the show, she spoke only the truth. Even when her statements could back fire to her, she said the truth of what was happening around her. It was clearly understood from her answers to the host Kamal Hassan and from the reasons she gives to nominate people for eviction.

Back stabbing means, being nice in front of one person and talking bad about the same person in his/her absence. Raiza never did it in that show. When she did not like any people, she was straight to them, and yes, she talks about them in their absence but that is expressing herself to the co housemate about what had happened. Even that she realized as bad at one point and avoided it.
Whatever she speaks, she has the guts to speak the same to everybody else. So it is not that, she speaks on someone's back. She can repeat her words to anybody and everybody with no manipulation.


When there was a luxury budget task to steel diamond, Raiza is the one who guessed it right without getting out of her place. Her explanation to it shows her intelligence.

Self respect

When co contestant Snegan called Raiza with no respect, that is with some rural terms like "ai" and speaks in singular like "va, po", she said it directly to him that, she is uncomfortable to the way he speaks to her, and it is better to avoid them to her.

Human decency

Raiza respects people and their feelings. When she did not like Snegan's irrespective words, she spoke to him in private about it and made him understand her discomforts with his words. she handled the situation with utmost care. Also in an episode, she told Snegan about human decency, that is "even when you hate a person, it is a human decency to speak only good things about that person in public".

Convincing advises/ Giving clarity

To be honest, she does not like to give advice or suggestion to anyone. She simply tries to give a clarity to the scenario that helps people to get a solution to their problem. When Gayathri was much confused about her projection through Bigg boss, she clarified that the whole day cannot be broadcast in 1 hour, so it need to undergo editing. If you are good through out the day, you need not to worry.


Raiza is brave enough to confess her mistake in cornering Oviya and Bharani. She also made it clear with co housemates. Raiza felt pity for Oviya and at the same time, felt angry on Aarav for Oviya's walkout. She slapped the truth directly to Aarav that he got influenced and been unfair to Oviya.

Like everybody else, Raiza is also not perfect, she too has her flaws. But she is ready to change, considers human decency, thinks on other's perspectives etc. Comparing to many other contestants in the show, she stayed distinguished with decent characteristics.

In simple words, Raiza is a classy woman, with admirable qualities. Beauty, brave and intelligent are the rare combination. Her talks and actions are straight to the point. She may not deserve the Bigg boss title, but she won million hearts for sure. Wish her all success in her future endeavours.

Good luck Raiza!

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Guest Author: Janet03 Sep 2017

Well said. Raiza is looking for you. Please approach her. And me personally thank you for this. Raiza deserves it.

Author: Laksh03 Sep 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Totally agree with your points, I watched some episode that I missed earlier and notice in that once when Oviya was having fever - she was wearing a cardigan that belongs to Raiza. I reckon Raiza borrowed it to help Oviya feel comfy. Not many people I met in life would give their clothes to others to use when they are un well.
She is an epitome of elegance and on her exit she shared a good message about how we tend to take things for granted.
p/s: Raiza came across your write up and wishes to to talk to you, to personally thank you. Get in touch at her official facebook page -

Author: Srimathi07 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thank you all. You have really made my day. I pinged her on Facebook messenger and got reply from her.

Guest Author: Raiza Wilson20 Jan 2018

Thank you so much for these well thought out, kind and beautiful words! I feel so good to know that you have taken such an effort to write this out so articulately. I hope you continue to write about more subjects and your articles are appreciated and recognized by a larger audience! Good on you for spreading positivity through your words. Goodluck to you all.

Author: Srimathi24 Jan 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Feeling excited to see Raiza Wilson's response to my article.

I am posting the link of a forum thread related to this article, which created a positive vibration on this site:

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