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Characteristics of a Good Computer Hacker

This article talks about the fundamentals of hacking and lists the qualities of a good hacker. It also mentions the essentials that one needs and points out what differentiates him/her from amateur hackers.

What is hacking?

Hacking or the word hack literally means to cut through i.e. to cut through and move forward. Even though its most commonly used in relation with computers, it is not necessarily limited to it. To hack mostly means to do something in a smart way. To find solutions to difficult problems, to move forward where others have given up and quit. In computer terms hacking means to gain unauthorized or unlawful access to computer systems. Computers are basically based on codes and machine language. There are many laws that govern a computer system. Some of it can be bent while some others can be broken. It takes a person who has a great deal of experience in computers to start hacking a system successfully.
So obviously, the next question is how will one earn such a vast amount of experience? What are the ways to achieve it? Where should one start? What are the prerequisites needed for that? Is it possible for people who have little or no computer knowledge background to become a hacker? Your mind will be flooded with such questions.

Look no further because this article discusses some of those questions. Let's take a look from the grass root level. Start with the simple stuff like what do you need basically. Even if one is not a great computer programmer, techie or a nerd, one needs to have some cards up his sleeve like

Keeping oneself well informed

Just like everything, the trick to start learning is to gain as much information about that subject as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to read about the subject. There are more books on computers than one can finish reading in a lifetime. A good hacker gets his hands on the best ones written in a simple manner having maximum information. He will have it as both hard copies and soft copies (like e-books, PDF, word files etc…) he may need to buy some while he can get others for free. He always keeps his resource library running and updated.

Observing keenly

This is an important step. Being aware of his surroundings and knowing where to focus more or less can mean saving a lot of time and money. It can also help him to understand how systems work and how he can master it. All expert hackers today are really good observers in their respective fields.

Accepting defeat and moving forward

Learning new things can always seem difficult at first but as he moves forward he will understand many new concepts. It's very important for him not to give up, no matter how many times
he fails. It's not just limited to studying new things but he can even take this philosophy into other areas of his life and achieve success. Keep in mind that no one is perfect, neither man nor machine. There is always a weakness waiting to be found and exploited.

Learning a good programming language

This is one of the fundamental things to being a good hacker. Learning a programming language can be beneficial in many ways. There are a lot of computer languages which are used widely such as HTML, JAVA, PHP etc…A good hacker takes some time and effort to study one then studying others will be more easy since all programming languages are similar in many ways. Besides using for hacking he can even write good programs for software with it. It can even help him in his daily usage of computers by writing small codes to automate the monotonous tasks like replying to mails, fetching attachments, downloading files etc…

Having good ethics

Hacking can be fun and challenging but at the same time it is very important to respect other people's privacy. A good hacker needs to have a well defined set of rules or ethics to help him distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. Based on ethics, we can classify hackers broadly as black hat, white hat and grey hat hackers. Black hat hackers are those that use their skills for personal gains such as to steal other person's money or information. White hat hackers are the ones who use their skill for good purposes, such as when a company hires a white hat to test their security defenses. Grey hat hackers are the ones who come in between these two classifications. They may use their skill both legally or illegally but usually not for personal gains and sometimes for the thrill of hacking, just to show that they can get inside others defenses or get around them. A hacker having good ethics will usually be a white hat hacker.

Having a good memory

This is one of the key things which can be really useful in hacking. If we look around us we can get a lot of information about anything we want. But all this information is not useful to us always. Being able to memorize and recall the important stuff can mean the world of difference between success and failure. There may be times in a hacking situation where a good hacker would need to recall old passwords or IDs or analyze previously seen patterns. All this will only be possible if he has a good mind with an equally sharp memory.

Parting NoteFinally it all depends on the person, the time and effort one puts into studying this, the level of commitment that he maintains and his passion for finding new ways to hack into systems. No matter what his skill set is, a good hacker always remembers to use it for good purposes and if possible to help others.

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Author: Gaurav Singh25 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

A very informative piece of article on hackers. From this article I get to know that there are usually two types of hackers and not everyone is harmful for us and our system.

I think that a good hacker should also share his knowledge with the people around him. In this modern era, everyone is going online and every one of us has some modern gadgets like smartphone, laptops, iPads, gaming consoles etc. People keep a lot of their personal as well as business and financial information in these tiny magic gadgets. But not everyone is aware of the threat involved in storing information in these devices and they are vulnerable to hacking. Few months back only ransomvirus affected many systems across the globe stealing information of many person and then asked for ransom to retrieve their system. So, it's duty of computer geeks and other people who have good knowledge of computer to educate people around them about the possible threats and ways to avoid them.

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