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Characteristics of an effective team

Team is a group of people who work hard to achieve a common goal. In order to become an effective team in an organization, a team must possess important characteristics. Do you want to know the characteristics of an effective team? Read this article and get the important characteristics needed for a team to be stronger and effective.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

A team is a group of members who collaborate together to complete a common task or to reach a common goal. Be it a sports team or a team at an organization, success will come on its way when a group of people with diverse talents join hands together and step forward towards the goal. To create a productive team, the concept of teamwork should be followed effectively. It is said that "Working together brings success", so it is the responsibility of individual members in a team to work together. When teamwork is considered, each and every member in the team should possess teamwork skills and should perfectly play the role of a team player.

Have you ever wondered about the qualities of a team player? Mentioned below are the qualities needed for a team player to be more effective and successful within a team.

Qualities of an effective team player

  • A team player should be consistent and should dedicate 100% work for the success of an entire team.

  • When working in a group or a team, a team player should be collaborative and should have a good rapport with other members in the team.

  • A team player must involve actively into all the team level activities, discussions and tasks
  • To interact with other members in a team, a team player must possess good communication skills i.e. both listening and speaking skills.

  • A team player should be more flexible to adapt for the unexpected changes which occur within the team.

  • A team player should have the ability to handle critical issues or problems by taking correct or wise decisions.

  • Without any hesitation, a good team player should learn and share knowledge, information and experience.

  • A team player must give respect to other members in the team and should be supportive.

How to build an effective team?

If a team has members with necessary qualities of an effective team player, then it is easy to build a strong and effective team. The work done by an individual is different from the work done by a group of members who possess different skills, talent and qualities. The performance of a team as a whole is always greater than the sum of the performance of the individual members.

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Characteristics of an effective team

Organizing and leading a team towards success is not an easy task. A team must possess some ideal characteristics to be productive and successful in an organization. Listed below are the important characteristics which will make a team more effective and efficient.

1. Share a common goal and objective

A team must have a set of defined objectives, so that all the members in the team can work together to achieve the objective. Each and every member in the team must have a clear understanding about the purpose, vision and mission of the team. Having a set of predefined objectives will motivate the team to satisfy or achieve a goal. It is also easy to measure the progress of a team, if it has a set of clear goals. Satisfying all the objectives without any deviation will definitely take the team towards the path of success.

2. Unique identity

To stand as an effective team among the crowd, a team must have a unique identity. Be it a logo, team name, work culture, tag name, rituals, etc. a team must have a set of unique identities. Having a unique identity will develop confidence and will help the team with many significant ways.

3. Motivating leadership

A team must have a strong leader who should effectively guide and lead the team. Even if the team players have the capacity to work independently, it is necessary for a team to have a good leader. To strengthen the team, a leader must provide valuable feedback and criticism. Also it is the role of a leader to identify and appreciate the work of the team members. Appreciation will motivate the team members to work efficiently. Leadership skills add value to the team and even sharing the role of leader among the team members from time to time will also add benefit to the team.

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4. Defined roles and responsibilities

Considering the talent and skills of the members, each and every team player must be assigned with specific roles and responsibilities. If all the members in a team have a clear understanding about their job function and perform their work with 100% dedication, then it will be easy for the team to reach the goal. Recognizing and utilizing the skills of every team member will definitely strengthen the team in positive ways. Assigning well defined roles and responsibilities promotes discipline within a team and provides excellent clarity in a team structure.

5. Active participation of team members

When working in a team or a group, all the members in a team should actively participate on the team level activities such as discussions, meetings, etc. For instance, if all the members in a team open up and voice their suggestions or opinions while participating in a discussion, then it will be easy for the team to analyze in all perspective. Effective participation usually creates a visibility for a team member within a team and also portraits the involvement of a team player towards work.

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6. Good communication

Communication skills are very important for a team to interact with other members. It is one of the most important characteristics needed for a strong team. Improper communication may lead to misunderstanding or it may create unwanted problems within the team. So, it is necessary that all the members in a team should communicate proactively. Open and clear communication will minimize the communication problems. To be an effective team, all the team players must have good speaking and listening skills.

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7. Effective decision making

A team must have awareness about decision making methods and should possess effective decision making skills to take wise decisions. Before making decisions, all the advantages and disadvantages of a problem should be analyzed with the team members. A team decisions should be made using well-organized and logical methods. Making effective decisions at critical situations and implementing it successfully will help a team to grow stronger and become effective.

8. Positive and fun-filled environment

To work efficiently and to make a team more effective, a team should develop a positive, energetic and fun filled environment. Performing the work without any deviation will create a work stress. So, to avoid stress, a team should interact productively and should have a co-operative relationship with the team members. The work environment should be comfortable and relaxed without any tensions. Sharing motivational and encouraging words with the team members will spread positive energy within a team. A space should be provided for the team players to express creativity. Having a cool and supportive environment will improve the performance of a team.

Playing fun games and activities within a team at workplace will break the barriers in the minds of the team players. In case of stressful work environment one can follow quick stress busters to relieve from work stress.

9. Ability to manage issues and conflicts

A team should have the ability to manage issues or conflicts to improve the performance and the growth of a team. Issues that exist within the team cannot be avoided or ignored because it may affect the overall performance of the team, so it is the responsibility of a team to manage the conflicts effectively. If a team is able to manage conflicts, then the members in a team will have a confidence to share or discuss their opinions. Addressing the issues openly and resolving it within a team will eliminate unwanted conflicts and it will help for the success of a team.

10. Unity and co-operation

"Unity is strength", so a team should work together for the success with flexibility and adaptability. Having a co-operative relationship with the team members will help the team to meet the objectives or to achieve a goal successfully. If all the members in a team practice collaborative communication within a team, then it will improve the sense of unity and trust. Also it is easy to celebrate success, if all the members in a team work together with good co-operation.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A very good article. Thanks to the author for presenting such a good article which is good in subject and presentation. Team work is a very better way to achieve good results. A team leader has to lead the team from the front. Even though the different works in an activity by individuals in a group the discussion will be in the group and progressing will be by the team. The team members should be complimentary to each other. The result are a collective effort of the team. The leader should appreciate the person who struggled hard for the success of the project. But for outsiders it is a success of whole group not an individual

Author: K Mohan20 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The meaning of Team has been well defined, as together everyone achieves more. Surely nothing match like teamwork as even some mistakes can get corrected and overlooked when a team is at work. When a team performs, the responsibility lies with everyone and so there is no pressure whatsoever. The best team effort can be cited in Cricket. Right from bowling, batting, fielding, wicket keeping, all go through the team effort and if the captain is good at taking work in right time, the team performance would excel beyond expectations.

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