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Top 10 characteristic skills to become an efficient professional

Want to develop your personality? Want to possess skills that would help you to become an efficient professional at the workplace and for your personal growth? Then read this article that provides you with information on how to equip yourself with characteristic skills to achieve professionalism.


One of the most important aspects of life is to excel both in personal and professional life. Each one of us has qualities that are acceptable to all in the society. But still there exists certain weakness within us that needs to be moulded to strengthen it. No man is perfect. To progress in life to become better "ME' we have to work hard to develop certain skills and sharpen them to make it effective. The skills are necessary to handle various aspects of the human relationship and for the personal growth. Here are ten characteristic skills that are very important to build a better personality for career development and for self-grooming.

  1. Organizational skills

    You should organize all the available resources and labour for setting the enterprise or for working on a project. You should systematically plan the tasks to be undertaken and draw out the procedures/techniques to be used for completing the tasks. You need to organize the work to be done on time set for short and long-term goals. You should coordinate and co-operate with others for accomplishing the tasks. You must be able to shoulder the responsibility for assigning the tasks for smooth functioning, effective performance and efficient productivity in attaining the goals. With organised working and hard work, one can accomplish the set goals
  2. Communicating skills

    You should deliver messages clearly and in understandable language for the accomplishment of the work. Have a good rapport with people for effective interactions and you should develop good listening skills. You should lend an ear to listen to others, respect their views and give your opinions/suggestions. You should transfer the knowledge such that the other person understands it and the information received by others brings in change for attaining the goals. You should be able to receive the feedback and take action or remedial measures for achieving results. Prepare minutes of meeting for action-oriented plans and strategies to be implemented and the updates/status of work done. Note down all the key points in the meeting, any shortcomings, any issues to be addressed has to be solved by discussing with other
  3. Leadership skills

    You should develop the ability to guide the members towards the direction of achieving targets as projected. Be able to mentor and motivate them for completing the activities towards accomplishment. You should assist them when required and solve issues professionally. Be energetic and supervise the process of work done, guide them and encourage them for quality contribution. You have to develop strategies for shortcomings and take measures for resolving issues. You should welcome others ideas, work on them if found adaptable and provides a platform for them to apply in the work process. Be able to bring in discipline and train them for hands at the job. You should be an inspiration to the members to get the tasks done effectively
  4. Time management skills

    You should utilize the time properly and wisely to engage in user productivity. You should strive to complete the set target on time and avoid any undue procrastination. Time management is very crucial for the business growth and for your personal goal. Doing the first things first will enable you to complete the work smoothly and easily. The big project should be split into smaller tasks and simpler ones to work on it systematically. Avoid wasting the time unnecessarily by checking emails frequently and speaking irrelevant things on mobile. Welcome others ideas and provide a platform for teamwork
  5. Interpersonal skills

    You should possess the ability to interact with people effectively and work with them. Be able to extend a hand and contribute towards team results. You should develop the capability to express your thoughts and seek suggestions. Voice your opinion in matters concerning the menu/dishes/ issues related to transport service. You should conduct in a responsible way and develop an understanding with other members. Develop healthy relationships with people and respect others opinions. Enable a supportive working setting and help in the trustworthy atmosphere. Identify the good traits in others and try to cultivate them in you. Develop good manners and courtesy for self-improvement. Trust your instincts and build your self-esteem. Using kind and polite words are very much essential in today's world. Stay compose and do not get stressed and tensed. Distress yourself with activities that help you to stay tension less by doing yoga, meditation, listening to songs, reading books and other uplifting hobbies. Avoid blaming and hurting others and keep a cordial relationship with others.
  6. Problem solving skills

    You need to build the courage to face the challenges and try to find solutions. Aim to resolve the barriers by talking to others and by gaining the confidence of them. You should find the source/ nature of the problem, observe it, understand and develop measures to solve them. Takes care of the issues and solve them using members and techniques. Provides suggestions, aim for quality improvement and work efficiency. When there is an issue, collect facts and figures, analyze the situation, judge and find solutions, deal diligently and solve amicably. Find out measures to manage cost-effective methods to save money
  7. Business skills

    Develop skills to be an ace negotiator, bargain the deals for business gain. You should initiate the orders, confirm and oversee the process for a business or for any other projects. You should take charge of all the money matters, accounting, sales, expenditure, profits and should maintain records. Develop the skills for training the new members and monitoring the work process. Aim for increasing sales, use strategic plans, promotions offers, discounts and various other methods for gaining deals. Educate yourself with business to make an analyzed report for planning, processing and executing. Pool out financial resources intelligently and manage with proper allocation of money to different tasks. Negotiating skills helps you to obtain various benefits in varied areas, be it in work schedule, jobs, salary package, time period, business deal, franchising, retailing sector, marketing etc
  8. Networking skills

    Staying connected with the people is vital for growth. Expand the networking skills by connecting with other business people in the field. Attend meetings organized by the professionals and have a business card to give others. Interact with people, use social media to discuss business issues. Develop the ability to work with different kinds of people. Enhance your skills in computer knowledge, learn and know about the latest network systems and keep updated.
  9. Motivating skills

    You should develop the skills to motivate others and motivate yourself to become a better person. You should imbibe qualities that are best and develop them for yourself and to train others. You should encourage and appreciate others for their achievements. You should be generous in his use of terms for uplifting the spirits of others. You should be an inspiring person for others and be a mentor for others to follow you. In all, you should strive for the overall development of yourself, be respectable, be humble and be approachable for all people
  10. Multitasking skills

    You should develop the art of doing tasks with respect to demands of time. Be able to handle different tasks while attending to other works such as phone calls, sending emails, taking down notes, making lists, providing tips/guidelines to others and answering to queries raised by others at your desk. Be able to manage time and shift from one task to another on priority basis and handle them effectively


Yes, if you want to become effective and efficient in your life and in your professional life, then you can be one. It's not impossible, it is possible to build a strong personality in your professional life and grow wisely in your personal life. Making choice is in your hands. To develop holistically you need to have strong will power and determination to progress in your life.
"Become an efficient Professional in your career and also an endearing human being in your personal life"

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Author: Venkiteswaran10 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The main difference between a professional performance and an amateur performance is continuity and consistency. So all their ways and methods are oriented towards that.
While in early days most of the professional entrepreneurs were having that as their inheriance o heredity or just by sheer hardwork and great perseverance, nowadays an amateur can be turned into professional by suitable raining.
Thus we have qualified professional for each profession or venture.They all will have training in all the above given general skills and a special training on their selected area of operation also.

There are management institutes which impart training in all the professional skills and equip professionals to manage professions - in a [professional way.

The article has listed almost all the relevant general skills needed by a professional. Most of the graduate professional courses include all or a few of these skills in their curriculum or as extra curricular training also.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Oct 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The skills required for a professional to be successful are very well discussed by the author in the article. Getting a good result by luck and by chance is different and making the things move towards the success by our efforts is different. Getting success at random may not be called professionalism. But making winning the issues a habit is different. To be a successful professional, simple in-depth knowledge in the concerned subject is not sufficient. The individual should have general skills required for being an achiever and he should master those skills. IQ and EQ levels are also very important for a person to become a successful professional.

A successful professional should also see that he will never lose his personal life. A balance between these two is very important. But these days many people are forgetting their personal life for professional success and they are repenting about the important part of their life they missed, at a later stage.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha06 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

In order to be successful in the chosen profession, the essential quality is introspection, time management and an ability to guide the team so as to complete the task in the time allotted for the job. Most important of all is the behavioural maturity in the course of dealing with the different people connected with the assignment. A friendly dealing would boost up the moral and efficiency of each member. This aspect though not discussed by the author plays a positive role as well in the completion of the task. The other quality is not to create panic and there should not be any utterance creating a chance of ambiguity within the mind of co-workers.

Of course, the author has dealt with the requisite skills so as to be efficient in the execution of his tasks.

Author: Umesh07 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A nice article by the author elaborating characteristics of a successful professional.

Everyone works for livelihood in this world. What matters is how one performs his work and completes the task in a clean and efficient way. There are people who somehow complete the work shabbily. They do not go to the finer aspect and their workmanship is not appreciated by their peers as well as the superiors. Slowly they lose the grip and are removed from one job to another or given a simple and easier job to somehow accommodate in the organisation. These people are not organised in their work and do not toil hard to learn or perform better. This slowly brings a negative and depressive feeling of non-performance and such people remain laggards in their life.

It is true that no one wants to be like above but that requires hard work and determination. If a person feels that he should attain professionalism in his life then he will have to persistently endure for it. Everyone cannot put such hard labour and dedication to reach to such glorious heights in life.

That is the reason why few successful people are seen around us while most of others are mediocre.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta08 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Various skills are required to be a good professional in the corporate world. As there is lots of competition these days so one has to be skilled enough to compete with others. Good communication skills is what one should have to be a good professional. One should not speak what comes first in mind. One should wait for a few seconds, think and then speak. It happens we speak whatever comes in our mind and realise it afterwards and repent. If one is shy to speak then he or she must practice to become more active in conversations. Your body language must depict positive attitude towards anything. You should understand others' problem too.

Leadership skills are very important. Always help your coworkers and appreciate people for their work. Support others without asking them for your help. Take responsibility for your actions and your team also. Many people blame their team members if anything goes wrong. One should not do it but should consider himself also to be responsible for the same.

If we have all these qualities we can be a good professional in any field.

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