Characteristics of an effective headline that help bring traffic

Want your post to catch the attention of prospective readers? Wondering how to go about selecting an attractive headline for your article? Described here find some of the most important characteristics a headline should have.

It is very popularly said that the first impression is the last impression. Even though not everything, the first impression is definitely an important one. The same goes with the headlines or the title of an article. The headline, also called as heading, mainly decides whether your article will be read at all or not. Everyone desires of getting the maximum readership for their posted content. But unfortunately, most readers don't simply go beyond the headlines. If the headline attracts them, then there is a possibility that the rest of the article will be read too. There is an 80-20 rule about headlines and the rest of the content. There is an 80% likelihood that readers will glance through the title of your article, but 20% chance that they will read the content too. If the headline is not interesting enough, prospective readers will be put off from further reading. Therefore it is essential that the headline should be so selected that it will automatically induce readers to delve deeper into the contents.

Characteristics of a headline for the best results

  • The headline should be such that it should compel the reader to get to the next sentence. From there the next one and so on. It is worth remembering that along with the introductory part, it is the heading or headline which often decides traffic for your article.

  • To get the most effective of headlines one will have to devote a good enough time phrasing and rephrasing it. Some of the best content writers sometimes take almost 50% of the time in search of the perfect title. Since the headline chiefly decides whether your content will be read or not, it is all the more advisable that you spend a good deal of time writing the most perfect of headlines.

  • Even though the best of the headline won't ensure success for your article, it is nevertheless very important. A very good content with a poor headline is of no good as it is most certain to be neglected by readers. So along with good content an effective title is must.

  • For a headline or the title of the article to be effective, there should be an element of usefulness in the title. There should be a sense of purpose in it. It should provide an incentive to the reader to proceed further into the article. It is no surprise that article titles that kind of convey some kind of solutions on different issues are the most searched of. With such kind of headlines the reader is most likely to venture deep into the article.

  • The title should be creative and intriguing enough. At the same time it should be addressing the right audience. For example an article addressing issues concerning women should have a title that is concerned with their needs and not of humans in general.

  • It often works fine if you have to select the headline prior to writing the article. This kind of binds you to the theme of the topic and there is no going back from it. With the title pre-decided you are very likely not to stray from the main theme of the article and the content will be pertaining to the headline.

Seeing the above characteristics it is no wonder that the headline is a crucial part of every article. The traffic to the article very much depends upon the headline. Thus one should devote a large part of one's time working on the title. Once decided, we should stick to the theme and this way we will be delivered with one of the most effective of articles.

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