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Characteristics of a good homeopathic doctor

With increasing side effects of allopathic medicines, homeopathy has emerged as a very safe and effective means of alternative treatment. But selection of proper homeopathic doctor plays a major role in successful homeopathic treatment. This article aims to highlight some important characteristics and qualities of a good homeopathic doctor which one should look out for.


More and more people who are tired of allopathic treatment and its side effects are resorting to homeopathy nowadays. Hence we see that there are lots of homeopathic doctors cropping up in recent years compared to earlier. So does it mean that all of them are equally good and worth consulting? No, definitely not. Only a few of them would be up to the mark and it is very crucial to find it out either before consulting or else during the first consultation. Below I am describing some important traits that a good homeopathic doctor should possess. Again these are very broad characteristics and minutely there may be many more things to consider.

Age and experience matters

Contrary to allopathy where doctors treat mainly on basis of laboratory tests and investigations, in homeopathy things are completely different. In homeopathy overall disease symptoms and medical history is more relied upon and medicines are prescribed based on this. To add on, in homeopathy there are hundreds of medicines for a single problem and same medicines will not work for all the patients even if they have same problem, for example headache. Here medicine compatibility with patient will depend on patient personality, constitution and his overall nature. All this makes job of a homeopathic doctor much more challenging compared to his allopathic counterpart.
Hence experience plays a major part for homeopathic doctors. Older the doctor, more experience he or she is likely to have and better the chances of successful treatment. Hence it makes sense to go with old or middle aged, more experienced doctors rather than young and novice ones. Though this may not be like a rule book but holds true in quite a good number of cases.

Right treatment approach

In homeopathy different doctors will have different approaches towards treatment. While some doctors may favour giving one medicine at time, others may give multiple medicines at a time. Similarly there are variations observed among doctors in medicine repetition frequency, number of doses, potency of the medicine, follow up period and duration to wait before judging the effect of a remedy. While there might not be anything right or wrong about a particular approach it is believed that treatment done based on principles of classical homeopathy developed by the founders of homeopathy yields better results. Classical homeopathic treatment believes in giving one or two remedies only at one time and that too not in very frequent repetition and doses. Period of observation too is longer here, which is about 1 month.

Ability to cure cause of the disease

There is also a marked difference in viewpoints of different doctors regarding their approach towards treatment. Some doctors treat with aim of treating the patient constitution rather than individual ailments. Others simply treat different ailments separately like allopathy. There are some doctors who try to treat the root cause of the disease while there are some who just treat the disease symptoms but do not go into root cause treatment. You might be wondering that among so many approaches which is the right one? Well, as per the principles of classical homeopathy as laid down by the founders, right treatment approach in homeopathy is to treat the cause of the problem and not the problem. It also believes in treating a person as whole rather than individual diseases. Let me give an example to make it more clear. Suppose a patient goes to a homeopath with complaints of gas, acidity, nausea and headache. During consultation doctor finds out that patient was suffering from lack of sleep since few days. So right approach here for homeopath here would be to prescribe medicine for insomnia rather than prescribing medicines for separate problems of gas, acidity, nausea and headache. So a good homeopath will follow similar approach. By talking to the patient in detail he will be able to gauge that root cause of all his problems in sleeplessness.

Patient listening during first consultation

It is obviously very difficult to get to know about the treatment style of any doctor merely from word of mouth. Hence the first visit to a homeopathic doctor can give a better insight. During first visit it is expected that a good doctor will spend about 1 to 1.5 hours with the patient. This is because for taking a fresh homeopathic case it requires a doctor to patiently listen to the patient and take a detailed case history before prescribing the medicines. In case doctor completes first time consultation within short time, say 10 minutes then there are reasons to feel doubtful. It may either imply that doctor is too experienced and so great that he does not need to take detailed case history and still he can treat effectively. Or else he is simply not up to the mark and following the proper principles of homeopathic treatment.

Fewer medicines and not very frequent follow ups

Keeping in mind true principles of homeopathy a good doctor will always prescribe few or ideally one or two medicines at one time and also will not ask to come for frequent follow up if the medicines have started working positively. First one or two consultations may have earlier follow ups as initially doctor tries to match the medicine with the patient but once the medicines have started working on patient then follow ups can be after longer periods like 2 months or so. Sometimes a patient finds that even after medicines have started working positively doctor is calling for weekly follow ups and changing the medicines repeatedly. This is not the correct practice and it signifies that doctor is more interested in making money through frequent consultations and changing of medicines. Such doctors should be avoided.


In the end I would like to say that consulting a right homeopathic doctor is key to successful homeopathic treatment. Since number of homeopathic doctors have increased nowadays it is very important to spend some time in finding out the best homeopathic doctor. Blindly going to any homeopath and continuing treatment without analysing the results and without being aware of qualities of good homeopathic doctor is a sheer waste of time and money.

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Author: K Mohan23 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

For that matter be it a homeopathic or allopathic doctor, he must listen to the patients and give the treatments with confidence. Most of the patients go to the regular or family doctor and thus the responsibility of each doctor lies in their right diagnosis and prescribing the right medicines. Even in Homeopathy, some chronic diseases are treated with confidence and for that doctor must create an atmosphere of belief in getting the disease cured.

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