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Best tips for entering in an IT organization

Looking for useful tips to start a career in the IT sector? I have seen and heard people asking in forums how they can enter an IT firm. In this article I would basically concentrate on these aspects. Some tips for people who want to pursue their career in IT industry

Information Technology is a field which lures each and every one of us. Today we can observe that all government departments have also switched to automation. The best example that I can quote is how government has linked all the cards (Aadhar card and PAN card) and banking accounts. This would never be achieved without the help of IT.

The trending technologies of today are Big data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Artificial intelligence. This is helping industries to train the machine to do work as humans do. A perfect training would lead to a machine which is fully automated. I would also help my friends to get into these technologies and fields and shape their career. Some of the tips I would like to offer them are as follows:-


It is always good to do a external certification because it shows the knowledge you have. Mere going through the book is not enough .you should be thorough with the concepts of a particular tool or language. Certification evaluates you as a whole and marks you based on the population who is interested in the specific field. A higher score means a good knowledge.

Stick to one technology

I would request to stick to a particular technology as no one can be a master of all. Be a master of just one language/tool but know it fully. This helps to get the most out of it. This helps you to clear all the interview associated with it. This will make you stand different because have dig to the depth of the subject.

Post graduation in the field

It is always better to have a higher qualification. This is more required when you want to pursue your career in data science, Artificial intelligence or Machine learning. By doing a post graduation you can do your dissertation on the specific field and publish some good research papers. These would be your individual contributions with international recognition.

Individual work to showcase

You should always try to build something which you can showcase to a larger audience as your own work; you could build a application of your own. You can participate in various Symposium and technical conferences and learn what is trending. Based on the knowledge gained make an application of your own and search the net to get to the conclusion and this would harness your knowledge.

Be logical- Don't learn just the syntax

When you are into programming you should not only learn syntax .If you forget the syntax you would obviously get it from internet but be logical. Many things can be solved when one is logical. You could suggest a more optimum way or a less complex code. This would help in lowering the execution time as well as reducing the lines of code.

Always be in love with one programming language

Tools in the market come and they go based on the trend but programming language stays there. So if is always beneficial that you know a general purpose language such as java,.net which can do most of the tasks like building an application, website etc.

Always pursue courses from reputed institution

Whenever you are doing some course prefer doing it from a reputed organization. This would help you in future as same course from a less reputed institution may not have value. This certainly makes an impression on the company where you give your interview. Some companies even give higher packages to reputed institution as they have state of art faculty members and infrastructure.

Theory is not sufficient-Hands on experience required

Whenever you start to learn a language write programs and do it practically rather than just making notes on a paper. It is very true that when people start making program they get in errors which are the basic building blocks.

I hope this is helpful to people who want to pursue a job in IT.Apart from these tips your hard work and dedication would be the ladder to success.


Author: Neethu04 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Wonderful Article by the author, but would like to suggest few changes.

1. "Information Technology is a filed" should be "Information Technology is a field"

Certification: If you are a fresher with (BCS, BSc IT or similar courses), I would suggest you to start applying for jobs instead of looking for a certification after graduation in as many IT companies that you can because with or without certification your pay would be the same. There are many institutes which offer 100% placements with certification, please don't fall into that trap. Service based companies hire resources in bulk irrespective of how many projects they have or resources they need. So the certification that you do they may or may not require. Once you start working you will understand which field to specialize and then you can proceed with the certification of your area of interest.

Rest all wonderfully described by the author and very useful too.

Author: Neethu10 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

"Information Technology is a filed" should be "Information Technology is a field" in the first line of the article is still not corrected.

Can the author or the editor correct this?

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