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How to make your weekend improve your work week

How to deal with Monday morning blues? How to manage everyday affairs when you have to go to work as well? Learn the tricks to manage weekends better, so you can relax a bit during the week. Here is how you can use weekends to organise weekdays.

My cousin's wife works through the week, like many of us. And when it is the weekend, she posts a GIF or a poster on her Facebook page, celebrating the weekend. It is no surprise then that her Monday morning GIF/poster are always about the start of a horrible week. She is not too pleased with the beginning of the week. I am not complaining – I quite enjoy her posts. They are hilarious, and the comments from family and friends make them all the more entertaining. What I am coming to is that this is the way most of us feel. We celebrate weekends and curse the beginning of a new week.

Not many make an attempt to come to terms with this cycle. Not many have learned to welcome Monday mornings, the way they say TGIF! Monday mornings hit most like an unexpected bolt from the blue, even though Monday mornings are inevitable. Let's face it Monday mornings are not going to go away. They are here to stay, so why not devise a way to improve your Monday mornings as well as the rest of the week.

Just visualise this – kicking into Monday morning, yes every Monday morning, on a positive note. Imagine if you can begin your day being organised and fully in control of things. No last minute rush, no fraying tempers and no anxieties – in short no Monday morning blues. Wouldn't it be lovely!

Use these tips and make the weekend prepare you for the coming week. Believe me, you'll find Monday mornings a little more welcome.

So, get going.

Get into the 'cleaning' mode

When you are busy through the week, there is always the chance of you neglecting things on the home front. You need to devote a couple of hours cleaning your home (the time you will take will depend on how big your place is and how much stuff you have lying around). Before you begin it is best you learn to distinguish between settling and cleaning. Settling is superficial sprucing. You pretend that your space is 'clean' when in actual all the stuff that needs to be cleaned is cleverly concealed inside cupboards and drawers. You don't want to do that.
Cleaning is more than fluffing of cushions and picking up the mess that you probably created during your busy week. You need to spend time cleaning, and here is what you can do –

  • Start with the fridge. Clear it. Throw away stuff that you have forgotten about
  • Do the laundry. It is a wonderful to start the week knowing that all of your clothes are washed and ready for use
  • Wipe off those water stains from the bathroom mirror
  • Your kitchen counter might need to be cleared – do that and don't forget to clean the gas stove
  • Organise your dressing table, so things are easy to find
  • Dig into your handbag and throw away the receipts that you have been carrying around
  • Dust furniture and remove cobwebs
  • Sweep & mop under the furniture, you'll be surprised at the amount of dust collected there
  • Don't forget the toilet bowl and the wash basin

I think you must get an idea of all that needs to be done. With all this cleaning your home is going to sparkle. Waking up to a clean house can be invigorating. You feel all pumped and ready to go. Since all your stuff is organised you don't waste precious time getting ready for work during the week.

Make a list of things to buy

Use the weekend to stock up on groceries and other commodities that you require through the week. This avoids unnecessary tension during the week. You can drop into the local brick and mortar store or order online. But, make sure you have a well-stocked pantry and enough toiletries for the coming week.

Maintain a calendar

A calendar can help you remember things and stay organised. Set reminders about paying the milk delivery guy or the electricity bill. This way you never forget to make payments on time.

Mark special days on the calendar, so you don't forget to buy gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Mark meetings and upcoming events, so you can prepare for them over the weekend. If you have travels plans, mark them on the calendar as well, so you can cancel milk and newspaper supply during the period that you'll be away.

Review the calendar every weekend, so you get a head start. While all this might seem silly, don't forget that we are human and have a tendency of forgetting the most mundane tasks. A calendar helps you plan, cancel and reschedule stuff. You can also slot in a little time for yourself in your hectic schedule.

Plan your Mondays

Take a few minutes on Sunday to plan your day on Monday. Work it out in your head - things to do before leaving for work and things to do in office. Don't walk around the office like a headless chicken, not knowing what to do. Prioritise your work. Attend to emails and memos etc. Do you need to check with your manager what needs to be done or do you need to detail work to others? When you prioritise all that you need to do you are better equipped at handling work.

Get a menu ready

I have already mentioned the importance of stocking the pantry. You can also pre-cook food and freeze, so you don't end up ordering food, during the week. Chop and freeze veggies, so you don't spend precious time on work days getting meals ready. Even though sauces are available in the market, you can prepare your own sauces and refrigerate. They come in handy for making quick pasta or a dip or something to have with pita bread etc.

Get your outfits ready for the week

Last minute ironing can be so irksome. I prefer to open the wardrobe and just pull out what I want to wear. Iron or get your clothes ironed over the weekend, so you do not have to worry about what to wear.

Females can arrange accessories, so they don't waste time searching for matching earrings. Pair the socks, polish the shoes and get your clothes ready for the week.

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Sleep early

Weekends can be a time for you to unwind, and sleeping early might seem like a 'bizarre' suggestion if you are a party animal. Here is the thing, late nights and hangovers can ruin the entire week. So, how about partying on Friday and/or Saturday and hitting the bed early on Sunday.

You need adequate sleep if you want to function at your optimum best. Make it a point to hit the bed by 22:00hrs, so you get up fresh on Monday morning. Believe me, this one trick can help you remain energised through the week.

Final word

The tips I have provided might seem ordinary, but once you begin practising them you'll be better organised and better prepared to face the new work week. Time is crucial when you are running against time, right! And the tips I have provided, barring one, are focused on better time-management, on work days. The best part is that once you incorporate these practices into your weekend routine you'll find it easier to follow them.

And yes, weekends are not for chores alone, take time to do some of the stuff that you like – meet up with friends, read a book, watch a movie, go for a drive or do whatever else it is that helps you chill and unwind. In short, have a great weekend, but keep the coming week in mind.

Do you plan ahead for the coming week? I'd love to read about what you do over the weekend to make the work week comfortable.

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She holds a degree in English Literature and has worked as a teacher and as a soft skill trainer. An avid reader, she writes on a variety of topics ranging from health, travel, education and personality development.

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