Best CRM Software for Small Business

CRM Software is a tool that helps the business people to accomplish a number of crucial tasks such as customer data management, customer support, customer interaction, clients and contacts management, assets and resource management, vendor support, partner relationships management, tracking leads, knowledge management, and sales automation etc.

CRM Software is a tool that helps the business people to accomplish a number of crucial tasks such as customer data management, customer support, customer interaction, clients and contacts management, assets and resource management, vendor support, partner relationships management, tracking leads, knowledge management, and sales automation etc. The CRM software has become an integral part of the majority of businesses of late and is now being used in small scale businesses as well. Though the price as well as extent of customization and features in the CRM Software being used in the large business firms is huge as compared to the ones used in the Small Businesses; its ability to solve the problem scenarios of small offices is nonetheless.

The following post entails the list of different CRM Software that can be used in the small business management. Choosing one for your business will be very easy once you have gone through the list.

1. Maple CRM - Best CRM Software for Small Business

maplecrm Best CRM Software

  • Maple CRM is the best CRM Software in India for small business. The software comes with a lot of crucial features and is priced at highly affordable prices. The premium Sales CRM Software comes at just Rs 500 per month.

  • The Maple CRM can also be subscribed for Support CRM for Rs 700 per month.

  • Having covered the pricing part, let us explore the features of Maple CRM Software that make it the best one.

  • Maple CRM can be used for:

    • Automated Lead Assignment

    • Team Management and Access Controls

    • Workflow Automation

    • Automating Repetitive Tasks

    • iOS and Android Mobile Apps

    • Task management

    • Invoice Building in PDF

    • Quotation Building in PD

  • Apart from the above mentioned Sales CRM activities, the Maple CRM can also be used for Support CRM Activities.

  • Other attractive features of the Software include:

    • 7-day free trial of the software without submission of any Credit Card information

    • 1000 Customer accounts per user

    • 24*7 Monitoring and Maintenance

    • Free Email Integration

    • Email and Help Desk Ticket Support

    • Free Website Integration

    • 256-Bit SSL Data Access Integration

    • Dedicated Data Storage

    • 500MB Storage allotted per user

    • Regular and Free Software upgrades

  • Some of the notable integrations of Maple CRM are as follows:

    • mVaayoo

    • Knowlarity

    • Olark

    • JustDial

    • Zopim

    • IndiaMart

    • Shiksha

    • Web Integration with notable browsers

    • Landing Pages

    • Email Integration

  • Maple CRM also provides CRM solutions for Clouds, Start-Ups, and Solutions customized especially for the Indian Business Scenarios.

  • Thus, Maple CRM is a one-word solution for all kinds of business problems and is easily the best CRM Software for the small scale businesses.

2. Salesforce:

salesforce Best CRM Software

  • With a focus on both the Sales as well as Support CRM, the Salesforce CRM Software is an on-demand CRM Software that can be employed in business scenarios of all kinds.

  • The main features include:

    • Tracking Sales leads

    • Conducting and monitoring marketing campaigns

    • Providing post-sale services

    • Managing customer accounts

    • Synchronizing tasks, emails, contacts, and calendars

    • Managing contacts

    • Harvesting leads

    • Tracking sales leads etc

3. Base CRM:

base crm Best CRM Software for small business

  • Another decent CRM Software is Base CRM which is web as well as mobile based software.

  • It is useful for both the B2B and B2C professionals for sales management, tracking leads and engaging proactively with the consumers.

  • Main features of Base CRM are:

    • Funnelling leads from multiple resources like websites, spreadsheets or any other marketing platform

    • Sales tracking with robust reporting figures

    • Full visibility in sales pipeline

    • Has apps for iOS and android devices

    • Sales Rep Dashboard etc.

4. Insightly - Best CRM Software

Insightly Best CRM Software for small business

  • Insightly is another one of the popular CRM software available online that features:

    • Dedicated Document Library

    • Multi-Currency Support

    • Role-Based User Access

    • Email Integration

    • Workflow Automation

    • Lead capturing from websites

    • Custom reports

    • API availability

    • And Email Tracking etc.

  • The plans start from $12 per month and the software is easy to learn and work with.

  • The major plus point of Insightly is that it is scalable and can be grown with the growth of the business.

5. ZOHO CRM - CRM Software for your Business

zoho crm Best CRM Software

  • ZOHO is the Best CRM software in the category of FREE ones.

  • It is the best thing for the start-ups that don't have much money to be invested in the CRM activities and also want to have the software that allows them to make the best of their resources.

  • The main features of Zoho CRM are as follows:

    • Contact management

    • Lead gathering

    • Analytics

    • Workflow automation

    • Social Collaboration

    • Multi-user interface that allows for 360-view

    • Third party integration

    • iOS and Android Apps

6. Less Annoying CRM:

less anoying

  • The major features of Less Annoying CRM are as follows:

    • Role based user access

    • Workflow automation

    • Capturing leads from websites

    • Integration with Email Providers

    • Custom Reports

    • API availability

    • Phone Support for TAX topics

    • Email Tracking

  • Low monthly price is another plus point of working with Less Annoying CRM.

  • However, the sticking to basics and lack of any sophisticated feature can be a downer for some clients.

7. Contactually:


  • Contactually CRM is the cloud based CRM software that allows for personalized communication with the clients.

  • Main features are:

    • Following possible leads

    • Identifying new relationships

    • Generating new referrals

    • Driving business growth

    • Organization of contacts in multiple categories

    • Engaging with different sets of audiences

  • The dashboard controls allow:

    • Action planning

    • Creating multiple client buckets

    • Connecting multiple calendars

    • Sales pipeline management etc.

8. Pipedrive CRM:


  • The main features of PipeDrive CRM are:

    • Role based user access

    • Dedicated Document Library

    • Workflow automation

    • Lead capturing from websites

    • Email Integration etc.

9. Bitrix 24 CRM:

bitrix 24
Bitrix CRM

  • Dedicated Document Library

  • Workflow Automation

  • Multiple User Access based on different Roles

  • Capturing leads from different Websites

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Integration With Email Providers

  • API Availability

  • Custom Report Generation

10. LeadSquared CRM:

lead squared
Lead Squared CRM

  • It suits to all business scenarios of all sizes.

  • Suitable for businesses of the following categories:

    • Education

    • E-Commerce

    • Health and Wellness

    • Real estate

    • Hospitality

    • Software

    • Finance etc.

  • Main features of the software include:

    • Reporting and Analytics

    • Lead Capturing

    • Marketing

    • Sales CRM

    • Integration with other novel apps

    • Marketing and Sales Insights

    • Role-Based User Access etc

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