How to keep yourself happy and stress free?

This article gives a brief description about ways how we can keep ourselves happy in life by practicing some basic rules and doing exercises. It help us to take better decisions and be away from diseases.

All of us can stay happy but basically we don't. The main reason is that we don't find happiness in small things. I have outlined some points which can help you keep happy.

Plan your day

Every day you get up you should know what you have to do. I am saying this because when a person does not have work he thinks about useless things which generate tension. Think about constructive things. If you are free then you can do many things like
(i)you can plan a visit to the nearest orphanage and spent time with the kids and feel happy.
(ii)To get yourself busy you can start an association in the society which help these kids to build a beautiful future.
(iii)You could indulge in gardening or writing articles.

Work life balance/good habits

By good habits I mean healthy habits which help to keep both the mind and the body fresh. Most of the diseases that we have today are related to the work, very less exercise and tension. My advice would be to maintain a work life balance. Don't bring problems from office to home and vice versa as these would hamper your success in maintaining both of them. Be firm and decisive in office when given pressure. On the other hand, don't run away from work as it would give you a better hand over others in future. Have gentle attitude so that you receive the same. Actually behaving in a very calm and cool attitude helps to build a positive environment. This helps to make the surrounding such that we are able to work even if we are given a challenging task.

Develop interest in some outdoor activity

Always sitting on a chair and playing games and doing work on your personal laptop is not good. Even the doctor advice that this leads to a number of diseases. My suggestion would be to buy everyday items such as milk, curd, bread from the market. In this way you would walk and take some fresh air. I would also suggest that develop some interest or learn some sport such as badminton, Table tennis, swimming or some other sport which you know. This will help you release stress and keep you healthy.

Do mediation/Yoga

You always don't have to go to gym or do some complex exercises in order to be fit. You can start from home and do some basic yoga. Today we have access to internet where many videos are available which explain the exercises in detail and give finer detail and benefit of each exercise.

Take actions rather than worrying

The basic problem is that we keep thoughts buried in our heart and think about it time and again. My suggestion is that please don't keep thoughts so deep as this would increase your tension rather take an action based on the various options you have at that particular time. If you want to park the idea for time being do so but don't think about it again and again.

Be satisfied having zeal to excel and not jealous

A person cannot be satisfied, it is very true. But it is always good that he has realistic goals which he/she can achieve in the journey of life. Unrealistic dreams bring sadness in life. Now many may question that means we should not think big? The answer to this question is that there is always a ladder or steps to every place where you want to go, so make your goal the next step and not directly the destination. In the end you would have covered the steps and reached your destination rather than just thinking of skipping some steps and reaching the goal.

Don't compare –Act accordingly

Comparing is the habit of many of us. This is not a good habit. My suggestion is to do action and make plan rather than comparing and thinking of others. He/ She may be good in a particular field so they have reached there so we should also learn and strive hard toward excellence.

Set priority in life and work accordingly

If this step is followed many things become easy. In the office our very first job is to work for the organization and not use their equipment for our own use. In the home our duty is to take care of our family rather than coding a program which had to be done in office. Sometimes money might be your priority and sometimes family/career. These all depends on the individual but define priority. This would indirectly help you take good decisions in life.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article by the author. The ultimate aim of any one in this universe is to be happy and have a peaceful life. But in the present day contest how many are really happy. To be happy the author has given various requirements and I am very happy for all those reasons. In addition to those points, I want to add another one point.
Contentment in life will give you happiness. Be content with whatever you have. Then automatically you will have lot of happiness with in you. In stead of that aspiring for higher and higher and always running behind money will make you unhappy and you will lose your happiness. So be content and be happy is the best rule of life

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