How to crack SSC exams in 30 days with your motivation and strategy?

Cracking SSC CGL, CHSL & MTS examination is very easy unless you know this secret strategy. You can crack this prestigious examination in only 30 days if you follow the method given in this post. In this article I am going to discuss some tips on how to crack SSC examination along with a powerful dose of motivation that will force you to keep going through your journey to success.


Staff Selection Commission organizes many exams every year for recruitment of candidates in government offices and departments. The job profile of SSC is excellent and this is the reason that the craze of these jobs is increasing every year among students. In last few years there has been dramatically increase in the number of candidates appearing for the exams organized by SSC i.e., SSC-CGL (Combined Graduate Level), SSC-CHSL ( Combined Higher Secondary Level), SSC CPO & Assistant Intelligence Officer, SSC FCI Assistant Grade Examination, SSC Delhi Police SI and many more. With increasing competition its necessary for candidates to be out of box if they want their name in the final merit list. Smart work is necessary along with hard work.

You know what we use only 2-3 % of our brain. If you can do so many things just with the help of 2-3 % then just imagine what you can do with all your brain. You know you are limitless and these maths problems are nothing but just a simple calculation. You can solve each one of them. I know you love challenges, you love it when someone throws a challenging question on you because you know that you are smart enough to solve any problem. This damn mathematics is doing the same thing with you, just show him how smart you are.

You are confused on how to proceed further. You have no plan, well my dear friend you don't need to worry about a plan and routine. I have it for you and trust me you have to follow it for 30 days only. Yes, only 8 weeks and your life will completely change. Give your parents a chance to feel proud of you. You just have to come out of your comfort zone for 30 days and then you can jump back into your comfort zone for rest of your life. But the pain and sufferings you will bear in these 30 days will reward you with a handsome paying job, respect and a loving family.

So, here is the plan and I know you are not going to give up or make any excuse even a single day. I know how hungry you are for success. So, just stick to this for two months and then your life is going to be a bed of roses.

  1. Solve 40 problems daily : Every morning when you get up, first thing you do is get fresh, take a bathe, have your breakfast and then you go for study. But from tomorrow you are not going to follow your usual routine. You will make a commitment today that after you get up in the morning, first you will solve 40 problems of mathematics before you even piss off. For English, buy previous year question bank of M.B publication by Ajay kr. Singh, let me tell you that I am not advertising it. It's really good and easy to master. Write all the antonyms and synonyms in a separate copy. Remember those anto and syno of 5 chapters daily. Then one more thing you have to do is that read 5 chapters of previous papers daily. By 5 chapters, I mean 5 sets of question papers and I repeat, only read it. I am not telling you to remember it, only read it and next revise it. You can apply the same formula in the general knowledge section. Buy the objective general knowledge book of Lucent publication for SSC and then read 4 pages of it daily. Once again I repeat, only read it, you have not to memorize it. But next day you have to revise what you read yesterday

  2. Revision : This is the most important part of your preparation. We study a lot but what matters is how much we remember. And if you want to remember anything you need to revolve that thing again and again in your mind and that's called revision. Revise daily what you learnt yesterday, the day before yesterday and the last week because revision is must. If you will not revise you will lose all you have, previous chapter will scare you and I know you have felt that thing only last week when you were going through your notes which you had memorized earlier but never had a look since last 15 days. If learning new things is bread then revision is butter, if learning new things is sickle then revision is hammer. Both are inseparable like north and south poles of a magnet and if you will try to swim against the stream you will never make it to the bank

  3. Take regular mock test : I have seen a large number of students saying that they will practice mock papers once they will complete the whole syllabus. If you are also one of them then let me tell you that you will never complete the whole syllabus. Even toppers never do so because no one is perfect and everyone have some problem in one or another section. Practicing mock paper is very necessary. It gives you an idea of questions being asked in real exam. You learn time-management, you develop your own style and strategy on how to solve papers. Mock papers give you a chance to evaluate your strength and weakness. So practice mock papers once you get an idea of some chapters, don't worry about the marks. What if you are getting only 50 out of 200, you have nothing to loose, you will learn a lot of new things on the way. Once you complete 60% of your syllabus you will be scoring double of what another guy will score if he start solving mock papers after completing the same percentage of syllabus as you did

  4. Never loose your motivation : You will come across many students who would have been preparing for years but they never made it to the final list. They will tell you that its very tough to crack SSC exams, they are preparing for years and still they are not able to figure it out. Don't give a shit about what they are telling, they are looser. They are afraid of your success. They don't want to you to achieve what they failed to. They will try to demoralize you but you are strong, I know you will never listen to their words. You know its possible and easy to crack SSC exams. Always keep your spirit high and stay motivated

  5. Daily routine : You are looking for some daily routine. You think that I will provide you a daily routine on when you have to wake up, when you will have your breakfast, lunch, when you will study and when you will sleep. My friend, gone are the days when you used to make a daily routine. I know you never followed your routine even for two weeks. Am I right? I must be because no one does. You are no more a school going kid. You don't need a routine to study. You have a target for your day and you have to complete it before you go to bed. You are free to play, hang out with friends, watch movies, your favorite T.V show, you can do anything but remember that at the end of the day you have to complete your daily target. You won't sleep unless your daily target is complete

The post is getting lengthy, you would be feeling tired and bored. So, I am going to sum up. At last I just want to tell you that have believe in your self and avoid all those people with negative thoughts who tell that its very tough or you can get job only through settings because SSC sell jobs. Try to maintain a light year distance from those negative minded people. Stay calm and work hard, your hard work will really pay you back one day.

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