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What to do when you meet a human trafficked victim who is on the run from her abusers ?

This article puts forward the steps that you can take when you meet a victim of human trafficking. It aims to create awareness about the exploitation of women that is happening around us. Check out this article which highlights many of the incidents that are currently happening in the world related to this matter.


Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems of our century. Every day on an average 2 million women and children are pulled into trafficking. While 55% of it includes women and girls, 45% of it includes men and boys. In some places it is legal and regulated like Nevada in U.S.A , cities in Brazil etc… whereas in others its illegal. Human trafficking comes mainly under the category of organized crime and there are many gangs behind it. Sometimes even the police are in support with these groups. With the rise of the internet, a lot of these crimes are conducted and coordinated online. The victims are bought and sold online like cattle. Majority of these criminal transactions takes place through the deep web or dark web where it is carried out using digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. Nowadays live streaming of sexual content is a big business. Many people make quick money through live streaming of pornography with the help of web cams at the ease of their homes. Most of the customers of such sites are from northern Europe, U.S.A, Middle East Asia etc. Human trafficking and child abuse are two of the biggest problems of our world today which UNESCO is aiming to eradicate completely.

Things you can do when you meet a human trafficked victim who's on the run

  • Inform the family of the girl : When you meet a victim of human trafficking, one of the first things to do is to inform the family of the girl to let her know that she is alive and safe. Families are very important in a person's life and most likely the girl's family will be worried over her safety especially if she was kidnapped. Ask the girl about her parents, close relatives or friends whom you can contact and inform them
  • Inform the authorities : This is one of the most important things to do. Informing the authorities will ensure that the abusers will not have a chance to get away as well as it will ensure the future safety of the girl. Usually it's a good idea to do this as fast as you can since if the victim is on the run, then the kidnappers might already flee the scene as they will be sure that she will go to the police once she is free
  • Give her support and confidence : A victim who has been human trafficked will have already faced a great deal. She will most likely have gone through post-traumatic stress. At that point the main thing she may need is a person who can give her support and confidence, someone whom she can trust. Try to talk as much with her as possible and be really understanding. Also when you talk more with her you may get important information regarding the culprits which she may not readily share with the police or other concerned authorities or sometimes she may miss this detail while she gives them her statement. In such cases you can help her remember things and can give a detailed description of what happened to her
  • Be kind to her and help her in any way you can : If possible, take her to your home and give her food and shelter until her family arrives. If she is on the run, she will most likely be hungry and may not have had anything to eat or drink. Also she maybe tired and may need to sleep for a while. Ask her if she needs anything and try to get her those if you can
  • Give her medical care : If you find her that she has been badly assaulted or there is any life threatening condition that she is going through or if she says so, then try to get her immediate medical help. Take her to the nearest hospital as fast as possible and try to explain things to the hospital staff or doctors to get her admitted without much hassle or questions asked. Most private hospitals don't admit patients without proper documents or ID proof. It is in situations like this that talking earlier with the victim becomes helpful as you can use the details she provided to fill up the hospital form or contact her family to get their details

Future measures to take

  • Awareness : Spreading awareness on this issue is very important. It will lead to more efforts on part of the public. Most people think that these issues will not affect them or they will wait to respond until they are in such a situation. But by that time it might be too late to do anything. Everyone should be made more aware of what is happening around them. They should feel that this is not an isolated incident and should take steps to protect themselves
  • Always keep a look out for strange activities : Human trafficking is occurring around us daily, but most of it is invisible to our eyes. The kidnap or abduction may occur in mere minutes and we may not even get enough time to respond to it. No one is really safe while they are outside. We hear news of attacks in broad daylight and incidents which occur even at home. So the real question is where is anyone really safe? Always keep an eye out for yourself and your dear ones while you are outside
  • Learn self defense : Learning self defense or martial arts is not only good for yourself but you can also help others with it. It is also a good form of exercise if you practice the moves that you learn daily. In today's world its very important to learn some self defensive techniques as you can expect an attack from anywhere at anytime. It can take some time and effort to master the moves but it will be worth it


Human trafficking is a big problem combated by various crime fighting agencies around the world everyday. Even as you read this article, lots of victims are being rescued from this and given help and shelter worldwide. They are given a chance to start a new life but our society often looks down on them due to various prejudices. Anyone can be a potential victim to this at anytime. So we must all work together to remove this evil once and for all from our lives.

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