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What to do when there is a thunder storm?

Are you crazy and curious to know what havoc the thunder strike can play in destroying lives, buildings, trees and properties? How to protect you, your dear one and your house from thunder lightning? Check out this article to know the tips to take care in future to save against lightning.


Thunder storm is a storm with thunder, lightning and heavy rain. It is very dangerous and fearful. If has stricken leads to burn and death. When there is thick and large cumulonimbus cloud it causes the thunder.


General precautions

If it is heavily raining and thunder is roaring, we should observe some safety measures such as
  1. Do not go out and let the other family members also should not go out and remain in door at a safe place
  2. Remove all the plugs from switches such as fridge, TV, washing machine, computer, laptop and mobiles
  3. Switch off the mobile phones and keep them away
  4. Switch off main supply
  5. Remove all the metals, rings, chains from your body
  6. Sit on wooden bed
  7. Do not touch any wall/floor as the current may come through these materials

Safety precautions outdoor

While outdoor you must wear shoes. Lightning causes electric currents along the top of the ground that can be deadly over 100 feet away. Do not stand under a tree or metal shed. If you are in a car close all the windows tightly. If the thunder strike to your car, the current will flow on the outer body of your car and it will not enter on the inner walls. There is an experiment in intermediate physics book. What will happen to the man inside a spherical cage when current is connected to the outer body of cage. Nothing will happen as the current will flow at the outer wall of the spherical cage. Switch off the engine and park your vehicle in opens pace beside the road. Stay away from concrete floors or walls. You should move into a non-concrete structure if possible.

Safety precautions indoor

Avoid touching water tap and pipes during a thunderstorm. Lightning may travel through these materials. Do not use any electronic equipment. Lightning can travel through electrical systems and radio and television reception systems. Avoid corded phones. Remove all the plugs from switches such as fridge, TV, washing machine, computer, laptop and mobiles. Remove all the metals, rings, chains from your body

Thunder strike treatment

  1. If some person is stricken by thunder wait for safe time
  2. put the head slightly lower open his mouth and check for tongue is not blocking air ways
  3. There may be heart attack due to fear start CPR
  4. Call the ambulance
  5. Place the patient in medical care

Thunder arrestor

Thunder arrestors are used to arrest the thunder current and pass it on to earth to save the large buildings from thunder lightning. Heavy cables or metal strips that can carry lightning current from the rods to the ground. Cables/ metal strips are run along the tops and around the edges of roofs, then down one or more corners of a building to the ground rods (Long, thick, heavy rods buried deep into the earth around a protected structure).


Thunder lightning carries lakhs of voltage current which can destroy any thing. We should have the proper knowledge about lightning to protect ourselves against thunder. People should observe and must follow the precautions (general, outdoor, indoor) told in this article.

Article by NK SHARMA
I am Mechanical engineer with MBA and M Phil degree. I have a passion for reading and writing. I enjoy in sharing knowledge with people.

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Author: K Mohan17 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Now days the rains are unpredictable as it shines hot in the morning and noon and by late afternoon the rain starts with thunder storm. Normally we cannot see the thunder as we can only hear the sound late. We should not see the lightening with naked eyes as it may spoil vision permanently. My elders used to say that during thunder storm we should not take refuge under the tree especially the coconut tree, which is vulnerable to take in the thunder to its fold. I have seen many coconut trees destroyed with fire from thunder ball and it wont regrow again. Never venture out during thunder. Even after the rain has subsidized , we have to be careful while wading through pool of water as there are every chances of electric wires getting snapped due to thunder storm and wind and thus there are every chance of current passing to body through broken wires inside the water.

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