What to do immediately in case of a car accident in which you are traveling ?

Day in and Day out we are observing many road accidents involving two vehicles or vehicle and pedestrians. Suppose there is an accident for the car we are traveling? Do you know the immediate actions needed to be taken? Check out this article to know the actions like informing the police, arranging the treatment for needy, informing the kith and kin and insurance company.


We see and hear about many road accidents. Some accidents are very serious and some are minor in nature. Accidents will not happen. They are caused. This is what we all hear. It is true to the best of my knowledge. Many accidents can be avoided if the driver is well in control of the car and following all the road rules. But sometimes even we are correct and not done any fault also, we can meet with an accident because of the mistake of the other vehicle or person involved in the accident.

Many of us will travel. We travel on official duty. We travel with friends for enjoyment. We travel with family to attend functions and festivals. We travel with relatives for one or other reason. Basing on the occasion and distance sometimes we will travel in a car, a bus, a train or a flight. Many times we will be observing vehicles outside getting damaged in accidents.

We will be traveling in a car, and by any chance, if the car met with an accident, what are the actions we have to take and how to react is to be known to us. The following lines will give an account of action to be taken immediately after an accident.


If you are involved in a car accident you are supposed to take care of certain issues which are being discussed here. If you are not injured seriously, get out of the car. Try to be in the accident spot till police arrive at the spot. If you leave, particularly where someone has sustained injuries or was killed, you can face serious criminal penalties.

  • Arrange Medical help : Look for the other passengers traveling with you in your car. Find out whether everybody is safe. If a person is unconscious or has neck or back pain, don't move them until qualified medical help arrives, unless it is essential. Please call for an ambulance and see that the injured will be sent to the hospital immediately. Please note that now the patients of accidents can undergo treatment in any hospital. Send them with an escort to the nearest hospital for treatment. Make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay. Get medical attention for anyone who needs it

  • Look Around : Take a note of the things around. Observe the position of the other vehicle involved in the accident. If it is possible please see that the other vehicle driver will not vanish. In India, it is common that drivers will run away after making an accident. Verify with him all the details and note down the details. See whether he is having all required documentation with him. Don't show any indication that you are at fault at the scene immediately after an accident. It might not be clear who was at fault or more at fault. Ask people who are on the spot at the time of accident about their observations. Get their names, phone numbers, and addresses

  • Inform Police : Please inform the police and wait for their arrival. Police will arrive at the venue and they will take over the site management. They will verify the documents of both cars and they will note down all the details. They will make a FIR with all details and with a sketch of the scene of offense. They may take charge of both the vehicles. The venue will be shifted from the spot of the accident to police station. They will file a case. If required they will arrest the driver of the vehicle which is at fault or both the drivers. They will be released after getting a bail. Now the legal formalities will be taken care by them

  • Visit the hospital : Once the complaint has been registered, the legal binding from your side is completed. Then you have to visit the hospital and see the conditions of other travelers. Are they getting treatment or is there any necessity of shifting them to another hospital. These points are to be decided as required. Keep a detailed account of the treatments or medications received. Also, request copies of all medical reports and bills as these help you prove medical expenses later. Keep a record of how your injuries have impacted your daily life. Include any missed workdays, list any routine activities you can't undertake, and describe how the injuries have affected your family life

  • Inform the kith and kin : Now it is the duty to inform the kith and kin of the injured person. Collect the contact details of the relations of the injured person and inform them the actual position of the injured person. Please see that the other person will understand the position correctly. The words to be used should be very apt so that actual meaning will be conveyed properly. Basing on the seriousness of the injury you have to advise them of the necessary actions. A neat and correct description will convey the matter correctly. If you are not in a position to do all these things or you yourself injured and require medical assistance, one of the co passengers who is not injured will have to take care of all these things. In addition to that somehow see that the information will go to some of your family members who can come and take care of the situation

  • Inform Insurance Company : Once these urgent matters are completed you have to give information to the insurance department regarding the accident. Before informing them please go through the insurance policy clauses once and based on the coverage details, you have to pass on the information to them. They will depute their surveyor to conduct a survey. He will visit the scene of offense. He will inspect the damaged car and he will talk to the injured person and all the details he will note down. You should be able to show him the actions you have taken

  • Take Photographs : Take photographs of any damage to your vehicle as soon as possible after the accident. Photos help your insurance adjuster determine how much you should be compensated for the damage to your car and can help in court. Pictures of your car before the accident can offer a great "help to show the true extent of the damage sustained in the accident

  • Claim Settlement : It is not the action for immediate attention but important.Obtain your insurance company's damage valuation. Get independent repair estimate from company show room. Don't be in a hurry to get the settlement immediately. Some companies may offer some compensation immediately but without complete picture don't accept. Please ensure all items are properly covered including your medical bills. It is advisable not to settle the claim before you consult a good lawyer. It is good not to discuss with anybody about the accident except insurance company, lawyer, and the police. Don't consult any other insurance company without the knowledge of your lawyer


Keep cool and try to be brave. What has to happen already happened. How to come out well from the situation and how to avoid huge loss, should be our immediate concern. Work in that direction. Get out of the situation with minimum loss and minimum effect by acting precisely and bravely.


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Accidents can cause injury to not just those travelling with us, but also to those travelling in the other vehicle. Sometimes multiple vehicles can be involved in an accident, at others pedestrians or bystanders can get knocked down. We must check the condition of everyone involved in the accident (not just those travelling with us) and ensure that they get medical attention. That is the right thing to do.

Secondly, I don't think we are authorised to check the vehicle documents or any other documents of another vehicle owner. That is the job of the police.

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