How to prepare milk and rice payasam ?

In India payasam is one of the very traditional sweet recipe that is prepared mainly for festivals. Check out this article to know the simplest way by which you can prepare milk and rice payasam for your beloved ones.

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Milk and Rice payasam is one of the delicious sweet and it give good health and make us to go paradise when we eat it. Milk and rice are available in India. It is mostly used by Indian peoples. Milk is one of the nutrient rich drink that is mainly given to the children for their growth. Indians worship cow as 'gomatha" a God give "amirtham" that means milk. This milk contain proteins, calcium, fat, and some minerals that helps for human growth. In addition it contains water content that essential for human body.Payasam is one of the traditional dessert that is widely prepared by Indians for festival or other family functions in home. All over India, payasam is one of the common dessert item. It was widely liked by all state people in India.There are varieties of payasam like

  1. Vermicelli payasam
  2. Dhal payasam
  3. Fruit payasam
  4. Jaggery payasam
  5. Dates payasam
  6. jawvarisi payasam( special in Tamil Nadu)
  7. Pradamam in Kerala
  8. Rava payasam

Delicious milk and rice payasam recipe

Milk is the main ingredient for this payasam while another major ingredient is the rice. As we all know, rice is rich with carbohydrates. It is also cultivated in almost all parts of India. Without rice, no Indian food is completed. Then for the color of the payasam we add kesar that is available in India. Apart from this, there are many ingredients like coconut flakes and cashew nuts that make this payasam more delicious and a wonderful dessert .Cashew nut has rich fat content above 12 g and carbohydrates value approximately 8.56 g. Its need some more time to prepare but result in very delicious dessert.For the preparation of this payasam we need the following ingredients.

Ingredients for delicious milk and rice payasam

  • Milk - 1 liter
  • Raw or Normal rice(as your wish) - 1/2 cup ( soak it for half an hour)
  • Ghee - 1/2 cup
  • Cashew nut - 1/2 cup( soak it in cup of milk for 3 hours and grind it like paste)
  • Sugar - 3/4 cup
  • Coconut flakes - 1/2 cup
  • Badam and Pista - 4 or 5 ( make it like flakes)
  • kesar for make it colorful ( soak it in a spoon of milk)
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 spoon

Preparation method

  • Flame the stove. Then place a pan and add ghee on it. Allow it to melt
  • Add soaked rice on it. Let it to medium fry(Make sure it should not turn to brown)
  • After 5 minutes, add milk on it and stir well. Let it remain for 25 minutes in medium flame
  • If It look like gravy structure, add cashew nut paste and stir it well so that there is a slight variation in structure of the payasam
  • Add sugar into it and stir well
  • Add coconut flakes and cardamom powder
  • Then also add badam and pista flakes
  • Last but not least add soaked kesar into the payasam
  • Finally delicious payasam is ready to serve

This is a simple preparation method for making milk and rice payasam at home. You can either serve it hot or cold. You can cool it by placing in the refrigerator. This payasam has a delicious taste with a good smell and color. Try to make this easy payasam at home as almost all ingredients are avaialble in your home kitchen or nearby stores.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao26 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

This is a most common sweet dish in south Indian houses. Any festival the easy dish to make is this payasam. The author explained well the making of Payasam. The different types of Payasams also he explained well. The ratios will vary from place to place. Some people make it thick by adding more rice and less milk, but some will make it thin by putting more milk. Basing on the taste likings the sugar content also can get changed. If it is vermicelli payasam, vermicelli will be fried before adding to payasam. But rice can be added as it is and the rice will get cooked with milk. The vermicelli payasam will be thin and you can drink with the glass directly whereas the rice payasam will be thick and you need a spoon to eat this payasam. It looks like the author is well versed in making sweets and the author can try writing articles about other house-made sweets also. A good attempt by the author and thanks to the author for narrating in detail the dish making.

Author: T.M.Sankaran26 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Among the sweets generally prepared in Kerala there are a few more. Among different Pradhamans 'Paalada pradhamam' comes in the first position. Here it almost like 'panchasara payasam' but instead of simple rice 'ada', a preparation of rice is mixed with milk. This ad a is prepared by spreading rice paste in a plantain leaf and folded will be cooked in steam. This cooked object will be cut into small pieces almost in the size of rice. This will further be mixed in boiling milk and after adding necessary sugar and keeping on the oven a little more time will be taken back. If necessary cashew nuts, etc. will be added.
During the season of Jack fruits some people prepare jack fruit Pradhamans also.

Author: Natarajan26 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A simple step by step article on payasam. I'm glad that the author has mentioned jawvarisi or sago payasam. It's was one of my favourites, the soft chewy balls of sago were a treat. Many villages in TamilNadu used to sell this along with paruppu/dhal vada which would be a good mid-morning or evening snack time. I remember even adding Horlicks to payasam, it used to form lumps and the taste would be good (for me). At home now we've tired fruits with rava which gives good results with a drop or rose or vanilla essence. Now as adults and people who are diabetics we should be watchful of the calories, roughly 100 ml has 110-135 cals in it. For those who cannot cook, they can try MTR ready made payasam mix.

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