Best 7 tips to stay motivated

To accomplish goals, hard work and attitude matters but when we stuck, we need the motivation to move ahead. Motivation is the key to success. You can't be focused on your work and get the better result if you are not motivated. Here are simple amazing tips to stay Motivated.


: Anyone can decide the goal in life. Also any person can aim to be expert in something but not everyone has the ability to fulfill their dreams and achieve the goals. To accomplish the goal and taste the success, you have to be a hard worker, dedicated, ambitious, motivated and most importantly Focused. You cannot achieve your goals by just 'making castles in the air' and instead you have to do something. For this, you have to take action first. Taking an action is an essential element of achievement. Action requires hard work and for that you need to be focused. So if you are ready to make your goal come true, here are certain tips you have to follow.

Amazing tips to stay motivated

  • Just do it : This is the universal first step of each and every work. Don't you know how the thing works? Don't you know what resources you need to complete the certain task? Probably, you don't know anything about your work but to begin the action and to remain in the competition; you have to certainly do something and no matter how perfect it is? How you do it? But you have to Just do it in your own style
  • Read motivational books : Reading a best motivational and self-improvement books really can help in the long run of struggle. You have to motivate yourself by reading the biographies of successful people. you will get tips regarding what they learnt from their experience, what problems they faced in their journey and how they recovered from it ? Motivate yourself enough so you can prepare for the worst scenario
  • Do not pressure yourself : Pressuring yourself for the best outcomes sometimes is very dangerous and unethical. Sometimes situations cannot be in our control and we can't-do anything. Just let the things happen and always hope for the best and in turn don't forget about your strengths, skills and one more thing which is mentioned as your motto in life
  • Believe in yourself : Having a faith in yourself is more important for you than any other thing. You know yourself better than anyone else and you know what you are capable of. Don't try to overconfident but always believe in yourself that 'you can do it'. Nothing is impossible for you until and unless you know you are the winner
  • Get help from someone : No one can't be 'jack of all trades' and if any, he will master in nothing. There will be definitely some people around you, who care about you, who love to help you, who can understand you very well. Don't try to overburden yourself and remember that someone may become your helping hands. Everyone knows the fact that 'Lord Rama took the help of Monkeys to won the battle from Ravana.'
  • Never stop trying : Try until you win the race. Half of the people never win because they stop learning new skills, stop analyzing themselves and most important they stop trying for the best result. Learning and Trying is the never-ending process and must not be stopped in any circumstances. You may have lost everything, you may be zero but you have to remember only one thing that you have to stand again, you have to recover your confidence again and this time you have to try more efficiently and confidently. My sincere advice is you have to just give a try once again
  • Reward yourself : Maybe you are working on any project from certain months, you are doing quite well and you are tired mentally and physically but you don't have time to relax. Now, this is the time to relaxing and rewarding yourself. Rewards certainly matter. Rewards are nothing but appreciation for you. You need to know what thing makes happy to you and you will be in better position after taking a break from the work. You can do the things which you ignored from couple of days because of burden of work


: At the end of the day, there is one final thought that you should always keep in mind when you consider your next step: The only difference between someone who succeeded and some who failed is that one of them stopped trying.

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Author: NK SHARMA20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The author has suggested 7 motivational ways to self. There are some more other ways to get motivated. Read the personality development books such as "You can win" by Shivakhera. Read the autobiographies of great leaders and great men such as Vivekanand's autobiography, MK Gandhi's autobiography, "My experiments with truth".
Be in the company of good and positive people. Avoid the negative people. Believe in your capabilities, work hard and perform your duties sincerely and honestly. All these will make the person happy and motivated.

Author: Natarajan25 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Informative article about motivation. We all are stuck leading a life that we have designed for ourselves but think that this is what God has given us and this is our destiny. Nothing prevents us from changing our lives and the lives of others, we just need a little motivation to start with.

Certain points that I find useful are:

1. Be positive and fill your mind with positive thoughts
2. Listen to Vedic chants or mantras
3. Taking morning walks in that peaceful time, instead of gossiping with your neighbor, reflect on what needs to be done that day and how you can do it with a smile on your face.
4. Interact with your children, they can teach you many things in life in a very simple way. Find time to drop them to the school bus, children are always filled with positive energy, being with them it rubs on to you.
5. Learn to practice simple things in life - wishing your parents at home, acknowledging the security guard, the office boy, say a few words of appreciation to people who work with you or reporting to you.
6. Keep a tidy office space and home space that reflects purity, simplicity and radiates good vibes
7. Keeping indoor plants or a small aquarium bring in vibrancy and energy flow.
8. Keep a circle of people who give out positive thoughts, weed out the origins of negative thoughts
9. Take small breaks for yourself and your family, because you've earned it and you need it.
10. Give up running behind money, run behind tasks that give you peace of mind or help others to lead better lives
11. Feed a few people who are in need. Giving out money to beggars on the streets is not helpful.
12. Take time to reflect on life and what little or more you have achieved so far.
13. Read books of famous noblemen who have committed their lives to helping others - Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi etc.
14. Read books written by self-help authors ( Robin Sharma - The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari).
15. Watch movies that make you laugh, movies that focus on hope and good qualities of human beings.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao29 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article and author tried to elaborate various points to be motivated and he is very much successful in his attempts.
To get motivated sometimes we may have to review the work carried out and we should pat on our back. That will give you a lot of motivation. If we have positive thoughts about our abilities and we believe in our capabilities we will get motivated. Every day when we get up if we think that the day will be good for us and we can accomplish our goals on that day, we will remain motivated throughout the day and will achieve our maximum.

Author: Venkiteswaran11 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Motivation is like the mirage in the desert. Our interest to move on is prompted by our need to find an oasis. But the mirage makes us feel that we are near that, but when we near it we know the real Oasis is far away. If we reach the Oasis in the next attempt we are happy. Another mirage, our motivation gets diminished and despair starts to bald up. In our daily life or career also, it is like that. To have continuous motivation or stay motivated, we need an immediate achievable target and a distant goal.

So if we treat every small achievement as another milestone in our path to the distant goal, then we will stay satisfied and motivated forever. That way people can stay motivated even after retirement from job, becoming grand parents etc. We should try to discover an untold or unsound meaning and essence from a mundane routine object or matter.

It is easy to practice rather than making it understood by words.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta21 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Author has nicely explained the motivational techniques. Below are few techniques which people may follow to remain motivated:

° Always set goals yourself as you know yourself so you are the only one to set goals for yourself no one can do it for you.
° People leave the toughest task and start with the easy work which is wrong. One should start with the toughest task.
° Don't ever compare yourself with others as everyone has his/her own speciality.
° It's better to slowly work out for your plans as slow and steady wins at the last.
° Don't get frustrated even you fail many times. Always remember that failures are the pillars of success.
° Always listen to others. It is not essential that you have to act according to what others say but at least listen to others.
° Think out of the box. Expand your thinking.
° And at the last find ways which can make you happy and make you feel relaxed and fresh.

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