What to do when there is a snake bite ?

Are you curious to know what happens to human when bitten by snake? How to save life after snake bite? This article is written to answer these questions and to provide steps to deal the medical emergency. Read the article and take care in future in case of a snake bite.


There are many types of snakes found in India. All snakes are not poisonous. Cobra and viper is very poisonous and dangerous. If someone has bitten by these snakes can leads to sudden death. So take safety precautions. Some safety precautions are listed below in the next heading.

General precautions

We should observe some safety precautions such as-
  1. Wear long boots or leather shoes and gloves while walking on dark roads and jungles or working in night
  2. Have a stick/ lathi with you when you feel there is a danger of snake bite.
  3. Cover your house all windows with net/ jail as it will not allow any insect to enter into your rooms
  4. Avoid sleeping on the ground.
  5. Do not have tree branches touching the house.
  6. Sprinkle bleaching power or gaimacseen powder across the boundary of your house and rear gate and in garage.
  7. Inspect carefully your house, office, garage, any such place where the snake may be hidden such as drawer, stores, under the car in garage and way to proceed.
  8. Look under the car before entering into the car. If there is a snake under the car and you enter the car without looking it may bite in your legs.
  9. If you find that snake is there in your house/ premises, call the snake catcher. He will come and catch the snake

Symptoms of snake bite

There will be two red marks 10-20 mm apart from each other. There may be pain and swelling. Convulsion, nausea and paralysis may occur. difficulty breathing, vomiting and nausea, blurred vision, sweating and numbness are some other symptoms.

Identify the snake

The identification of snake is important in planning the treatment. The venom of snake works in two ways at our body. Some snakes venom acts on blood and it starts the death of RBCs. Once RBCs starts reducing the difficulty in respiration arises. If the patient is not place within 30 minutes in medical care the patient will die. Cobra venom acts on this principle. Viper's venom acts on nervous system and it is very painful and the patient will keep on crying.

First aids to be given

Remain calm and do not mobilize the affected part. Tie the hand or feet with thread/ cloth just above the bitten marks to stop/ slow down the blood circulation from that part to heart. So that the spreading of poison can be slow and the reaction time may be more. Wash the wound with soap under running water. Suck the poison from the wound. Do not allow the patient to sleep. Put the Patient immediately in medical care.


  1. If some person is bitten by snake put the Patient immediately in medical care. Call the ambulance and not allowed the victim to walk.
  2. Take the picture of snake if possible or remember the colour, length, face, tail and sulk
  3. Washing and dressing of wound
  4. Anti venom injection should be given immediately after the verification of snake
  5. There may be heart attack due to fear start CPR
  6. Monitoring the condition of patient

follow up

Follow up treatment and advice is to be followed. Have a good diet to recover the losses in the blood and nervous system.


Be vigilant and take care of you and your family. Take precautions mentioned above in this article. Be safe. Insurance cover can be taken if someone feels treated. If still accidentally met with such incidents follow the advice and steps told in this article.

Article by NK SHARMA
I am Mechanical engineer with MBA and M Phil degree. I have a passion for reading and writing. I enjoy in sharing knowledge with people.

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Author: Partha K.20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

I am very much impressed by the extensively informative article of Mr. Sharma. So far as snake-bite cases are concerned, my comments are as under:-

In case of snake bite, timely action immensely helps to save the life. Immediately after snake bite, proper tourniquet must be applied. The person who has been biten by a snake, should be immediately taken to the nearest health center for administering anti-venom injection.

Considering the nature of poison, there are two types of snakes. In the first case, the poison get mixed up with the blood. In the second case, the poison affects the nervous function of the body. So, if the snake can be identified from the bite marks, it further helps the treatment.

Such patients must not be taken to quacks or other local snake-charmers for treatment. Quacks can't treat snake-bite cases, but waste time by their meaningless ritual. The treatment by quacks often cause death of the patients.

I congratulate the author for this informative and useful article. I strongly recommend reading this article.

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