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What to do in case your ATM card gets stuck inside the ATM machine ?

Ever since the arrival of the ATM card, availing of cash has become a lot easier for us. But what should you do if your ATM card gets stuck inside the ATM machine. Check out this article to know the tips.


Thanks to the ATM card life has become a lot easier for us. No more do we have to stand in long queues to withdraw money from the banks. Nor do we have to worry about the timings for bank transactions. It's anytime money and you can draw the money from the ATM at any time you wish. An ATM card gives you a lot of freedom. You are never short of cash and need not to worry about not having enough cash to buy a product or service. Even without any cash in your pocket or purse you can do shopping at the stores. You can pay for your rail or air ticket. You can do online transactions and buy products online by using internet. All in all, innumerable services can be availed with the aid of an ATM card.

However, there are a few drawbacks about using an ATM card. There is a likelihood of its getting stolen. Then there is also the likelihood that your ATM card may get stuck inside the ATM machine itself. The machine swallows your ATM card but refuses to return it back. There are a couple of reasons why your card may get stuck inside the machine. There may be a fault with the machine or the machine might have detected some threat. Sometimes due to power fluctuation too the machine may malfunction. Even a delay in entering the transaction details too could result into the card getting stuck. Such instances are however, very rare and if at all it does happen with you and your card, one need not to panic. There are measures, which if taken can help you retrieve your card within a reasonable time and without many hassles.

What happens to your card when stuck ?

Once inside the machine, the card is retrieved by the vendor operating the ATM. The vendor then delivers the card to the bank operating the ATM. If your card belongs to the same bank operating the ATM then you can directly contact the bank and get your card back. But if your card is of a different bank, then the bank operating the ATM will inform the other bank regarding the retrieved card.

What you should do ?

The first thing you need to do is inform your bank about the incidence. Call the customer care number of the bank and inform them precisely about the location of the ATM and other details as desired by them. It's always a wise thing to store the customer care number of the bank in your mobile. You will be provided with two choices by your bank, either you can retrieve it or may get it blocked. By getting it blocked you can ensure that your card will not be misused by anyone. You can then apply for a fresh card. You may have to pay for the card replacement fee. For getting the replacement card you may have to visit your branch for the necessary formalities. Different banks have different procedures. Some banks may even waive off the charges for a replacement card. In case you want to get the card retrieved then either you may contact the operating branch for getting it collected personally or sent it to your branch. For a credit card too the procedure is similar.

Article by Dhruv
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Author: NK SHARMA21 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The article is very good. New card users should take care. I will illustrate one incident that happened with me ten years back. I went to draw money from ICICI bank ATM in Delhi. I withdrew the money but did not wait for the card to come out from machine and left. The debit card came out after few seconds and the machine started beeping. The ATM guard went in and collected the ATM card. If he would have not collected, the card would have gone to the machine tray inside for safety purpose. After about six hours, I remembered that the card has been left in the machine. I went back and asked the guard about the card. The guard handed over the card to me. Human errors can also cause such mishaps.

Author: K Mohan24 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I wont agree with the author on this matter. As per the new ATM machine design installed all over the country, we need not insert the ATM card for a while, instead hold the card for a few seconds until the machine gets to read the card details and take it out. That means we need not insert the card for more time and no question of we losing the card for some error. This new facility has helped the banks to reduce complaints on ATM card related issues and for the card holder, it is user friendly.

Author: Neethu25 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

There are still some ATMs which pulls your card inside. To mention a few are the HDFC and Federal Bank ATM machine in our locality. These are the ones that I know which still take the card inside even today and only after the transaction is complete it comes out. We are so used with the swipe in and out of the ATM cards that it sure does give us a skip of heartbeat till the card doesn't come out.

If it remains stuck, it can be taken up with the Bank officials after blocking your card.

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