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How to naturally heal wounds using home remedies: Part-1

Wounds or injuries can be very well healed using home remedies which are not only completely safe and effective, but also are cost-friendly and easily available. Check out this article to know the role of Honey, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Clove and Lime in healing a wound naturally.


Skin is the largest organ of our body and its main function is to provide protection to the whole body against foreign bodies. This is why it acts as a protective covering between the body and the environment. It prevents entry of harmful pathogens and microbes from entering our body. A minor wound is a kind of skin injury in which skin gets lacerated or punctured. It also includes cuts, scrapes, scratches, getting some minor burns, pressure sores etc. Irrespective of whether an injury is caused by a kitchen knife, while working in the garden, working on sewing machine, by a sharp piece of paper, by faulty cookware or else by our pets making us trip, none of us can really say that we do not face an injury on day today basis. Even the least adventurous out of us too faces it on daily basis in some form or the other. Instead of using all-chemical pharmaceutical treatment , go for all-natural route which helps to face the dangerous world quite smoothly. There are many herbs which can also effectively heal wounds. To know more about herbal remedies go through how to use herbal remedies to treat wounds.

Home remedies which promote natural healing process

If cuts or wounds are deep and require medical treatment then definitely one has to rush to the hospitals. In rest other cases, once these injuries are cleaned properly and bleeding has stopped, break out home herbalist kit to naturally heal and disinfect injuries. Natural home remedies help reduce the risk of an inflammation and accelerate the natural healing process. They help to fight against infectious microorganisms and decreases the intensity of pain.

Here are a few natural home remedies for cuts and wounds-

  • Honey-
    Honey has been used since ages as a miraculous cure for wounds because of its antibacterial properties and is one of nature's mighty super foods. It has been used as a remedy since ancient time to fight against infections. Even small amount of honey can very effectively kill bacterial cells and prevent their entry in the wounds which thereby reduces the risk of any infection or inflammation from occurring. It has strong healing power and thus it has been used since a long time for topical application. A thin layer of honey placed over wound can accelerate the healing process. Placing a band aid over it will further provide a protective layer against any infection. In addition to this, honey can also be used to prevent wounds in the first place. It is considered to be a time-honored healer of wound of any kind. It soothes pain and bleeding at the site of an injury. Honey when comes in contact and gets diluted with cells and tissues of the wound, a glucose oxidase enzyme reaction takes place. As a result of this reaction, hydrogen peroxide is produced and is released slowly. It keeps tissues of the wound healthy and prevents any damage from occurring to them.

    Just apply some honey over wound then place a band aid and later tape it. Always use raw honey. Cooked honey may not produce the desired result due to the lack of enzymes. Honey is manufactured from various floral sources and since it preserves all the derived essential nutrients as well as properties, it becomes rich enough to heal extraordinarily. Honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids and this is what makes it to effectively fight against bacterial and fungal infections. It also is a powerful antibiotic and thus is able to draw fluid from an underlying condition. It provides nutrients topically and increases tissue growth. It is more powerful than pharmaceutical antibiotics. It has a viscous consistency and thus when applied over wound, healing takes place in a moist environment. As a result of this, there will be no scarring and if wounds are deep then slight softer-looking scar may develop. It helps in the removal of dead cells and tissues lying around the wound. This will facilitate healing process to take place quickly and in a healthy way.

  • Turmeric-
    Curcumin is present in turmeric. This component easily modulates collagen and decreases reactive oxygen species. This in turn accelerates healing process in a wound or laceration. It immediately can stop bleeding if some amount gets sprinkled over bleeding wound. It can also be applied in a paste form. It not only immediately stops bleeding, but also helps to relieve pain. This is the reason that it should be applied directly over the wound area and one even does not have to wait for bleeding to stop before its application. It will start showing its medicinal effect from the time it gets applied. It can be taken orally twice a day by mixing 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm milk. This will internally heal wounds and also increases immunity to prevent any infection. It can kill germs and pathogens because of its antibacterial action. It is therefore one of the best remedies one can use to naturally heal wounds. It is considered as a natural antiseptic and possesses antibiotic properties. Apply it directly over wound area and then wrap a bandage over it. This will prevent staining of clothes.

  • Aloe Vera-
    Plant of Aloe Vera itself is considered to be a live first aid kit as it is full of medicinal properties. Just cut a leaf of Aloe Vera plant. Gel comes out of it. Apply that gel over affected area which got exposed during cut or bruise. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times in a day. Gel seals the area and promotes healing. It is better to use fresh gel every time as it promotes quicker healing. It is one of the oldest plants used since ages for skin care due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also regenerates skin quickly and is known as "old world cactus". It can be directly applied over cuts, bruises, wounds etc. It forms a protective layer which prevents any infection and also fastens the wound healing. Within short time itself collagen production begins and wound will start to get filled with healthy tissues. Aloe Vera has soothing properties as well as it has certain analgesic action. Since it s rich in phytochemicals, it can easily and effectively decrease the pain and signs of inflammation. It increases moisture content in the skin by hydrating it which also promotes natural healing process. Using Aloe Vera gel directly from a plant is more effective. It is even readily made available in commercial market, but it may not be in its purest form.

  • Clove-
    Clove has been used for various medicinal purposes in both ancient Indian and Chinese civilization. It also has many skin benefits. It is rich in vitamins and essential minerals. It possesses anti-fungal, anti microbial and antiseptic properties. Oil obtained from clove is of particular use in treatment of wounds, cuts and other skin injuries. This oil can be applied directly over the punctured skin. It is quite strong in nature and thus when applied directly over lacerated skin, it creates a burning sensation. This is the reason that it needs to be diluted before application. It also is immediately known to decrease the intensity of pain. It accelerates the healing process and reduces any risk of infection. If cut or wound is minor and if clove oil isn't available then one can just grind a few cloves and sprinkle them over the affected area to immediately alleviate pain and edema. It should not be used if an individual has a very sensitive skin.

  • Lime-
    Lime or lemon is very commonly found in each and every household. Make use of it in case of a mild injury or a cut in order to prevent an infection and fasten the healing process. Sometimes scratches or wounds occur abruptly and one cannot find suitable medicine or remedy for the same. In such cases, lime or lemon comes to the rescue. One may think that it may not be suitable to apply for open wounds, but that is not the case. Though it may burn slightly because the wound is open, still one must try this wonderful home remedy to get rid of bacteria from the affected area. Lime or lemon contains citric acid and it has low pH. It will destroy cell membrane of bacteria which will significantly reduce risk of any infection from taking place. Antibiotic property of lime makes it one of the best products to use when unexpected injuries take place.


Common causes of wounds and cuts are accidents and injuries. Age factor, sickness, diabetes, excessive intake of alcohol, excessive smoking, radiation and chemotherapy, increased steroid use are all the risk factors which make a person more prone to wounds or injuries. Wound causes bleeding and other symptoms which accompany it are pain, tenderness, edema, redness, pus formation, localized increase in temperature etc. Some deep wounds or the ones which are infected require medical treatment whereas minor cuts and injuries can be very well treated at home by following the above mentioned home remedies. Ingredients or products like honey, lime, lemon, clove, turmeric etc are all natural and easily available. They are not expensive and thus budget friendly. One can spare some time out of their busy schedule and instead of showing carelessness towards injuries, use these home remedies to prevent infections as well as accelerate the healing process. To know more about such home remedies go through how to naturally heal wounds using home remedies: Part-2.

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