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How to naturally heal wounds using home remedies ?: Part-2

This article explains various home remedies like potato, onion, garlic, neem, cinnamon, cayenne pepper powder etc which effectively and naturally heal skin injuries and wounds. These home remedies are easily available as well as budget friendly.


Cuts, scratches, wounds formed on the skin are not at all life-threatening for most of the times. Still they pose a threat of infection and for the time being can cause a little pain and difficulty in functioning. Most of us only know pharmaceutical treatments which we often adopt when we suffer from minor cuts or wounds. We forget that Mother Nature has blessed us with so many herbs and natural remedies which can be very well used in healing of these cuts and wounds. Know How to use herbal remedies in the treatment of wounds to adopt all-natural route for healing.

Home remedies which promote healing of wounds naturally

  • Potato -
    Potatoes are one of the commonly found vegetables in each and every household. Make use of this vegetable as it is equipped with some gravitational pull which helps in removal of infections or infection causing microorganisms present in wound or in an abscess. Take a raw potato and shred it finely with the help of grater then spread the grated part evenly on a clean cloth and place this cloth on affected area. Cover it with gauze and then cover everything with some bandage or wrap material. Use of this kind of raw potato poultice should be continued until healing has completely taken place. Until then keep changing the poultice every 3-4 hours and in between period, clean the affected area properly with warm salt water. In case of an injury caused by hard blow, internal blood clot is formed which appears blue in color. This can be treated by applying raw potato paste on it which also helps to alleviate pain. Sometimes internal wounds cause huge swellings and pain. Boil potato in some water and use this water to wash internal wounds. This remedy brings remarkable decrease in swelling as well as pain.

  • Garlic-
    Apply some crushed garlic or garlic juice over the wounds. This will hasten the healing process as it has tremendous curative powers. Allicin is present in garlic which is known to be as equally effective as 1% penicillin is. It not only promotes healing but can also stop bleeding as well as alleviate the pain. When consumed internally, it is known to increase body's immune power which will again prevent risk of an infection. It has both antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. When a fresh cut or wound takes place which is still oozing blood, wash the affected area properly and apply few crushed garlic over it. Bleeding stops immediately and this remedy also subsequently reduces the pain caused due to an injury. Once bleeding stops, always next concern should be to take care of healing. Freshly crush a few garlic cloves into a fine paste and put this paste over a clean cloth or on a sterile gauze if available. Place this cloth or gauze over wound which should be then tied with a sterile bandage. Keeping it intact for a period of 20-30 minutes is enough and this remedy can be repeated twice or thrice a day until wound shows some healing. Garlic is also known to cause damage to the skin. Thus, it should not be left on the skin for more than 30 minutes. If any undesirable topical sign or reaction is seen then immediately discontinue use of garlic.

  • Onion -
    Onions are also magical products which are very easily available and can be used in healing of wounds. Onions too contain allicin, a constituent which is as effective as 1% penicillin is and helps to hasten healing. They have same curative powers and functions similar to that of garlic. Only difference one can see is that they are less irritating to the skin and unlike garlic do not cause any undesirable reactions topically. Thus, one can make use of them to promote healing. Blend a medium size onion and mix it with small amount of honey. Apply this paste over wound or scrape. Let the paste remain there for an hour and then wash it with warm water. Within a few days, one can see wound getting healed completely.

  • Cayenne pepper powder -
    Cayenne pepper is quite very hot pepper. When it gets dried, it is powdered. This home remedy is most suitable for minor scratches and scrapes but most unsuitable for open wounds where it causes burning sensation. In closed wounds, it speeds up healing process and blocks pain reactions to the central nervous system. It is advisable to clean it from skin as soon as pain gets relieved. This remedy always proves to be very effective. It is most commonly used home remedy as it instantly halts bleeding. Simple method to use it is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper powder on an affected site and then cover it with a bandage. One can leave it overnight or throughout the day and repeat the procedure again till pain disappears. However, do not leave the site unwrapped after sprinkling the powder because if this powder comes in contact with eyes then can cause an irritation and other problems. One can also stir some cayenne pepper powder in a glass of water and drink it. It equalizes the blood pressure by reacting with the body. Once blood pressure gets equalized, blood supply to the affected area becomes slow and as a result clot is formed and large amount of oozing of bleed gets prevented from the wounded site. However, when applied topically, bleeding tends to stop even more quickly i.e., within 10-12 seconds. It has both anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and because of this, it serves to be a great disinfectant.

  • Cinnamon -
    It contains natural oil called as Eugenol. This oil has anesthetic property. It reduces the intensity of pain and disinfects as well as promotes healing of minor cuts and scrapes. Once the site of injury is thoroughly cleaned and dried, sprinkle some finely crushed cinnamon powder over it and cover it with a bandage. One can repeat this remedy until healing takes place, but do not keep it for prolonged period because cinnamon is known to cause some topical irritation. Discontinue its use as soon as an irritation or some sort of reactions develop on the skin.

  • Neem -
    Indian lilac is also known as Neem. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and thus prevents any infection from occurring. Neem is rich in essential fatty acids which help in building up of collagen in the wounds which in turn results in their healing. It also helps to maintain elasticity of the skin. Pick a handful of fresh Neem leaves. Crush and grind them to make a fine paste. Use this paste over the wounded area. One can apply it alone or else can also mix it with turmeric, hartaki etc to gain additional benefits. Oil extracted from Neem is also equally effective in healing of wounds and healing takes place at a quick rate. Neem oil is also available commercially.

  • Coffee powder -
    Coffee is a popular drink worldwide and thus coffee powder is easily available in kitchen shelves of most of the households. Sprinkle small amount of coffee powder on bleeding wound. This will immediately stop bleeding and blood clot gets formed. It does not irritate skin, in fact provides a soothing action on the wounded skin relieving it of all the pain and other sorts of discomforts caused by an injury.

  • Vinegar -
    Apple cider vinegar can be used to clean the wound. Both white vinegar as well as apple cider vinegar are effective for skin care. To some amount of water, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Take some cotton or clean cloth. Dip in this solution and then use it to apply over scab and on wounded area. This will promote thorough cleaning of the wounded area. If any bacteria are present, they will get removed. This will not only prevent infections but also will hasten healing. It will also encourage scab to naturally fall off.

  • Granulated sugar -
    Sprinkle some amount of granulated sugar on the skin wound. This will kill bacteria if present and will also accelerate the healing process. Apply some petroleum jelly on the outside which will help sugar to hold in position. Repeat this procedure once or twice daily. It is the most easy and simple home remedy one can perform as sugar is easily available and thus any one can do it without going through much difficulty

Other home remedies

Apart from the above mentioned home remedies, there are a few more which will naturally cure all sorts of skin wounds and cuts very effectively and naturally.
  • Boiled carrot pulp,
  • Sandalwood paste,
  • Juice from a raw banana or raw papaya,
  • Tamarind pulp,
  • Paste of mint leaves,
  • Paste of basil leaves etc


Skin wounds are very common. Every time an injury takes place or we get wounded, we need not run to a medical store for buying bandages and antiseptic solutions. If cut is a major one and needs suturing then definitely one needs medical help. If cut in minor then instead of using chemical based pharmaceutical products, make use of simple home remedies which are easily available in home and are also economical. Just make use of the above mentioned ingredients in the home and heal wounds naturally and quickly. To know more about such wonderful home remedies go through How to naturally heal wounds using home remedies: Part-1.

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Author: Natarajan29 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Excellent in-depth article about some more home remedies from mother's kitchen. Thoroughly enjoyed reading both parts. Nice to know that there many ways in which minor cuts and abrasions can be taken care of at home without rushing to the doctors.

Each time opening a tube of antiseptic or antibiotic cream for such cuts and abrasions is often a waste of money because it's hardly used regularly. Many of us would have tubes of these creams in our medicine cupboard only to find that it's past its expiry date when you really need it. If the wound gets worse or does not get better as expected, then always one can seek the services of a doctor.

Couple of comments

1. Garlic increases bleeding tendencies, it is well documented that the bleeding can be prolonged when daily dose is 3 gms/day and when patients are on anticoagulants or blood thinners. In fact, if someone regularly takes large amounts of garlic, then I would suggest that you inform this to your cardiologist or a vascular specialist who often prescribe blood-thinning medications for various diseases.

2.Vinegar: ingrowing toenails are a common problem in many people leading onto recurrent skin and tissue infections especially the great toe. Add about 15 ml of applied cider vinegar in a basin of warm water and soak your foot for 15 minutes, then, because of the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the vinegar, infections and symptoms get better.

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