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Accidents will happen: Learn to deal with them

This article explains that accidents are unavoidable. No matter how many precautions we adopt and how much alertness we show, but still accidents happen. We need to learn to deal with them and try to reduce their intensity to avoid serious damages.


It is an expression which we often use to explain that when something has to go wrong then it surely will and no matter how many efforts we put in to avoid it, at some point or the other in our life, things will get out of our hand and accidents will happen. Despite putting our best efforts, things will sometime go out of order and something wrong will take place. No matter how careful we tend to be in a given situation, still we may do something wrong either by a mistake or just end up doing it accidentally. This phrase is usually used to console others or even to oneself when such things happen. We say this to make someone less guilty of their act which has caused some damage. In this way, an incident does seem less bad.

Serious and non-serious accidents

We as humans have enormous power. In spite of all such powers, we still commit mistakes and that is natural. In complete awareness too, sometimes things go wrong and that is when an accident happens. It is almost impossible to prevent everything from going wrong. Being cautions do prevent many accidents, but it is hard to say that an accident will never happen to them who are completely cautious. Sometimes an undesirable and unfortunate event takes place unintentionally. It can cause lots of harm, hurt, damage etc. Accidents or mishaps are very common. They keep happening every now and then. It is just that we do not recognize them or identify them easily as the damage caused may be too small. They happen on an everyday basis and are very frequent. Some of them get very well noticed as they cause lots of damage. They are of serious type and mainly unavoidable. Others are quite less serious in intensity and unnoticeable. The ones which are of serious type are the dangerous ones. On any cost one needs to escape from them. Such alarming accidents are life-threatening. If rashness is avoided, definitely fatal accidents too get avoided. Care and alertness is essential to avoid accidents as they not only become fatal for oneself but also for others.

Accidents are unavoidable

Someone just tripping and falling while walking or riding a bicycle, clashing into a pole, injuring oneself with minor kitchen mishaps, breaking something of high cost value, damaging something expensive are all counted as accidents. Sometimes things happen. No matter how careful we are, we lose our balance and just fall. No matter how careful we are in kitchen, but still we injure ourselves with kitchen knives, sharp utensils, sharp and rough edges, cause burns on our hand while cooking etc. We sometimes accidentally damage our favorite article which is quite worthy. Imagine that we have a favorite article which is quite expensive and we have kept it with us from past many years. We adopt lots of carefulness every time when we handle it. Every time we pick it, we take extra care in its handling. Some day we may break it accidentally and that is not because we were less careful or not attentive but simply just because every time we cannot avoid mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are completely unavoidable and all we can say to ourselves is accidents does happen.


Until and unless any serious damage is done or life threatening event is caused, accidents are not really matter of concern. We encounter them on daily basis. It is just that they are that small that we usually do not recognize them. We only come to know of them when something big and something really damaging takes place. Until then they usually go away unnoticed. Although world would be a much better place if it was accident free. Then it might take away all the pains and miseries which one suffers when one encounters with losses. Although since we are just humans and not machines, living a life without committing any mistake would be almost impossible. Though we can decrease the severity of an accident by trying to be as cautious as we can but still avoiding them completely is expecting too much out of us. Even lifeless machines are bound to cause some error and mistakes. This does not mean that we can give our self an excuse to commit as many mistakes as we want. It is simply a fact which we all have to agree upon and accept that mistakes are part of life and they lead to accidents and thus it is okay if accidents happen.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao02 Oct 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good and well-explained article. The accidents will not happen. They are made. If you just look into the various accidents in any field a mistake or careless of a human being is involved. So more the care you take lesser the chances of an accident. For example, many automobile accidents are mainly due to the ill-doings of the driver only.
Many many small accidents may not be the concern for us but sometimes because of small mistakes, heavy losses of human lives will happen. So please have safety consciousness and avoid accidents.

Author: Natarajan02 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Nice article, accidents are part of human life and can happen anywhere, anytime and anyplace. The way accidents come out of the blue, I feel often it's we being at the wrong place at the wrong time. A combination of caution, following rules, awareness, and being responsible to ourselves and people around us can reduce the chances of accidents.

It is imperative that we learn from accidents especially ones that have a potential for loss of human life or has caused a fatality. The lessons we learn from such major events need to share with other so that further lives are not at risk.

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