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How to treat acne at home?

This article explains various treatment procedures like cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, applying face packs etc which if done regularly at home can help an individual to get rid of acne and enjoy clear, flawless and pimple-free skin.


Acne is caused when sebaceous glands of skin become infected with bacteria. Infection leads to signs of inflammation. Localized swelling can be seen and acne gets filled with pus. This skin condition is very commonly seen especially in teenagers as they go through hormonal changes. This skin problem can be very well treated at home itself. Certain home remedies have proven to be more effective in the treatment than those expensive treatments which are carried out at dermatologists spas. Treatment vary as per the skin type. If the skin is very sensitive then one needs to take more care as some of the treatments done at home can worsen the situation. Follow a healthy lifestyle and take proper skin care at home which can be either by using home remedies or else store brought acne products. This if done on regular basis can help to get rid of acne.

Cleansing of face reduces acne

Cleansing is a very important routine which helps to get back clear pimple-free skin. In absence of proper cleansing of face, bacterial growth which takes place worsen acne. To wash away excess of oil, bacteria, other germs and dirt, wash face twice a day. This routine will help to restore acid balance of skin. Face should not be washed too harshly or for too many times. Too much washing of face will not only wash out all the nutrients and essential oils from the face but also stimulates sebum gland to produce more oil which can result in worsening of acne. Face should be washed twice a day, once after waking up in the morning and once before going to bed. Use mild acne soap or a facial cleanser with a pH of 5.5. Before going to bed, remove all the makeup with oil free makeup remover before washing face with regular cleanser or face wash. Even traces of makeup left on skin can aggravate acne. Even other areas of body where acne is prevalent should be washed and scrubbed by acne soaps or cleansers twice daily.

Exfoliating face regularly reduces acne

Exfoliating products enable scrubbing of skin. This scrubbing helps to get rid of dead skin cells which build up in excess amount along with sebum and cause acne. Many exfoliating products are available in market. Use a gentle one to prevent excessive rubbing of skin. Instead of using chemical products, use home remedies. Numerous products available in home can be very well used as exfoliating agent and does more good to skin. Honey is a very good exfoliating agent. It can be gently rubbed into skin alone or for added benefits can be used along with oat meal. Rub this mixture for 2-3 minutes on skin using circular movements of fingers and then wash the face with warm water.


Acne develops when skin pores get blocked and steaming is an effective method to open these pores. This will enable skin to breathe properly. A remarkable improvement is seen in acne condition if an individual uses steam to open pores twice a week. Sebum, dirt, bacteria etc which are trapped in skin pores cause acne. Steaming as opens up the pores, helps to get rid of all these agents resulting an infection or an inflammation. A large container should be filled with warm water. Lean over the container slightly so that steam touches the face. With the help of towel, cover the container and head so that steam does not escape out. Sweating takes place when steam comes in contact with face. Continue this process for 2-3 minutes and then rinse face with mildly warm water. Dry it completely with clean towel.

Toning face

Toners are very essential to reduce back the size of skin pores to normal which were opened up after cleansing, exfoliating or steaming. If pores are kept open for long time then oil and dirt may accumulate in them and this will further worsen acne. One has to make it a habit to apply toner on the face every time they wash their face or exfoliate or steam it. Toners are easily available in market and can be chosen depending on the skin type. Also, rose water or apple cider vinegar acts as great toner. Dab some toner on cotton ball and gently apply it throughout the face and neck region. It also will act as a protective layer to the skin and one need not rinse it after application.

Moisturize regularly

Individuals suffering from acne usually have oily skin and thus they do not feel like applying moisturizer and this is because they feel that it will further make their skin oily. Main function of moisturizer is to hydrate skin and restore its oil content. Oily skin too needs moisturizers. Water based moisturizers are available which hydrate skin well without leaving that greasy effect on skin. Too many products applied on skin will make skin dry and this will increase sebum production. To avoid this, daily moisturizing skin is very essential. After properly cleansing the face and applying toner on it, apply some moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and fresh.

Apply lemon juice to clear away acne

Lemon juice can be as effective as any other expensive dermatological treatments. It is a natural disinfectant and thus helps to kill bacteria responsible for causing acne. It is a natural bleaching agent which lightens skin and blemishes caused by acne and results in even skin tone. It also stimulates blood circulation. Improved blood circulation ensures efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to face. Thus, it provides immunity against acne and the acne which has already developed will start healing naturally and automatically. Before lemon juice is applied on the skin, make sure that the skin is cleansed properly. This will facilitate better absorption of lemon juice. Once face is cleansed, dry it thoroughly. Squeeze required amount of lemon juice. It should be freshly squeezed. It should be applied with the cotton ball on the acne or else can be applied throughout the face. Do not go out in the sun because lemon juice when comes in contact with sun light causes darkening of skin. For better results it can be even left on the skin overnight and rinsed off in the morning.

Apply essential oils

Essential oils like neem oil and tea tree oil can be applied on acne. They are antimicrobial in nature and hence application ensures killing of acne causing bacteria. After a few days application itself, one can see a remarkable improvement in the skin. These oils can be applied directly over acne with the help of cotton or else can be applied all over the face. Never use undiluted tea tree oil. It is too strong and can burn the skin and aggravate acne. These oils are natural astringents. They provide immunity to fight against acne. These oils should not be applied on sensitive skin. It is always better to do a patch test before applying them all over the face or on acne. One can even wash their face with essential oils like emu oil, grape seed oil etc. This will facilitate better cleansing and at the same time imparts all the essential nutrients and properties to skin to fight against immunity.

Apply face masks

Compound ingredients present in face mask help in killing of acne causing bacteria. They provide soothing effect in inflammation. These face masks are easily available in market. Wisely choose the ones which are meant for acne skin. For better results, use them twice or thrice a week after gentle exfoliation and steaming is done. The compounds present in face masks clean out skin pores and thus mask should be made to dry out on skin for 15-20 minutes. We can even make our own face mask using ingredients which are easily available in our home. Cucumber and oat meal or else tomato and oatmeal can be blended together until a paste is obtained. This when applied on face and left for 15-20 minutes give the same benefits as commercially available face mask.

Lukewarm water

Never wash face with too cold water or too warm water. Facial skin is very sensitive and if acne is present then more care has to be taken as we do not want it to get aggravated. While washing face, make sure that water is lukewarm. This temperature of water helps to open up the pores, facilitating easy cleansing of dirt and bacteria. Cold water will close pores whereas hot water will burn up skin and acne will display increased signs of inflammation.


Acne treatment does not always mean expensive treatments undertaken in dermatologists office. There are certain home based treatments which if followed regularly also ensure pimple-free skin. If strict facial hygiene is maintained on regular basis then one can easily get rid of acne and get back flawless pimple-free skin. Some of the methods like daily cleansing of face, proper exfoliation, steaming, use of lukewarm water, moisturizing regularly etc ensure that oil, dirt and bacteria accumulated in skin pores get released. This will automatically promote healing of acne naturally. These treatments followed in home are inexpensive and can be done using products easily available in one's kitchen. Natural products which are used in the treatment will hardly exert any side-effects and skin will enjoy good health. Learn more about How a healthy lifestyle helps to get rid of acne to make the necessary changes in daily routine to enjoy flawless pimple-free skin.

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