Always look before making a leap

This article explains that success only comes when we carefully look into the course of action and take everything into consideration before initiating the action. This kind of leaps taken ensure 100% success rate whereas blind leaps only bring troubles and failures.


We always want to finish our work as soon as possible. Finishing early is not a bad thing but accomplishing the task in haste and then rushing everywhere and everything will definitely make lots of waste. Sometimes we just do many tasks at the same time. Multi tasking is not wrong until we are paying attention to each one of our tasks, but making haste is definitely wrong. We all have heard that haste makes waste and this is because when we hurry then we do more wrong than right i.e., we easily spoil the whole thing. Rushing does not mean that work will get finished early. One can finish early if a proper time table is prepared and if one sticks to it. In this way we can finish our work before hand. Simply rushing or making haste will not land us anywhere.


The statement "look before you leap" teaches us that we have to carry out a thing only after we are pretty sure about it i.e., only after complete careful consideration. Always consider the consequences beforehand and do not make a haste. Jumping into something without thinking twice may make us suffer. We ourselves are responsible for our actions and each action will have its own consequence. Before attempting any action, think thoroughly, take time and just consider what all consequences we need to bear. This will save us from big loses and we will easily escape from facing big troubles. Finishing the task is not just important. Before attempting it, we need to understand and take into consideration how difficult it is. We have to think about all the best possible ways and options we are left with to accomplish it. Then we need to think about our capabilities to carry out that task. After all these thoughts, we need to think about our success rate.

Consequences of blind leaps

Just leaping blindly will make us suffer greatly. If we do not examine the whole area thoroughly before jumping or leaping then we will end hurting ourselves. We have to take into consideration about consequence of our leap. Whether we will be able to land safely or are we going to fall is an important aspect to think. Success rate has to be determined. Without knowing whether we have a chance or not, it is mere foolishness to accomplish anything. It is like inviting for trouble. Also we need to understand about our abilities. What if we are not capable to take that kind of leap? If we are not capable and still we take a chance then there are higher chances that we will meet failure.

Consequences of confident leaps

Beforehand consideration will give us an approximate idea and clue about consequences of our actions. If we are incapable then it does not mean that we should never try. Once we have accepted that we are not capable right now, we can start our preparations so that we make ourselves capable in coming future. This will ensure high success rate. Instead of leaping blindly, leap intelligently. Once we stop and think for a while before taking the next step, we can see all the possible options left in front of us. We can choose the best out of all the options available in front of us. Best option chosen and best of our capabilities will mend together and the result will be 100% success rate. This is the magic created when we stop for a while, when we look every time before we make a leap.

Look and plan properly

Leaping blindly will lead to wastage of time, money and labor. Even sometimes we need to face certain consequences which will be so bad that can haunt us for years together. Proper planning is essential. If we have eight hours to chop a tree, then we need to spend six hours to plan everything and utilize remaining two hours to bring plan into action. Before initiation, advantages and disadvantages have to be brought into account. We need to put a full stop to our impulses. Rash and impulsive nature of ours can make us take terrible decisions. Our actions create equal and opposite reactions. We are the ones who carry out actions and we will be the one who will be made to face all those reactions. It is therefore essential to take decisions wisely and not just do what our impulsive nature tells us to do.

Get rid of impulses

Some of us are very impulsive in nature. We do not understand what thinking twice really means. We just initiate the work simply because our impulses make us to do so. We just walk in the direction where our impulses drive us. We do not think carefully and take everything into consideration. It is not at all necessary that every work we begin will be successful. For example, before choosing a career, student along with his parents or guardian should think wisely. No body should make the kid to choose a career forcefully nor should the kid force this upon himself by coming under sheer pressure. Most of the times a career is chosen just like that without even thinking about student's ability and interest. Career is there by ruined as he/she will not be able to pull through that course. Even if kid successfully completes it, he may not shine cause his heart is not in it. Going against natural inclination of mind and heart is not right.

Look into the course of action

Before deciding anything, we should carefully consider course of action. It is not always possible to come back and then decide another course. This is because once time has passed, it will never come back. Only options which will be left in front of us will be either to continue on the same course despite difficulties, disinterest and hardships or else quit the course. Once course gets decided, we should put in 100% till we finish it successfully. It is always a wise decision to look ahead of us. This will solve most of the problems. We can decide beforehand whether we want to continue our journey or not.


Rash leaps made without proper preparations will only make us look foolish. We will never be able to make a misguided leap successful. This kind of behavior is very common among us and we ourselves invite troubles because we do not stop and think twice. Our bad decisions make us suffer heavy loses in business, career, studies and almost all walks of life. Even our relationships suffer because of it. Instead of leaping blindly and landing in an unknown and new territory, it is always wise to look around us. Plan everything ahead and decide course of action. This way we will be able to achieve success and keep troubles away.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao07 Oct 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Look before you leap is a very well known proverb and it is quite useful also. It advises us not to take unnecessary risks and don't be into difficulties. But in this present days, nobody is having that much time to watch the things properly before doing. But what we can do is we can be proactive. Think about the next step when you are taking this step and by the time you complete this step you will get a clarity on what is going to happen the next. That will be better instead of doing things randomly. You should know the depth of the pond before you can go and try to swim. You may not be able to measure it always. But people will be there around how by that time might have taken a dip in that pond ask them and then get into it, Do you think it is better to approach. The author has made a very good attempt to bring in this fact in his article. A very well written article and very useful/

Author: Natarajan07 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Nice article that touches almost all aspects of our lives. This applies to major decisions and events that concerns us and the people around us.
Accepting a job, investing into properties, finalizing a deal,getting married etc. Here what look rosy and green at first glance, may have hidden glitches that we need to consider carefully and look at it from different angles,seeking advise from experts or experienced people does help us.

Impulsively saying yes to a big project without knowing the compexity of it, impulsively investing in stock market without knowing the details, impulsively proposing to a girlfriend or boyfriend all can and have ended up in disaters.

Very few people have the gift of intuition and foresight which makes them look like they are impulsive but they end up safe.

There's no harm in leaping after looking and there's again no harm in looking before leaping. It's the logical sequence which we have to follow.

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