Learn organizing- An effective time management skill

This article explains how important it is to live an organized life and work in an organized manner. This kind of lifestyle helps us to manage time effectively. Organized planning helps us to reach our goals. It teaches us the importance of working in a smarter way.


We need to learn time management skills in to carry out a number of tasks in a short period of time. Time management is not just about finishing of chores; it is regarding attending each one of them efficiently and effectively. It helps us to solve time management related issues and recognize all those problems which lead us to delay our work or make our business remain unfinished or unattended. To manage time, we need to become well organized, set goals and analyze everything well. If we follow time management then it is very much possible that we can add an extra hour or two to our day which right now might seem pretty impossible. Managing time does not mean that we need to squeeze as many tasks as possible into our day. It means to simply carry out things in an orderly manner. To reduce time-related stress and distribute our time to each and every area of our lives, we need to learn time management skills. It is about doing things at a faster pace and in a much more planned and organized way. There is no point in working hard. The need of the hour is to work in a smarter way. There are enough hours in a day and all we need to do is to rearrange a little of everything that we do and find that extra time.

Get organized to manage time

Organizing everything well is a very important step we need to learn if we desire to master time management skill. Before learning how to organize, first, we need to know what to organize. Setting goals are the first task we need to do. Once we determine goals for ourselves, we need to target to reach them quickly, efficiently and in an organized way. Everyday tasks which we do are nothing but everyday goals which we need to acquire. Our target should be to complete them efficiently. Without knowing what to complete and within what time frame they need to be completed, we often leave most of them unfinished. We all have ultimate long-term goals. To reach them, we need to set short-term goals. We cannot take a big leap and thus we need to break that journey into months, weeks and days. We know what we want to achieve in a year. We need to plan to reach that goal by working hard on a daily basis so that within a year we reach it. This is possible only if the plan is well organized. This is why organization plays a very important role in time management.

Work in an organized environment

The environment or the surroundings of our place of work should be favorable. It should help in our productivity i.e., hack our productivity and not retard our progress. We all are different and thus prefer some difference when it comes to the style of working. Whatever works for enhanced productivity should be promoted. If some like quietness then silence should be taken care of. Some cannot work in silence. They get bored quickly and easily and thus they should choose a place where too much stillness is not present. Thus, there is no strict rule when it comes to work environment except one and that is that work environment should be right and well-organized one. If it can motivate us to work more productively and efficiently then it is the best.

We must keep our place of work well organized, tidy and free from unnecessary distractions. Make a list of all those elements which distract us easily and try to completely eliminate them from the workplace. Make a list of all those elements which instill lots of self-confidence and motivation in us. This will help us to work efficiently and effectively throughout the day. If the home is the working place then shift the desk in a corner so that it does not faces television which can be a real distraction. Do not keep mobiles on the desk which can lead to frequent net browsing and wastage of time. Clutter can also become a real distraction. This is the reason to keep workplace as much neat and tidy as possible. This will create a positive effect on us and even to the whole aura. Untidiness creates a sense of depression on mental health. Take out all the non-essential commodities from the workplace. Computers, files, e-mails all should be organized so that during working hours unnecessary storage do not delay work and we quickly find what we are searching for. Instead of going through the whole data, it is important to store only that information which is essential and erase the rest from the memory. Do not keep e-mail inboxes cluttered and thus well organize them.

Live an organized life

Time management does not only means finishing all those tasks which can help us learn and earn something. Time management skills should also be adapted to our daily life activities. Our eating, sleeping, exercising schedules too should be organized properly. Until and unless we live in an organized life, it is almost impossible for us to work in an organized manner. Using time management skills to keep half an hour of our daily exercise will help us to remain healthy in a long-term. Tiredness leads to more distraction which will affect productivity. Sleep at least eight hours a day and keep mind as much clutter free as possible for safe and sound sleep. Good amount of sleep and proper rest if the body gets, more efficiently it will be able to work the next day. We should not sacrifice sleep to get more working hours. It can be okay for one or two days but making it a routine will neither help us to work more efficiently nor keep our health at its best. Even in between tasks, we need a few minutes of relaxation. Even a few quiet minutes every few hours can create a positive impact on our creativity. More the mind is clutter free, more organized it becomes and meditation is a very effective way to increase attention span and focus on our mind. When a mind is well focused then it can very well organize and complete tasks effectively.

Maintain a daily activity schedule i.e., eating schedule, sleep hours, exercise regime, time for outdoor activities etc. Within a few days, activities in this schedule will soon turn into habits. We no longer will need to look into our dairy to live an organized life as we will start enjoying living in an organized way automatically on our own. We will discard our old, unproductive habits or lifestyle and replace it with a healthy, new one. Obsessing too much about work and finishing everything beforehand should be avoided. Enjoy working in an organized way, but do not obsess it. A good balance should be created between work and life. Each day should be a balanced day i.e., each day we should work as well as live our life to the fullest. Finishing all the workload today and not devoting any time for ourselves or for family and then spending the whole next day free and unproductive is not the right way to create balance. Work at a comfortable pace and should not just rush for everything. Steady working is the best policy. Too much speed can then hamper the journey at a later stage when body and mind both start getting tired. An organized way of living life and organized way of working come handy because simply rushing through work can hamper the quality of our work and creates lots of work-related stress in our personal lives.

Schedule work based on time

Different people are productive at different times of the day. Some feel good when they start their work early morning, others start quite late. Some people feel tired working late night, whereas others quite enjoy doing it. It is up to them to decide when is the best time to carry out their tasks so that they can make the best use of their productivity. Plan work and schedule everything as per productivity hours. Sit calmly and determine which hours of the day are filled with high energy peaks. It may take a week to determine our peaks hours in which we enjoy the most energy. We need to try tracking our activeness throughout the day for at least a week to get an idea.


Living an organized life will create a good balance between work and life. Thus, living in an organized way and working in an organized manner is a very important aspect when it comes to time management. Those of us who want to learn time management skills and excel in all walks of life should learn to remain organized. A workplace where we work should be well organized. It should be as tidier and clean as possible and free from clutters and distractions. Our daily lifestyle should be well organized which will ultimately help us to enjoy both physical as well as mental health at an optimal level. At different hours of our day, our energy level fluctuates. We need to finish off most of our work in those hours where our energy levels are at peak. In this way, learning skill of organizing can help us the master time management technique. To know more about time management, go through Time management- Prioritize tasks to manage time effectively which mainly focuses on prioritizing tasks.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao20 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A well written write up by the author. This is an era of competition. In every walk of our life, we are bound to face competition. These days are survival of the fittest. So we should have the skills to be in the front and manage our time in a rewarding way. Then only we will be efficient and move forward. If you just watch a lady making food for the family members, we can understand how important is time management and multi-tasking. We may be having many tasks on our hand. We should be able to divide those works into most urgent, urgent and normal. We should attack most urgent works and at the same time, we should plan our approach to the other activities also. The lady in the kitchen will put water and rice in the electric cooker and she will put on the gas stove and have the other cooker on that for dal. Then she will start cutting the vegetables for the curry. By the time the dal and rice are ready she will plan to finish curry also. This is what planning and prioritizing is about. We should also plan our day like that so that by the time we finish our day whatever we have planned should be completed in the way it is expected to finish.

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