Moral story : The Queen who gave birth to Crabs

This story is about the queen who gave birth to seven crabs and gets banished from the kingdom. But later on, a very severe drought hits the country and this situation can be calmed only by the queen. Read on to know what happened to the queen. This is a fictional story.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far across the north there lived a very kind-hearted King who loved his subjects very much. He had everything under the sun except an heir who could carry forward his legacy. He married 6 queens but still, he had no children. Finally, he agrees to marry the seventh queen, she was very beautiful and kind-hearted. The King loved her the most than the other six queens because of which they were very jealous of her.

One fine day the Seventh Queen gives the good news to the King that she was pregnant. The King was very happy and big celebrations were called for. Finally, the day arrived when the babies were going to enter the world. The six jealous queens were attending the seventh queen while she was giving birth. The queen gave birth to six sons and one daughter. The queen got exhausted and went into deep sleep, while she was sleeping the other queen replaced the kids with seven crabs and buried the kids in the forest. The queen was horrified to see crabs instead of her kids. The King was so disappointed to see the crabs instead of human children, so as the per the request from the ministers fearing that she was a witchcraft. The King ordered to kill her. The soldiers took her to the forest and set her free, they couldn't kill their kind queen. They returned and said that the queen was dead. The King was so heartbroken as he had loved his queen so much. The queens were very happy to get rid of her.

The Kingdom state got worsened day by day as the King took no interest in the affairs of the kingdom. Seven years passed by since the incident, in the seventh year severe drought hit the kingdom. Not a plant survived the draught. There were no flowers in the Kingdom. Weeks passed by, any flowers which bloomed didn't last for more than few minutes. The King set out his soldiers on a mission to get flowers. As soldiers searched every corner of the kingdom they didn't find a single flower, so they decided to search in the forest. The forest was all dried up, they entered the forest in search of the flower. Even there they didn't find any, as they were about to return they saw one tree very far away which stood strong and green. They went near the tree and saw seven flowers bloomed in it. The soldiers knew no bound when they saw the flowers.

They tried to reach the flowers, but they couldn't even reach near it, it went higher and higher. Suddenly the tree started speaking and said that you won't get the flowers, call the first queen. The soldiers returned to Kingdom and told the King about it, so the King asked the first queen to go along, initially, she refused but under the stern and strict order of the King, she had to go with them. She went and tried to reach for the flowers, but the branch went higher again. The tree asked for the second queen but even she failed, finally, all the six queens came but none of them could reach the flower. Finally, the King himself ordered for the highest ladder to be made, he climbed it to get the flowers but even he couldn't reach.

Finally, the tree asked for the seventh queen but the King replied that she is dead. That's when the soldiers confessed that she was still alive, so the King ordered a search for her. After so much of searching, they found the queen frail and fragile near the river. They brought her to the King, when queen went to the tree and looked at the flowers, her heart was drawn to the flowers. She just held out her palm, all the flowers fell into her hands.

The seven flowers changed into her children that was buried seven years ago. The tree spoke to the King that the six queens had buried the kids under this tree and it had taken care of them all these years. The King was furious with their behavior and was about to kill them when the seventh queen told the King to forgive them as the fault was not just with them, the king had also refused to trust the seventh queen at that time. So he was equally guilty since the seventh queen forgiven all of them, she asked the King to forgive them as well.

Thus, the King and the seven queens lived happily ever after with the prince and princess.

Moral of the Story : Forgive your wrong doers no matter how much they have hurted you.


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