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Top 6 qualities of a good Lawyer

Are you planning to be a good lawyer? Do you know what are the top 6 qualities of a good lawyer? We all should know the qualities of a good lawyer, so we can analyze before approaching a lawyer with our case. By reading this article you will get to know about the main qualities a good lawyer should possess.


We get to see many lawyers around us today. A successful lawyer should not only have book knowledge but should also possess certain qualities within themselves. The increasing number of divorce cases, robbery, rape cases etc has increased the demand for lawyers. People have become more selfish and money minded, that is what I feel. This has resulted in more number of crimes. For the common man, to get the justice he has to approach the court. But to prove his side and to bring the convict in front of the court, he definitely needs the help of a lawyer, in fact, a talented lawyer.

Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Like us, lawyers are also humans but, in order to shine in their profession and to fight for justice for his clients, a lawyer should possess certain qualities. Just because you have passed LLB or any higher qualification will not make you a good lawyer. What people want and expect from a lawyer is justice, so a lawyer should be able to fight for justice no matter whatever the situation be. He should not be biased or be greedy for money. He should understand the impacts his decisions might have on the society. Being a lawyer is a very respectful position, hence one needs to live up to it. Here in this article, you will find the basic qualities a lawyer should possess in addition to his academic qualification to be a good and a successful lawyer.

  • Communication Skills : Tongue is the main weapon of a lawyer. Therefore to be a successful lawyer, one needs to speak clearly, fluently and precisely. They should be able to give 'Tit for Tat' replies to shine in their profession. He should be able to present himself well in front of the court, argue well for his clients. Because of him, his clients should never be denied justice if they are on the right side. He should be able to face the ten million questions the opposing lawyer will be putting in front of him. He should not be afraid when an array of questions are lined up but should be confident enough to give proper and accurate replies to them. A good lawyer should, in fact, be capable of converting the questions or allegations raised against him or his client as weapons against the culprit

  • Listening Skills: A successful lawyer is the one who is a good listener. He should be able to listen carefully what his client has to say. A lot of patience is required for that. Interpreting the conversation of the client might make him forget any valuable points that might be useful in presenting the case. Also to analyze and study the case properly, he needs to be a good listener. A lawyer has many things to learn from the society and the people around him, so be vigilant and be observant. This might help you in your profession. Also, the lawyer should be able to notice other's behaviors and understand the honesty of the witnesses

  • Judgement Skills: A good lawyer should be able to make proper judgments at the right time. They should analyze things and should be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. They need to arrive at logical conclusions after proper analysis as they are left with limited information. Only if he is able to make proper judgments, he can understand the areas where his arguments will be weak. Then he can further work on it to achieve success. Also, proper judgment helps him to give an idea of how the opposing lawyer will be arguing and based on it he can be prepared to counter answer it

  • Research Skills : An efficient lawyer should possess good analytical and research skills. He should be able to take a wise decision when he arrives at two or more conclusions. He should think properly and act as his decisions have an impact on the life of his client, which if gone wrong will haunt him forever. A lawyer should analyze and do a research on the information provided to him by his clients. Sometimes the client might be lying just to win the case. the lawyer definitely has to understand whether the client is innocent or the culprit, this will help him to appear in the court and win the case. There is a saying, never lie to your doctor and advocate. Only if the client tells the truth, the lawyer will be in a position to help him/her

  • Creativity Skills: If we look around, the most successful lawyers are the ones who is creative. To be a successful lawyer one needs to have a creative ability to solve the problems put in front of him. He should be able to think outside the box and find a solution to the problem especially when he knows his client is innocent and deserves justice. He has to think about new ideas, he should have spontaneous thoughts coming in, especially when he is attending cases that involve critical thinking and reasoning. By putting your creativity to work, you can definitely do wonders in your job and can keep your clients happy

  • Ethical Skills: Last but not the least, a good lawyer should follow some ethics in his life as ethics is an inherent part of the legal profession. A good lawyer should not be the one who is ready to cheat his clients by taking money from the opposing party. He shouldn't be the one who bribes his clients for justice. He shouldn't be the one who works and talks for the culprit opposing the victim. Money is required to live but the lawyer is been paid a decent amount as his fee so he should be able to meet his needs and be satisfied with the fee he gets. A greedy lawyer is a curse for the society. The lawyer should understand the impact his decisions can make up on the society and the country. He has to be honest in front of the court as well as in front of his client. When lawyers do not adhere to the ethics, innocent people will be denied justice and they will find alternative means to resolve the conflict


If a lawyer decides, he can save the life of an innocent accused or an innocent person who is fighting for justice. At the same time, a lawyer is also able to save a culprit with his talents and skills. But when he is doing that he should understand and think about the crimes the culprit is going to commit again. Is it good for the society? Is it good for the nation? Then why does a lawyer has to support it? Just for money? Be a good lawyer not only to your clients but to your society and to the nation. Start loving people around you and understand the difficulties of the common man to be a good lawyer.


Author: Thamaraiselvi29 Oct 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

A good lawyer should obey the law first. He should have the ability to speak truth. He must know the real problem of the client and ask clever questions to the opposing party to bring out the truth.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The Lawyers are the mouthpieces of the culprits and the victims. The Lawyer with his skills can make a culprit look as an innocent and he can show an innocent as a culprit. The lawyers will try to ensure that his client will come out successfully. In that pursuit, they may be giving away the ethical principles which they have to follow. That is the reason in India the judicial system sometimes appearing to be of no use. The court has only ears but no eyes. If the lawyer is really for justice, then he will not take up any case on behalf a culprit who really deserved a punishment.

The author has shown a very nice skill in presenting all the required qualities that are to be had by a good lawyer.

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