How to get a discount? Learn some nifty tips

Learn to bargain. Whether you are buying an apartment or a vehicle or getting a gadget, you can save a lot of money if you bargain the right way. Try these bargaining tips, they work. Apply them to earn a decent discount.

Why pay a price that the salesperson quotes when you can bring it down, through smart bargaining techniques. Bargaining is a skill that you can master. And here is the thing; it is not just that guy selling fruits that you can try your bargaining skills on. The art of bargaining can be practiced in plush showrooms selling swanky cars and high-end appliances and gadgets.

Would it not be great to be able to get a huge discount on something that you have your eyes set on? There are some simple tricks to bargaining, and then there are some smart ways that you can go about it, especially in today's more modern and digitized world. Let me show you how.

Choose when to walk in

I am not proposing that you look for an auspicious time, but yes it's advisable that your walk into a store at a favorable time.

When would that be?: The end of the day is a good time to walk into a store if you want some serious discount. By the end of the day, the employees are all set to go home, tired after a day's work, and they will be easily coerced into agreeing to your offer, rather than sticking to their price point.

Catch a tired employee and he will give you the discount you want. He will be only too pleased to get a sale at the closing of the day. Remember, he'll be exhausted from being on his toes the whole day and would be waiting to go home. The longer he stalls you, the more tired and delayed he gets. So, he relents and you gain.

Don't say a word

You are walking around a showroom looking for a gadget and you find something that fits the specifications and features that you want. You ask the price and the salesperson quotes a price, which you know you'll not pay.

Don't react. Just stay tight-lipped. The salesperson may either repeat the price, but will be more likely to sweeten the deal. Prop your ears to hear the words, but "we'll give you a better price". Staying quiet can win you that discount. Once the salesperson plays into your hand, you begin bargaining.

Appear shocked

Another tactic that works is to show surprise at the price. Your being shocked makes the sales executive justify the price. It's time to be more shocked. Do not agree with his reasons and openly show your displeasure at the high price. Also, make it clear that even though you want the item you'll not pay that amount for it.

The sales person hears that you "want the item" and his commission depends on the sales he makes. So, he'll offer you the discount that he has up his sleeve, but which he will not offer unless you ask for it.

Speak fast when you bargain

Sometimes it helps to know human psychology when you bargain. Research shows that if you speak quickly, you can trick the sales assistant to agree to the price you suggest. When you speak fast you give the other person little time to process what you said and come up with a response. He will probably agree to your pitch and price point. Don't give him time to think. Outsmart him.

Speak to the man in-charge

Let us consider a scenario where you have decided on what you want. You have haggled and tried your luck with the salesperson assigned to you. He offered you a discount, but you still think you can get a better deal. The discount offered is too measly, you can still get a better deal.

What do you do? : Ask to speak to the floor manager. Chances are that he will concur that you have been offered the best deal. This is where you begin to talk. First, let the manager know that you are interested in closing the deal and are willing to make the payment in full (or whatever down payment is required), but you will do so only if the price meets your expectations.

Now, you use your trump card, tell the manager that the reason that you asked to speak to him was that you know that he is in more of a position to give the discount (Know that he would definitely be authorised to give a heftier discount). Play on his self-esteem. This usually, works, because everyone likes it when they are made to feel important.

However, there might be a faint chance that the manager has no authority, in which case ask to speak to the owner, in person if he is present or over the phone. Explain your case, that you want the item, but expect a better price. Chances are that you will be given that discount. If not, at least a pricey freebie.

Be prepared to walk out

Sometimes you just fail to convince the salesperson or the manager or they are just too stubborn. The thing is they are masters at mind games, may be better than you. They gauge your enthusiasm, by your haggling and stick to the price, knowing that you like the item and will pay, even if the price is not dropped. It is a battle of wits.

Do not cave in and agree to the price. In times such as this, be ready to walk out. Ninety percent of the time you will not be allowed to step out of that door. Most unyielding sales persons yield when they see you leaving. They know they are not the only dealer in town. And you will go to whoever offers the best deal.

Capitalize on your discounts

Finally, the price is decided upon and you are thrilled. But, wait a sec, do you know that you can save some more of your hard-earned money.

Ask the dealer if they will offer a discount if you pay the full amount by cash or through an online transaction, instead of credit card. Ask for a discount, in lieu of the card fee. Also, check for offers that they might have if you pay through a particular bank's card and avail of that offer. The same goes for mobile wallets such as PayZapp and Paytm etc. If they have special deals on those, you are entitled to them.

If the showroom has an EMI offer, where one instalment is free, ask for that benefit since you are making the full payment.

You deserve the discount

Don't feel shy of asking for a discount, because you deserve it. Most sales executives are authorized to give discounts, but they do not give them randomly. You have to ask for it and there is no harm in doing so.

Every commercial business gives discount; you must know how to ask for it. I have got discounts on hotel bookings and flight tickets. Instead of letting the room remain unoccupied the reservation staffs give discounts when you ask for them. The same goes for airline tickets – ask them for a good deal, whether you approach the airline directly or through a travel agent. Travel agents get a commission from every other industry that they deal with. Ask them for the discount and you'll get a good bargain.

Use these haggling tricks, the next time you are out making a big purchase. And remember the thank me.

Have a great time shopping and enjoy your discounts.

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Author: Umesh07 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

For bargaining and getting some discount, one should have an idea about the variation in the price of the item from shop to shop or dealer to dealer. It is also advisable to talk to friends and other people regarding their shopping experiences and many times they will tell you a source where maximum discount is available.

So basically keeping oneself alert and in touch with information for the price of same thing at various places will help to a great extent.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao08 Oct 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Many people try to bargain with the small vendors who will come to your doorsteps with the articles in a basket on their head. The same people will not even talk about the rate when they go to a brand store. This is the weakness of human being. Bargaining skills will come from your thinking and experience.
When you ask for the price of the item you want to purchase they will tell you the total price. Don't bargain on that price. Ask for the break up of the price. Then start talking details item by item in the quotation. Start telling where he is going high and try o bring him down there. For example, if you go to a car purchase., they will give you on road price. Then you ask for break up. They say basic is this much, the tax is this much, insurance is this much. Tell them that insurance factor appears to be on the higher side and even you can tell them you remove that, I will get iy done through my known source. Then they will start reducing that cost. By doing this the seller will not feel that he is offering a heavy discount. At the end, if you see the total figure, you will understand how much advantage you got.
A good article with many inputs about the technique of bargaining.

Author: Natarajan08 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Good write-up of about how to bargain. As a customer its good to never give our emotions away (if we show too much enthusiasm, then the bargain may not be that good). Leaving the seller or sales person confused whether you'll buy or not can be useful. Acting confident that you know a lot about the product and MRP tricks has been helpful.

I often use the line that MRP is not decided by the government but the manufacturer who will print whatever he wants including the margin built in for discounts, so don't take me for a ride because it's Maximum retail price, not Minimum retail price. Of course, this doesn't work in Bata or branded shirts showrooms.

A clever trick mentioned by the author, make a person ( store manager) feel important and then he would be forced to give you a little extra discount as he feels happy and may even be coaxed to reciprocate.

Agree with Dr.Rao on bargaining with doorstep pushcart vendors especially fruits and vegetables. What I do is tell them I'll pay the price but give me good quality vegetables and fruits, if the deal is good, i'll buy it regularly. This works most of the times.

Author: Juana18 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

That is a good tip. What I have observed is that most shopkeepers keep a hefty margin and customers must exploit this to their benefit. It is good to do a little survey and compare prices before landing at a store as it helps in bluffing the salesman also. A simple 'I am getting a better price at another shop' works well.

I have observed seasoned customers who have aced the knack of bargaining walk out of showrooms or at least pretend to do so. The salespersons invariably hold them back and give them a good bargain.

Author: Varghese18 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Good points. I think the author and the feedback from the others have covered most of the points that can be used while bargaining. As written, before going for purchasing, do study the price of the product and try to compare it with other shops and even you can have a discussion with your friends or relatives who will be able to give good feedback on the product and the shop that you are visiting.

We tend to bargain more with the local vendors than in a showroom so as to keep our standard. But, to be frank, they loot us more than the small vendors who come door to door.

Bargaining is an art and I think women have mastered it well than most of the men. I have often seen that my mother, wife and sisters can bargain more than I do and so I ask them to speak and I indulge only here and there.

Author: Juana08 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Srinivasa Rao,
I guess small vendors encourage bargaining. Vendors coming to the doorstep do not run an organised business. Their overheads are almost nil, and their prices are not regulated and can fluctuate depending on the customer and the time of the day and season. Branded stores, on the other hand, have higher overheads, and the quality of goods is often assured.

Thank you for sharing your bargaining tips. It is possible to bargain with automobile dealers and at stores selling white goods. Their profit margin and commission are often quite high, and a hefty discount is always possible at these outlets.

Another technique to employ at these stores is to ask for freebies. Ask for free accessories at automobile showrooms and even free vehicle registration and insurance.

White good stores also give freebies, when you ask for it – stabiliser, speakers, headphones, computer kits etc.

Author: Juana17 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

That's true about showing too much excitement. The shopkeepers are also experts at gauging the shoppers; they can sense when you have your heart set on an item and will not bring down the price, knowing fully well that you will eventually pay the quoted price. They deal with so many customers during the course of the day that they become masters at reading body language.

Shopping at stores where you can bargain is a game of wits – can you outsmart the seller! Another trick that works is a promise to visit again or recommend the store to family and friends.

I had never had to buy fruits and vegetables from door-to-door vendors, other than when I was a kid. However, I had shopped at a farmer's market when we were in Vizag and I noticed that just being kind to the vendor can result in good bargains. They give you extra goods at no additional cost.

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