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Five tips to lower the risk of Cancer

We are educated and know the various factors causing cancer. Then why are we not stopping us from such activities that can lead to cancer? This article explains why there is an increase in number of cancer patients these days and also the various types of cancer one will get due to their improper life styles.


Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases we get to see these days. This is a disease where there is uncontrollable division of abnormal cells forming lumps and spreading to other parts of the body. More than 100 types of cancer are found in our body. Some common examples are the cancers affecting ovary, skin , breast , blood ,lungs and so on. The treatment for cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and many others. One thing we need to keep in mind is, it is not a disease which can be cured easily. Therefore 'Prevention is always better than cure'. By going through this article, you will get to know about the few basics tips for preventing yourself from getting cancer. Do follow it and lead a healthy life.

Tips to lower the risk of cancer

The food we eat and drink has a major role in us getting diseases. Everything cannot be changed as the vegetables and fruits you purchase is not free from toxin, milk and dairy products are available in plastic containers, meat and fish are found in cans and in processed form, sugary and fatty food and beverages are sold everywhere, work loads are too much that there is no time for ourselves. All these have contributed in making us a patient at a very young age. But for those who have not yet fallen into that category can still try the below steps to prevent themselves from getting deadly diseases.

  1. Organic Lifestyle : By leading an organic lifestyle, you not only stay away from cancer but from many other diseases. Half the disease we get these days are due to our changing lifestyles. I agree that adopting a completely organic lifestyle is quite impossible and is too expensive. Take baby steps, and try to have organic food as and when possible. The food that we purchase daily is filled with toxins that can harm us. Include more natural alternatives in your diet, have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It would be really better if we can cook them as soon as we get it rather than storing it in refrigerator for another week. Try to get products from the farms near by or from local producers. It is better if you can cultivate few by your own. The huge shopping malls we visit mostly is filled with toxin rich foods so that they won't easily perish. Also avoid using plastic & aluminium containers, wrappers, spoons, plates and foam glasses

  2. No fizzy drinks : Different types of juices are available in the market with ample amount of marketing and advertising. This attracts the common men to it. Carbonated and sugary drinks gives you an immediate relief when you are tired but at the same time it doubles your chances of getting cancer like gallbladder tumors, biliarytract cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. These drinks also will get you diabetes and heart diseases and can damage your liver as well. Fizzy drinks are full of sugar and chemicals with zero nutritional value, then why going behind it? The artificial sweeteners and color used in fizzy drinks are nothing but chemicals which can cause cancer. They might be appealing but may have extremely harmful effects. So it is better we take a wise decision now rather than being late

  3. Physical activities : Physical activities or exercise is very important to trim down once risk of getting cancer. It has been found in the U.S that 40% of cancer relates to Obesity. Our busy schedule has made us lazy and will leave us with no time for exercise. But it is high time we find time for physical activities as it prevents us from getting endometrial cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and others. When one is obese, it means the body has too much fat when compared to muscles. Increased levels of insulin, the higher amounts of estrogen produced by the body, low-level inflammation etc leads to high risk of cancer in obese people. The only way is to stay fit and healthy by controlling your diet and doing proper regular exercises. It is your health so don't take any chance

  4. No junk food : Junk foods or fast foods have hardly anything healthy in it, but it is appealing and yummy which prompts us to give it a try. We can see fast food outlets popping in every nook and corner of the city, this shows how addicted we are to these sort of foods. Even the food wrappers have cancer causing chemicals which will definitely harm you if you are a regular consumer. These foods can also increase your fat levels and make you obese. The fast food menus emphasize on fat and sugar and is very less in nutrition and fiber. It will just help you to get diseases especially to make you obese and there by increasing your chances of getting cancer. It is the same with processed food, charred meats, microwaved foods and canned foods too. Think about it and stay away from junk foods

  5. Limit alcohol & no smoking : People smoke even after reading the health warning on the cigarette packs 'Smoking Kills'. Smoking is really injurious to health and can cause mouth, lung and throat cancer. So does all tobacco products. Smoking is the most preventable cause of cancer as it leads to more than 13 types of cancer. I request everyone to quit smoking as it is not only harming your health but anyone next to you. Consumption of alcohol is another practice that increases one's chance of getting cancer. Lower the consumption of alcohol, lower is your risk of getting cancer. Some people even have the habit of smoking while drinking, and this is too dangerous and doubles your chances of getting diseases. One might be doing it for enjoyment but later on when you are affected by various diseases, the pain and procedures you have to undergo cannot be compared. Rather than suffering later, be practical now


Most of the people around us are aware of the various factors leading to cancer but we purposely forget it due to our busy life and don't care attitude. In today's world, I agree that we can't have control on everything we consume but at least if we can make a small change that might prevent us from getting various diseases. Keep in mind that we will have everyone around us now when we are healthy but we will left with hardly anyone when we are bedridden. Also the pain cannot be shared but has to be suffered by us all alone.

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Author: Partha K.09 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

The present article has mentioned various food-items which are immensely popular all over the world. Soft drinks (fizzy drinks) and junk foods are immensely popular all over the world. The intake of alcohol and smoking have also been increasing all over the world despite continuous awareness campaign. Although the number of gyms is increasing by leaps and bounds, people are leading sedentary life.

All these are causing various physical complications. Although the life expectancy has increased considerably, many people feel that the quality of life has gone down.

Having said all these, I beg to differ with the author on the issue that fizzy drinks or junk foods cause cancer. Adopting organic lifestyle or avoiding alcohol or smoking doesn't guarantee prevention of cancer. For example, people of Estonia, Belarus and Lithuania are the greatest consumer of alcoholic drinks (per capita consumption: 14.97 l, 14.69 l and 14.30 l, respectively). But the number of cancer patients is not very high in these three countries.

So, in my opinion, we must not directly link cancer with food-items, smoking and alcohol. More research is necessary to establish a co-relation. In fact some scientists and physicians opine that cancer is to some extent hereditary.

Author: Chitra09 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Normally food items are perishable or they get decayed within a certain period of time, even if refrigerated. But if we notice junk foods, even if we leave it outside in the room, nothing will happen to it. This is because of the chemicals present; even the food wrappers have chemicals in it. All these are the causes for cancer and various other diseases and not directly the food as such.

Similarly in fizzy drinks and beverages, lot of artificial flavor and color are added. These are nothing but chemicals. Too much intake of these chemicals will definitely affect your cells. Many researches have proven these facts. It is up to each individual whether to believe or rather follow it or not.

Author: Natarajan10 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Nice article about healthy lifestyles and risks of popular but unhealthy foodstuffs. Well established foods that are related to increased cancer risk are processed meat(50 grams, for instance can increase risk of colon cancer by 18%- western population), microwave popcorn in ready made bags, Barbecued meat and refined sugars.

Junk food and fizzy drinks have shown an association between these high energy food stuffs and cancer. Lot of people want evidence that a particular agent causes cancer. Here the direct causation link is different from association, hence the debate sometimes. The risk pattern also varies based on ethnicity, genes, geographic location (for instance gallbladder cancer is more common in North India than South India) and risk behavior.

Alcohol similarly has been found to have an association with higher risk of cancer of the lungs etc again in western literature. I think it always helps to have a healthy diet, avoid the above and exercise regularly to keep the diseases away and certain types of cancer.

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