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Nobel Peace prize of 2017 for ICAN group

This article is based on the news of ICAN getting Nobel Peace prize for 2017 for its extra ordinary efforts for abolishing of nuclear arsenals from the world. The threat of nuclear weapons in the world and how this non-profit organisation ICAN is fighting globally to end this menace is elaborated in this article.


ICAN stands for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. It is a non-profit organisation for bringing people together to fight against the menace of nuclear arsenals in the world. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is a 10 years old organisation. It is a global body taking help and support from various groups in the world who are working to abolish or end the nuclear weapons. It has 468 partner groups spread across 101 countries. It came in news recently as Nobel Peace prize for 2017 was announced for its outstanding efforts in the direction of abolishing the nuclear war heads from the world.

The nuclear threat

Due to various disputes between countries there are sometimes wars between them and during that unfortunate period lot of loss of civil as well as military personnel and materials take place. Each party tries to use strongest weapon systems to win over the other party.The first use of such nuclear arsenal in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still fresh in the memories of mankind.Today the situation is dangerously alarming as there is a great storage of nuclear arsenals in the world. In case of a situation like earlier world wars there is a likelihood of using these weapons at any time by one of the parties.

As per a rough estimate there are about 14905 nuclear weapons in form of atom bomb or hydrogen bomb in the world. The majority of these are in US and Russia. They together have about 14000 numbers out of above 14905 with them.The remaining 905 are distributed among countries like France, China, UK, Pakistan, India, Israel etc.

Such a large number of nuclear weapons are a worry for everyone. These weapons if used will ruin the earth and it is doubtful whether the earth will be habitable after that.
The organisation ICAN is gathering world wide support to bring these apprehensions at the United Nations level and trying to get some solutions in form of strong treaties. It was the efforts of ICAN group that 122 nations has supported the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. The UN treaty bans the development, testing, production, manufacturing, acquiring, possessing or stockpiling of nuclear weapons by any agency or country.

Role of ICAN

ICAN is playing a vital role by continuously urging all the countries and their government for abolishing of nuclear weapons. They are raising voices from support groups and bringing up the issue for consideration of United Nations.The group and its support groups are voluntarily pursuing for this cause and there efforts have been lauded by great personalities of the world and many renowned persons have given their support to this non profit organisation engaged in such a noble cause.
The philosophy of ICAN is to abolish the nuclear weapons completely because if they are present with any of the country, the danger on earth and its habitat will always remain hanging like a Damocles sword.

Nobel Peace prize of 2017

Seeing their outstanding and groundbreaking efforts for abolishing the nuclear arsenals in the world the noble prize committee has announced Nobel Peace prize for 2017 to ICAN.

This is a great award recognizing the efforts of this group. This prize is really very significant in view of the present situation between US and North Korea wherein the North Korea is testing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles openly threatening the world.
ICAN will receive $1.1 million as part of its Nobel Peace prize and this will also definitely help them financially to speed up their campaign.

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Author: T.M.Sankaran09 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The author has used the name of the prize as "Noble prize". It is wrong. The prize is the famous "Nobel prize". Even in the heading of the article it is wrongly spelt. The word is derived from the name of Alfred Nobel who was the person who deposited a large sum to institute this prize.

(Error stands corrected now -Edr)

Author: Natarajan09 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Well spotted Shankran sir, Alfred Nobel it is ( dynamite inventor, incidentally he owned the Bofors AB arms company.)

Hats off to the tireless efforts of ICAN from 2007 to gather the support to fight against nuclear arsenal. If there is anything that can trigger world war III or destroy major parts of the globe, it is a nuclear exchange. As seen in movies, nuclear components or warheads can be bought and can be under the control of fanatics. This peace prize to the ICAN group reflects the importance of the work worldwide to halt nuclear weapons.

I also read that sadly, the nine major countries (including Australia, USA, United Kingdom, France and North Korea) with nuclear weapons did not sign the treaty.(please correct me if I'm wrong).

What's more worthy to note is that it's the power of the people and the NGOs that have won the battle via ICAN.

Author: Partha K.09 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This mistake (Nobel) could easily be corrected/rectified by the Editor who has reviewed the article. Alternatively he/she could have easily pointed out the same to the author and requested him to rectify the mistake before final approval.

Coming to the subject-matter of the article, ICAN did try to raise the level of awareness against nuclear weapon. The organisation clearly pointed out that nuclear weapon can easily bring nuclear holocaust in the world and no country would be able to protect itself from the after-effects of such holocaust. However, I think organisations like ICAN are totally ineffective to restrain/control rogue nations (are they really nations?) like North Korea, Pakistan or the terrorist groups who aim to acquire/procure nuclear weapons to stop/hinder the progress of humanity.

Author: NK SHARMA10 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Mr. Partha Kansabanik's statement that "However, I think organisations like ICAN are totally ineffective to restrain/control rogue nations (are they really nations?) like North Korea, Pakistan or the terrorist groups who aim to acquire/procure nuclear weapons to stop/hinder the progress of humanity." is very correct. An NGO do not have any power to control the rogue nations.

The article is merely a news item. Points as to how the NGO has played a vital role in controlling the nuclear threat is absent. It would be better if the author further explain the means and methodology adopted by the NGO.

Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties -I ( START-I )and START-II was really the efforts carried out by USA and USSR during ninety's decade.

Author: Umesh17 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Mr Sankaran: Thanks for correcting the mistake crept in the word 'nobel'. It was a very subtle observation.

This also shows that while rewriting a news item or any other information how confident we are for the wrong words in our mind that we in our over confidence do not check these things. So definitely it is a foolish corner in my mind where such things reside.

Thanks also to other members for commenting positively on this article.

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