The story of an entrapped bird

When life becomes miserable and everything around seems monotonous, it's always better to sit still and decide how to proceed. Failure may cage one but there is always a way to get rid of that. One thing has to be kept in mind that if bad days are there then good days are also waiting.


She has left behind 21 years of her precious life. Now, sitting amidst the cacophony of the society, she ponders over the different phases of life that blew one after another, touching her like gentle breeze sometimes or fiery rustic wind the other times. Time has a precious power of healing and she was no exception. The chirpy and bubbly girl with twinkling eyes, whose thoughts and ideas brewed up like bubbles have chosen monotony to be her sole partner. But why was her life gutter-like? It was her strict,arrogant, exceptionally caring , bitter-mouthed father!

Childhood days

Her childhood days, the days when others were busy going to school, playing with mirth and ecstasy, the child was abstained from going. At times she was asked to stay at home. But why? Because she has to keep a strict eye on her mother. As her father feared that she might go out to meet some other guy. Yes! Such poor thoughts were his and this evil-willed man injected such ill thoughts within his 8 year old daughter Srijani. Returning home from office, he questioned little Srijani "Did mom go out today? Did she call anyone?". She was even asked not to sleep during the noon, because in that span of 2-3 hours her mother might go out to meet someone else! Months later, he even bought the key-lock that would lock the dialling pad of the telephone. Such was the pitiful situation.

The days she managed to go to school, only 5 rupees was provided to her to buy a tiffin-cake for herself. Cake was the food she ate each day while her friends brought pizza, pan cake, chips,noodles! Srijani thought "one day a cake tree will grow inside her belly".Poor was her life and poorer was her marks at times. Till the end of her school days Srijani fought each day to attain mental peace but that had been hampered to its fullest. Sometimes she managed to score good but at other times when marks used to bad trip Srijani her life became so miserable. She got 77% and 76% respectively in her boards and still she can remember how mean and rude her own father could be. Frequent scolding and harsh beating was a regular event. She cried her lungs out but no mercy. Anger amalgamated with fright and pain blocked her soul, her mind .Two three days Srijani remained calm, quiet, mentally shattered. But thereafter she became normal once more. She thought "At the end of the day,he is my father, he is the sole supplier of everything, her food, lodging, clothing, school fees, tuition fees and what not? ". She remembered the beautiful places she visited with her parents. But no, all these thoughts she was forced to remember. Because every time she committed a mistake she used to listen poor words, "How dare you say this? Such a shameless girl with no gratitude". Deplorable was her situation and claustrophobic was Srijani's home environment.

College days

Somehow Srijani grabbed a moderately good rank in Joint Entrance Examination and got a chance of taking admission in a Government Engineering College where her father would be relieved of paying buckets and buckets of money. She tried her best to get out of the house and go to a distant location to study but her request crumpled against her father's verdict. After all he is the guardian, the head of the family . So he is the decision maker while the other used to execute his order only. They are not entitled to apply their grey matter in any way. He forcibly made her admission in College which is at a distance of 15 minutes from their house. Once again she was imprisoned.


Hope against hope she had and this time Srijani was in full form. She knew DO OR DIE was her condition and there is no other alternative than scoring good. Luckily by God's grace she could find a place in the topper list in her own Department . Tear trickling eyes were full of joy for she was finally running towards her goal of achievement. Good score leads towards good job. She also believed that continuous efforts and hard work never fails. Her mother spoofed her saying success is always achievable when you find "pain is no longer painful , sea is just a bucket full of water ". She was also taught "Put your endeavour, success will kiss your feet".

And even today in every step of her life, her mother's advice, her own beliefs that she has accrued gradually leads her forward. A situation of turmoil she faces even now, but hs attained the guts to overcome them as she has learnt "Kick when you are to kick, punch when you are to punch!!".


Author: Srijita Dey25 Oct 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

When we are tired and depressed or when we feel that life has no meaning, such writings are obvious outcomes. Outburst occurs when somebody crosses that limit of tolerance. The article is just an example of that sort.

Author: Natarajan15 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A sad story with a good ending. Such similar instances would happen in many houses without others being aware of it. What I like is the perseverance shown by the main character in the face of prolonged adversity. Despite having a cruel dictator for a father, she has managed to pull on with what little support she could get and finally found success. At times of difficulty, it is important not to just resign to our fate or bad luck. We need to be focused on what is at hand and build on it and move on rather than drowning ourselves in sorrow.

Just a suggestion, the bonding between the suppressed mother and the dutiful daughter could have been brought out; it would have made the article more complete.

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