Common mistakes that have an impact on our career life

Are you in your 20's and have started searching for a job? Please do not make the mistakes which youngsters commonly make. Read this article to find out which are the common mistakes that one may commit during the early stages of one's career.


Happy are those who have found their dream career. It is not an easy task to find your dream career as it involves a series of decisions to be taken at various point of time. Choosing a career path is one of the most important thing as it shapes your career life. Everyone would want to move up the ladder when it comes to their career. But if you have chosen the wrong career in the beginning, you will gradually lose interest in your job and will not be able to grow. Choose the right career and love it and it will definitely love you back in the form of promotions, financial stability etc. Each and every decision we make in the first stages of our career life has a great impact on our future, hence be careful and act wisely.

Common mistakes impacting our career life

Young professionals need to carefully plan their career path to shine in the career they choose. It is at your 20's that you will be taking the most important decision of your life which will affect the rest of your life. The sad part is that most of the teenagers have no idea of which course to choose after finishing school or what they want to be after completing their graduation. Due to this ignorance they will make certain mistakes and it will affect their whole career life. In this article you will find the most common mistakes made by youngsters in their career life.

  1. Leaving it for parent's choice: As I said earlier, most of the youngsters have no idea of their own and they will end up obeying what their parents says. There is also another case wherein the parents forces the children to take up a career as it was their ambition once. Both these approaches are not good to build a successful career of your own. One should definitely take guidance from their parents as they are much more experienced than we are. That does not mean that you have to agree to your parents choice and screw up your entire career life.

    Parents need to be more understanding and not forcing the child to take up something without even checking whether he/she has interest in it. In fact parents should actually help the child to bring out their talents and to help them find their interests and passion. The support of the parents can help the child to find his dream job. On the other hand the children should be able to take a stand if parents are forcing them to choose a particular career or to fulfill the parent's unfulfilled dream

  2. Following the crowd: It is always better to understand your interest and accordingly choose a subject for study. What many people do these days is that they just follow the crowd. Even parents force their kids to select subjects or careers of a high status value or which the neighbor boy/girl has chosen. Just because some others have taken a particular course or career, doesn't mean that you need to reroute your interest that way. The most important thing here is, you need to understand your abilities, talents and capabilities. We can only do things that fall under our limit, hence there is no point following others. Everyone is unique, so follow your passion.

    There is no point following the crowd as when more and more people study the same course, the number of applicants will be more and the opportunities will reduce. This will create unemployment. Finally you will have to take up some job which is not of your interest or which you have never learned. This will gradually decrease your interest and you will stop liking your job. To avoid such scenarios, it is essential to find where your interest lies and what you want to be in future. Last but not the least, having a good network will enable you to find better opportunities. Now that you have various methods to mingle with people around the world, utilize it. They might be able to advise you and share their experiences which can help you built a strong career

  3. Not Investing sufficient time: We should actually spend time to investigate and find a suitable job rather than taking up the easily available option. You could have started a better way, why spoiling that!. Do a proper research and find the best institute as many these days have campus selection programs. You might get an opening through the institute. After completing Grade XII itself, we need to list down all our passions and find out where our real interest lies. Accordingly select a course and find out the various possibilities of choosing a particular institute. Spend time to find the right institute and academic program. This exercise will be of great help in choosing the right career path.

    Once you know what you want to become, your job becomes easier. Start searching for a job in the field that you like. As you have the educational knowledge, you will be given preference. Proper investigation has to be done before choosing a job. Find out about the work background, the perks and benefits, and most importantly your job description and responsibilities. If you are happy with all these, then go ahead and join the organization. Otherwise keep on looking for another job until you get the perfect one. People who have no idea about their passion will select the easily available job and then will struggle in it

  4. Decisions based on Money: Some people choose a job just by looking at the monetary benefit it offers. That is a wrong decision one can ever make. There are many other factors to be considered along with monetary benefits. Job satisfaction is very much required to continue in a job. A job which offers a lot of money may not offer good atmosphere to work. In the long run job satisfaction is required or else you will have to search for a new job in no time. We need to spend at least 8 hours a day in that organization and if the atmosphere there is not adjustable then how are we going to survive? Our colleagues, the environment, health and safety measures provided, monetary and non monetary benefits, the management and so on decides our job satisfaction. Always choose a place where you can feel at home, this will help you to reduce on your stress levels and tensions.

    One can't survive for too long, doing a job in which they have no interest. For one to be active and happy, they should choose the job they like. Many a times people are forced to take up other jobs as the job they are interested in might not pay them as good as the other offers. After a certain age, your career path can't be changed, hence there is no point regretting then. The first few steps that you take in the initial stages of your career life will have an impact on your entire life. Therefore be choosy considering all the relevant factors and not just money. If you are successful in your career life, money will automatically come your way

  5. Following parents path: There is no mandatory rule that, you have to do the same job which your parents where doing and getting cemented in a job that you never wanted to do. What if you have different talents and abilities. Why don't you make use of it? Finding out the field where you can excel is the most important thing. Only if you enter such jobs, your career life will be satisfactory. Some parents want their kids also to be in their same profession. But Why? They are individuals with unique qualities, let them utilize the qualities to the fullest rather than dragging them to something they don't really like.

    If the father is a good singer it is not necessary that the son also can sing as good as the father. So don't force him to choose that profession. He might be able to do a better job as an engineer, then let him pursue his dreams rather than focusing on the job that the family is doing. It is true that one will have to face challenges and setbacks to achieve their dream career. Don't give up quickly, fight until you reach the destination. Parents and family's support is a must to achieve great success. So stand beside your children and see them giving colors to their dreams


What a person first need to know is about his strength and weakness. Spend time and find out your strengths, interests, passion, ambition etc. Also understand your weak areas. Once you have a thorough idea of these, you will gain confidence. While searching for a job, we need to analyze the various Threat and Opportunities available. A wise and perfect decision can be taken only after a proper SWOT analysis. Set career goals and work towards it. Someone who can't analyze these will not be able to shine in their career life. Another thing to be kept in mind is we consider quitting a job to have a bad impact but staying in the wrong job for too long will have worse impacts. Remove your fears and be ready to take risks and to face challenges only then you will be able to climb the ladder easily.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao16 Oct 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Really a good article by the author which will help the youngsters to choose the correct path. My own personal life, as an atheist, would be a best example. After completing my B.Sc, my father wanted me to go for B.Ed. But I wanted to go for my post graduation. My mother supported me. After a long discussion, my father accepted my proposal. I completed my Post graduation and then doctorate and I had a very good career. The point here to understand is that if you are having a proper understanding and desire, you can make the parents to understand your views. I should thank my parents for this.
Another suggestion I want to make to the young generation is not to change the job frequently. If you change very frequently, the employers may not prefer you in their organisations. Don’t try for short cuts to attain the position you want. You should understand that there is no way other than showing your abilities and hard work.

Author: Natarajan16 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Excellent article that should be read by all at the beginning of our careers. Aptly said, many of us do not get that dream career for various reasons. The early stages are crucial like nurturing a sapling for it to grow into a good tree. Importance and attention to detail in the early stages and converting chances into opportunities build up a good career.

Rightly said, most of us have started our careers based on what our parents wanted those days (doctor, engineer or a government job), our aptitude for the job was never assessed. Often it was like a herd mentality (following the footsteps of the father or the family business, even if some disliked it).

In many western societies, a gap year and job attachment are undertaken after education to see the world, to understand life and to see what the work would really be like and whether it's his or her cup of tea to actually get into the profession. I'm glad that the concept of career guidance or counselling is happening in India.

The lure of money, quickly settling in life forces many to take a different career or compromise on ethical and professional values that would, later on, haunt them when they try to climb the career ladder.

Choosing one's career should end up with a job that we have the aptitude for, the job we look forward every day, the job that we can carry out with passion and joy in return for a fair salary.

Many times, some of us find in mid-life crisis situations or due to economic depression and job cuts some end up losing their jobs. This is the time advice from senior, friends and career counsellors become valuable in our endeavours to try for another job in the same field or a change of careers based on our skills and job availability.

A core set of qualities ( honesty, skill, knowledge, aptitude for change and development) along with awareness of the common pitfalls will go a long way in our quest for a good successful career.

Author: Nilesh21 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

I feel one of the mistakes that youngsters make these days is that they are misinterpreting this word "passion". Passion is not the thing that you like, you should also be somewhat good at it. It is true that one can improve his/her skills by putting effort but still one must have basic idea about the craft. Many youngsters don't focus on their studies giving the excuse that it's not their passion, a complete misuse of the word. Don't forget, no matter what's the thing you like, education is important in every phase of life. I have seen many youngsters travelling around with a camera saying that I am a travel enthusiast and I want to be a photographer. This is not how you become one. If you are really passionate about it, take steps in the right direction; take a professional course; work under someone who is experienced. You can't become a photographer by just roaming around, taking pictures of flowers and stuff. One must follow his/her passion but at the same time should be realistic as well. To elaborate more on this, there are plenty of youngsters in our country who like cricket and are passionate about it as well but let's face the truth, not everyone can become a cricketer in this country with so much of competition around. So give a good thought to it that if you are really that capable that you can make it big. Having faith in one's ability is a good trait but don't ignore the reality. If your career is your passion, then you are among the lucky few but it's not normally the case. Life is not fair. So think practically if you can make a career in a thing that you are passionate about. If not, go for a field that you are good at it and pursue your passion as a hobby.

Author: Neelam24 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

It is a true fact that youngsters today are confused and sometimes misguided also because they try to follow the crowd, and they stay confused even after completing their courses like graduation, post graduation etc and still keep changing their field of study.
The only reason for this change of fields is because they never planned it well as to how they will go forward in their life and thus keep wondering what to do next. This article here presents a good picture of the mindset of Indian youth and parents and how it affects their careers.

Author: Umesh26 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The article has brought out good tips to avoid mistakes in career planning.

I would like to add here that during the student stage the mind of a boy or girl is not matured enough like a grown up person who has already settled in his life. During the adolescent stage the mind diverts to many things which are not at all connected to the career planning. The parents being matured may suggest a number of career avenues and prospects for their children but children may not be interested in any one of them. This mismatch between the parents and children is the main cause of children's break down during studies or bouts of depression attacking them from time to time.

The intelligent parents will find out the interest or aptitude of their children and try to align them in those channels rather than forcing some predetermined career on them.

So for career planning we must be very clear about the abilities and limitations of our children and then only a prospective career option can be searched for them. In that exercise the overall spirit and ideas in this article will definitely be useful.

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