Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Are you struggling in your relationship? Do you know the tips to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship? This article will lead you through the main factors one needs to know to build a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Read it and practice it in your life to be a successful couple.


Everyone loves to maintain a strong and healthy relationship, however, some of our small deeds may end up ruining our relationship forever. We need to know the secret to a long-lasting relationship. I feel the first and foremost thing for a healthy relationship is to consider your partner as a human and understand that they too have like and dislikes. Forcing someone, being adamant, dominant or selfish is not going to help you build a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your partner. Be with them, appreciate them, be grateful to them and consider them to be the best. These are the vital mantras to achieve success in your relationship.

Tips for a Healthy Relationship

We know that the number of divorces is on the increase when compared to the past. Have we thought why is it increasing? I feel at least in certain cases it is mainly due to small issues which could have been sorted out initially. Lack of knowledge or experience might have resulted in ruining the relationships which they might be regretting about later. Through this article, I have tried to explain the basic and important factors one should know for the success of a relationship. Follow it and live happily.

  1. Speak Up : Strong communication is required for the success of any relationship. We should be able to express our feelings and emotions only then the other person will better understand you. If something is bothering you and if you hold it to yourself, it will be just painful and will end up ruining the relationship. The funny part here is the other person might not even know about the pain that you are holding. So it is better to speak up rather than leaving it to the other person to read your mind. Another important aspect of communication is one should know when to pick up a good conversation. The other person's mood and situation has to be considered before starting a conversation

  2. When not to speak : We all know the value of communication in our life. But it is not a good idea to respond when someone close to you is arguing or picking up a fight with you. This normally happens in the case of husband and wife. When one is in the angry mood and is yelling at you, it is better to be calm rather than responding back. Once the other person becomes cool, you can speak and make him/her understand the actual issue or scenario. Instead, if both the people start yelling at each other simultaneously, the fight just goes on and can have a negative impact on your relationship. Another important thing is never to use your tongue to insult your spouse especially in front of others

  3. Respect Each Other : For the success of any relationship, mutual respect is a must, without which the relationship will not go smoothly in the long run. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, interest, friends circle, tastes, beliefs and so on. Respect it only then they will respect you. I recollect the famous quote 'Give Respect and Take Respect.' Even in a married relationship, respect your spouse's family and their likes, beliefs, and traditions. Never try to dominate a person, just respect them as they too have an equal right to live happily as you do. If you have mutual respect, your relationship will be amazing and will last forever

  4. Privacy & Space : Everyone has their own privacy, which needs to be respected by others. Also, they have their own space in any relationship. Interfering too much in other's privacy or personal space might not help in building a healthy relationship. Don't suffocate the other person by always being with them and interfering in all his/her things. Anything too much is not good, so is spending time together always. Let them be themselves for a little while as they have an individuality. Respecting each other's privacy and space is very much essential to be a good couple. Let your partner follow their dreams and support them to achieve it

  5. Compromise & Adjustments : Comprise and adjustments are required for the success of any relationship, especially in the case of family relations. Be it, friends or partners, two people coming from two different situations cannot be alike always. You might not like certain behavior or habit of the other, but for the relationship to be a good one, one person has to change or get adjusted to it. I would never say it has to be one-sided, both the parties should be equally ready to compromise and adjust. Only then the relation can be balanced. Certain times life demands us to sacrifice on something just for the sake of our long-lasting relationship if we can do it, please go ahead as true love includes sacrifice

  6. Stop Comparing : Everyone is different, hence there is no point comparing him/her with another person you know. Your partner might not have come through the same situation as the other person, hence don't expect them to behave in the same manner. Everyone has their own individuality, and the success lies in respecting it. Comparing your partner with someone else is the most irritating thing one can ever do. You never know your life might be much better than the others whom you are admiring. Remember we are not in their shoes to judge them. Everyone has their own issues and problems in life, someone might not reveal it hence we think they are happy and perfect. We say match made in heaven but when it comes to their real life, they might be finding it a hell. Be happy with your life and try improving it but not by comparing it

  7. Be Supportive : We can't live our lives alone. We need our family, friends, better-half, colleagues etc to support us during different points of life. In a strong and healthy relationship, each person will be giving their full and wholehearted support to the other. It helps them to grow and achieve many things in life. Having a supportive partner is the biggest achievement in a married life. Stand with your partner, encourage them and let them know that you will be with them whatever the situation be. Pay attention and understand their talents and support them to come up in life

  8. Start Appreciating : One needs to be really grateful to their spouse for the good things they do to you. Try to appreciate their good deeds as it makes them happy and they will be closer to you. Understand that not only you but they are also busy in life, but still, they kept aside some time of theirs for you. Be happy about it and thank them for it. Similarly from your busy schedule too, you have to keep aside some time for your spouse and family. They too need it. If one of the partners feels that they are being ignored, there starts the break in your relationship. To avoid it make sure to compliment them, thank them and to love them with all your heart


Any relationship is amazing when the people involved in it are happy. Mutual understanding and respect is the key to success. When you enter into a married relationship, keep in mind there are many Do's and Don't s involved. Learn about it so that you do not make the same mistake people have been making so far. Be a role model who everyone would want to follow. There is nothing happier than having a successful, healthy and a string married life. Do work for it and you surely can reach there.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao05 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good write up about various tips for healthy relationships. I agree that when a person thinks that he is always correct and adamant to understand what is the point of view of others, the relation may not be lost long. Even wife and husband or boss and the assistant, the relationship will continue when there is a better understanding between both the parties. There is a saying that only two hands meet only sound comes. If when the hand is silent, whatever the other hand does, there will not be any noise. So when our partner is very much convinced about his thinking better to be silent for some time, so that the other party will become normal. Afterwards, if both the parties discuss the issue openly and come to an understanding then the relation will continue forever.

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