Tips to have a good professional life

Want to know how to maintain a good work life? The article gives some points which would be helpful in having a good professional life. This would help to have a good work life balance and help you to excel in the work you do. It explains how we can build a positive environment in the organization.

Leading a good professional life fosters happiness in your career as well as personal realm of life. This also helps us to establish a good state of mind and be away from tension. By having a stable professional life a person can focus on what he is doing and focus on excellence rather than being trapped in the present situation. It is rightly said that a person spends most of his time in his professional sphere and there should be a conducive environment there. In this article I would focus on some of the points an individual should take cognizance to have a good professional life.

Don't indulge in politics

One best thing is that please don't talk about people rather talk about work. There is no shortcut to success. You will find many people in the organization who would think that by pleasing their superiors they would get a promotion and they would excel. Key to life is this type of activity would raise their designation in short term but in the long term what counts is the dedication and knowledge about the work you have done in the past. If you wish to change your organization in future they would judge your knowledge and nobody would ask about people in the previous organization.

Learn to excel

It is good that you do the work assigned but there should always be a zeal to learn more. We can see that technologies change in a short period of time and you have to adapt to it. You should always strive to make yourself adaptable to new and trending work pattern. Don't feel shy to ask your seniors of a particular content you don't know. Ask and question them so that you have a better understanding of the context of the task assigned.

Complete work in time

Always keep your tasks on time this would help in smooth working of the team as a whole.If you have any dependency request your peers to do the task in time and hand it over to you. This establishes a smooth submission as you are ready to submit before time.

Speak up for any problem

Any problem or issue you have at your workplace ranging from facilities, infrastructure, knowledge sharing, technology, behavior of colleagues, management, clients, customers etc speak up to the designated authority. This would help you and also some other members of the organization who might be having the same problem. Please explain the problem and wait for a healthy decision to be taken. All this should be done within the scope of your organization.

Be calm and patient if dealing with customers

Customer handling is a difficult task and it is always advisable to be calm when dealing with them. Customers may come from varying background and fields and may ask different queries so give them the solution as per the policy and tell them to take action accordingly. Always let the customer explain all his problems as they would feel relieved. Explain them that you are also bound with the policies and rules of the company and cannot provide anything extra.

Avoid activities prohibited in the organization

It is always advisable to restrict activities not allowed. It may deal with small activities like taking pictures in a place where it is prohibited to do so or smoking at a place where it is strictly prohibited. All these statements would look very simple but can lead to termination. Sometimes your work might be in a restricted area with limited access so you need to be aware of the do's and don'ts of the place.

Plan your day based on tasks assigned

Planning is important. Rather than starting your work just after coming to office you should always plan it so that you give the designated time to tasks assigned. This would help in the smooth working. It would also help you to leave office on time rather than staying late. Before working you can plan the tasks you would be able to complete and make a strategy for it.

Have cordial relations with peers

Always have good relationships with your team members because they are the ones who would help you in need. In a team we would always follow a symbiosis attitude and work diligently. Please stay away from wrong practices in the team and build a positive environment which motivates people to work.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Oct 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article regarding success in professional life. Managing the tasks as per the targets and making the others feel envy about us will bring success to the individual. Persons should be careful and good in discussions and presenting their case properly. We should not argue but we can discuss the points. In organisations, there will be people who will try to pass on the words from one to other and create problems. We should be able to stop them and we should not talk loose. That will be very useful for having a good professional life in the long run.

Author: Chitra14 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

In order to have a good professional life, I feel job satisfaction is very much important. Right from choosing the job we have to be alert. Half our issues with our professional life will be solved if we are satisfied with the job. Once we have taken up the right job, like the author said, we have to be careful of certain things.

Another thing I feel is, if we are doing our routine works properly then we will be confident. When we have backlogs or when we have committed a mistake, we will be afraid of being caught. This will create stress and we will not feel like going to office. Hence do your work properly so that you can enjoy your life at work. We might make mistakes but admit it and inform it to the concerned, so that timely actions can be taken and also, our mind will be freed from the thought.

Author: Natarajan14 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Nice summary of present-day work atmosphere, do's and don'ts. Most times our worry and stress related to our professional life spills onto the personal life and can make things unpleasant for all involved. Most of us spend a major part of our day at work, interacting with colleagues, clients and superiors. In many professions, it's an accepted fact that there would be complex interactions among the staff, internal politics, rivalry and harassment at various levels.
Good suggestion; better to be neutral rather than indulging in politics, being fair and committed to work makes us good at work. Focusing on how to be better is good as time would not be misused for petty things. Interacting with co-workers as a family with pleasant mannerisms and a helpful nature goes a long way in team bonding.
Nice reminder to stick to the policies and rules at the workplace so that your career and image stays intact. Understanding the needs of the organisation, the team and the clients is the key to be a productive member of the workforce. If we all strive to work towards improving the office place as a home away from home, then things would be more conducive for everyone.

Trying to take credit for somebody's efforts, spreading rumours and gossip about female colleagues, becoming the office snitch, resorting to unethical means for personal gains, victimising a fellow employee for personal vendetta etc will have no place in the long run.

Author: Neeru Bhatt20 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Very interesting article advising one to prosper in one's professional life. In this context, one thing which comes to my mind is the time management. What happens is that when we excel in our workplace, more responsibilities are given to us and we try to take up all of them and in doing so over exert ourselves and spend more time in the work place and may be on holidays also. No doubt it brings promotions, growth, financial remuneration etc but at what cost?
Many times we disconnect with our families and our stress level increases. So in essence we must strive for best but we should also know how to stop and pause at points.

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