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5 Best CRM Software for Small Business and Startups

Customer Relationship management Software's are in trend now. The useful features that these software's provides has made it more or less essential for a business unit to compete with its competitors. In this article you will read about the various CRM software's available for small, micro business units and startups along with their features and price range.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you make a difference if you are looking for a better and easier way to manage and grow your business. Be it a robust CRM, a simple one or a free version, there are all different kinds of CRM software available in the market today. A thorough analysis of your business challenges and problems are to be done to find out the features that you would require for your business. This will definitely help you to choose the best software for your business. If you are confused of the factors to be considered before choosing the right CRM software, check out some useful tips.

CRM Software for small business and Startups

1. Salesforce: Salesforce

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Salesforce is one of the best CRM Software in India for small-scale business units. It provides a cloud-based solution which can be rightly termed as a 'all-in-one' software. Salesforce has a small business edition which will provide you with a powerful set of CRM tools. Another attractive feature is the affordable price that the provider offers. Salesforce CRM software for small business, provides a user-friendly platform which reduces the time spend on training.

Features of Salesforce CRM software:

  • It is a robust, all-in-one software which can meet the needs of all kind of business units.
  • Lead Generation: The software has all the tools required to turn a prospect into a revenue generating sales opportunity. It will let you know the channel through which each lead came from thus helping you to take smart marketing decisions. Another feature is that it also directs each lead to the right sales representative for timely actions.
  • Contact Management: Salesforce CRM Software provides a 360 degree view of each customer by keeping the important and relevant data pertaining to a customer. The software can also easily populate the customers social media accounts, which enables you to know about their feedback and respond to their questions.
  • It is useful in Sales forecasting and tracking sales leads. Sales teams can easily generate the forecast which will comprise all the required details such as periodic achievements, revenues, contract value, customer details etc.
  • Opportunity Management: Salesforce helps your business to efficiently manage its opportunities. The software has tools for quoting and deal evaluation. Sales team can easily send a quote with the help of the software as it automatically generates details such as customer details, payment terms, delivery information etc.
  • Workflow Automation: The software provides guidance to the sales team through each stages in the sales process with workflow automation.
  • Mobility: With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, it is easy to access the software from anywhere.
  • Reports: The software helps in creating and analyzing reports easily. It also has the feature of getting available the report in your dashboard, for easy access as soon as you log in. The Software includes drag and drop reporting tools, real time charts, graphs and so on.
  • It also provides after sales services.
  • Salesforce has a very user friendly platform which facilitates easy learning.
  • Price: The price for the Salesforce CRM software starts at USD. 25.00 pm per user.
  • It offers a free trial of 14 days. This gives the business an opportunity to know the software without paying a penny.

2. Insightly: insight

Image Source: www.fitsmallbusiness.com

Insightly is a very useful CRM software for micro business units. This software has all the features a small business would require. The main advantage is that it is scalable as the business unit grows. This CRM software is comparatively cheap and is free for two users. Micro units or small-scale units which are looking for a price friendly software can opt Insightly.

Features of Insightly CRM software:

  • This software has many features when compared to others which offers the same price.
  • It is a very user-friendly software that even the lowest grade employee can easily learn.
  • It helps you set automated activities. Eg: Sending automatic reminders.
  • Project Management: This is one of the most important feature of this software. This feature includes, project reporting, tracking tasks, pipeline and E-mails, measuring the development and so on.
  • Contact management: The software also stores the contact details of your customers including their phone number, E-mail ID, physical address etc. It can also gather details from social media and add it to the customer's profile.
  • It helps in preparing reports and supports multi-currency.
  • The scalable feature makes this software distinct. This provides confidence to buyers, as if required they can change the features as the business grows.
  • The Software provider provides amazing customer service.
  • Mobility is another feature of Insightly.
  • Price: Free fro 2 users or USD. 12.00p.m per user.

3. Hubspot: hubspot

Image Source: www.azuqua.com

The most attractive feature of Hubsport CRM Software is that it is free for life for all users. A startup will not have sufficient money to invest in a CRM software, hence it is advisable for them to choose Hubspot which comes with premium features. Even those small scale units which finds it difficult to make an investment in a software, can go for Hupspot as it is totally free.

Features of Hubspot CRM software:

  • It is a software which is free for all users.
  • It helps in organizing and tracking business contacts. You can save upto 1 Million contacts, taks and deals.
  • Hubspot helps in tracking and recording all the potential sales of the business and provides a complete overview of its pipelines.
  • The dashboard is completely customaizable. You can add more than 70 reports to your dashboard.
  • It is a user-friendly software.
  • Building a shared library, E-mail tracking, Calling & Call Tracking etc are the other features.
  • Hubspot provides quality customer service.

4. Zoho: zoho

Image Source: www.mailparser.io

It is an excellent software for small business as it offers free service for up to 10 users. Zoho comes with premium features which allow its clients to make the best out of its resources. It is a very cost effective CRM that covers all the features a small business unit or a startup needs. If yours is a quickly expanding business, then Zoho is not the right option for you.

Features of Zoho CRM software:

  • It is free for 10 users and is paid if the number of users are more than 10.
  • Like its paid version, even the free version provides you with all the relevant information for decision making.
  • Lead Generation, Contact Management, Workflow Automation, Social Collaboration etc are the features of Zoho as well.
  • It helps in third-party integration.
  • Zoho can track sales and evaluate the performance of employees.
  • Zoho mobile app allows you to access it from anywhere.
  • The security feature of Zoho is amazing as you can decide who can access which feature, who should do what etc in your software.
  • They have a help-desk, e-book, user guides, community forum etc to help their customers. they provide 24 Hrs support.

5. Pipedrive:pipedrive-crm_fty2.640

Image Source: www.pipedrive.com

Pipedrive CRM Software is yet another useful software any small business unit can rely on. It is known as "the sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions." This software helps you to organize your sales activities and in boosting up your sales. This feature makes this software more efficient in sales based environments.

Features of Pipedrive CRM software:

  • Pipedrive Software helps in customizing everything and provides an overview of the pipelines
  • Planning events and scheduling meetings becomes easy with Pipedrive.
  • The software helps in gathering and processing leads.
  • Helps in easily generating reports and managing tasks and contacts.
  • The vendor offers a free trial plan for 14 days.
  • The price of Pipedrive varies from USD. 10.00 to USD. 75.00 depending upon the features.
  • Provides good customer service.

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