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Tips for cracking a competitive examination

An individual is faced with a situation where he desperately needs to crack an examination and does not know how he should approach it .This article explain some points which an individual should focus on while preparing for the same.

Childhood is considered as the best time of our life as it is free from all tensions and worries regarding our career and life. When we are in school we know that by studying a certain set of syllabus we would get good marks .This does not happen in a competitive exam where extra effort is required in order to succeed .We need to know what to study, approach and the topics which we need to focus on. Hard work is the key to success but a blend of hard work and smart work makes a perfect amalgamation to achieve success . In this article I would be giving some points which would help you in cracking a competitive exam.

Make a Strategy

A good strategy is made based on your strengths and weakness. This is because more focus is required on the subjects or topics on which we have less confidence .This technique would basically help in preparing every aspect of the exam equally. A strategy may not be same for all individuals and may vary.

Have a look at previous year papers

This basically helps us to get a hint of the pattern of the paper and decide what needs more focus. Sometimes we study topics which are rarely asked in the exam thus end up wasting our time. We have also seen in the past that exams may have the same question asked from a previous paper. I would suggest you not to learn the answers of previous year papers rather study the approach and the logically aspect derived from it. Keep in mind the concept which would help you solve many questions of the same type.

Consult individual who has taken the test

A guiding light is always needed to cross a path during dark. By this I mean that we need a guide to advice us about the exam when we have no idea about it. This individual(s) would tell the books , websites, institute, source of material and success stories of preparation. We need to lay more stress on the people who did not clear the examination and why did they not. By this we can make ourselves prepared for the difficult situation.

Read from standard books and not guides/local authors

This is a thumb rule which should be followed. It has been observed and examined that some question bank that are sold in the market have wrong answers .If you study material which is not authentic you may end up making your hard work futile. Sometimes a wrong solution is given and we end up remembering the same. Conceptual questions are generally framed from the standard books.

Be aware of changes in pattern if any

The pattern of the exam might change from year to year and keeping an eye on it is necessary. This is because we need to build our strategy accordingly. A change in pattern is announced by the organization conducting it well in advance and ample time is given to prepare as per new pattern.

Visit respective website regularly

It is a good practice to visit the site of the body conducting the exam. This would keep us updated with every news .I am suggesting this because sometimes the website displays the name of the candidates whose fees they could not receive ,incorrect details, document submission etc. We can take an immediate step if we see the notification.

Learn concepts don't mug up

This point is of utmost importance .It is advised that when you study a previous year question bank go through the concepts , build logic and sufficient theory so that even if the question comes with a twist you are able to handle it with ease. This helps to make a permanent impression in your mind. You will rarely see the same question from a previous year set but you can see a lot of questions based on the same concept and logic .

Revise daily

There are some topics which needs regular practice. One such is the tables in quantitative aptitude test of any examination. I would suggest you to learn tables up to 30 and this would help you score better in quantitative aptitude test. We pray to god two times a day ,in the same fashion recall your tables , static general knowledge after getting from bed and before going to sleep. This would help you learn things easily.

Have balanced diet and pursue your hobby

Proper attention should be paid to your body .Eat healthy food and exercise .Do the activities you like such as singing, dancing, watching TV etc in limited time. These activities would energize you and keep you fresh. Your mind should be fresh before you start studying something new. Don't take tension rather take actions and study well and surely you would succeed.

In this competitive world students are confused about how they can succeed. The points that are mentioned in the article covers some ways that can help them succeed and make the exam a cake walk. Apart from working hard the key is to work smartly. The most important point is to take a balanced and healthy diet. Always discuss with your peers and get an idea about the pattern of the paper so that the same type of questions can be practiced and relevant topics can be focused .

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Author: Partha K.07 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

This is an excellent article. In this connection, I would furnish the following comments:-

(a) To be successful in a competitive examination, the candidate must have the proper mindset. He/She must understand the difference of competitive examination with conventional examination. The candidate must understand that, there is no concept of pass-fail in case of competitive examination. If a person scoring 55% becomes successful, he is really good. On the other hand, a candidate may be unsuccessful even after scoring 90% marks. The candidate must understand the difference very clearly.

(b) The candidate must be very clear about the syllabus to chalk out a proper plan to study. The portion in which he/she is comfortable requires one type of preparation, whereas the portion in which he/she is not comfortable requires different level of preparation.

(c) The candidate must practice as many as question papers as possible. He/She must not down the marks obtained by him/her, and give additional stress to the questions which he/she is unable to solve.

(d) Time management is absolutely essential for success in competitive examinations. It is absolutely necessary to complete the test in stipulated time. Moreover, the candidate must have to learn beforehand the technique to mark the OMR sheet. For these purposes also, attempting mock tests is absolutely necessary.

(e) Proper planning and efficient execution are the keys to success in the competitive examinations. The candidates must remember this and prepare accordingly.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Nov 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

A good article which is useful to the candidates preparing for the competitive examination. The examination is mainly objective. Unlike the class examination, you should be very familiar with the subject and mug up work will not help. General understanding of the basics of the subject will help more for a successful attempt. In these examinations, you will not have any choice. You have to attempt all questions. A very clear idea of usage of time is required. Go on reading the questions one by one and answer immediately. If an answer to any question is not known, don't spend too much time and go to the next question. All questions should be completed in given time. It is better to avoid guesswork if negative marking system is there. You should understand the subject thoroughly then only you can answer the questions properly. A perfect planning for preparing for the examination and a clear-cut idea about the test methodology are very important for being successful; in the examination is very important.

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