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The main challenges of an Inter-Religious Marriage

Are you into a Inter-Religious relationship? Do you know anyone who is into it? Are they facing any challenges in life? In this article, I have mentioned the main challenges that inter-religious couple has to go through. Read on and share your views or experiences.


Falling in love is no one's fault but if it is an inter-religious or inter-caste relationship, one has to face a lot of challenges throughout. If you are ready to face it and you truly love your partner, then go ahead as the life is all yours. The main reason why some people are not ready to accept inter-religious relationships is because, in the past, in our country, hardly anyone would enter, or even think about getting into a relationship with someone of a different religion. However, now the trend is changing and young people are coming forward with inter-religious affairs. There is nothing wrong in it because keeping aside religion and caste, we all are humans, but we should have an idea of the challenges we will have to face and should be prepared for it. Don't love someone just to drop it halfway in the name of religion and caste. Those are just man created segregation.

The main challenges of an Inter-Religious Marriage

We live in a society where people are interested in other's issues than their's. So when they hear about an inter-religious marriage, they will be more than interested to cook up stories and to add flame to the fire. Marriage is a very important decision in one's life and it decides our future happiness. So be very careful and practical while taking a decision. Other than religion and caste there are other important factors one need to consider before getting into a relationship and that is compatibility and the strength of the love between each other. If you love deeply and find the other person suitable for you, be ready to face the challenges together. Here I have listed some of the main challenges one has to face while in an inter-religious relationship or marriage.

  • No Support from Family & Friends : Religion is a way of life and a person's way of thinking, living and perception is more or less affected by the religion he follows. So the challenges of inter-religious marriage is a bit complex. Because of this, most of the families and relatives will be against inter-religious marriages. This in the long run can give rise to trust issues between the two. It is always important to convince your parents and friends and make them understand how happy you will be if you live your life with the person whom you love. Introduce him/her to your parents and let them generate a trust in her/him. There are certain relations where the parents stand against the marriage but the two will decide to live together without parent's support. It might sound easy, but practically is a bit difficult. You love your parents so you can't live for long without meeting or talking to them. Here is where the frustration starts. Rather than feeling guilty towards the end, both of you should stand together and get your parents convinced from the very beginning itself. With their support, your life can be much happier and brighter

  • Mutual understanding takes time: As I said earlier, when you are following two different religions, it means you are following two different ways of life. It is not easy for the you to completely understand and accept the other's way of life. It takes some time. For example, if one of them is into worshiping idols and the other one believes in a religion where idol worshiping is not allowed, it takes time for both of them to understand how their practices are. You should never lose trust during this period and should hold up your love. Try to make that extra effort to understand each other. In order to overcome such barriers, try to have a brief idea of both the religions and their practices and how important it is to them. So you will respect it and can accept it

  • Pressure to change Religion : I am some how against the concept of changing one's religion. I have been following a particular religion my entire life and cannot change the concepts and practices one fine day. Forcing someone to do so is not at all advisable as everyone has the freedom to choose and practice the religion they like. Let it be like that and refrain from forcing your love to change his/her religion. We should be ready to accept them as how they are and not by changing them the way we want. In some cases, parents or relatives will be forcing one person to change their religion, but in such cases you should be very open and let them know that you have no issues in the other practicing his/her religion. Also, you should be able to convince your parents that your love will never let you change your religion for him/her or for their family

  • Lot to be Sacrificed : When we are in a relationship with someone of another religion, there are some things which one of us has to sacrifice. For instance, the boy is born into a Brahmin family and the girl to a Muslim family. The boy who is a complete vegetarian has to live with a girl who loves her non vegetarian food. The girl can't cook it at home as the boy can't stand the smell of it. Here the real love comes into the picture and one of them has to sacrifice. Whether the boy get used to the odor or the girl give up on non veg food. At the same time the boy can get non veg food for her from outside or as convenient for them. It is up to them to decide on how to go about it. I just intended to convey that sacrifice will be required and only if you are ready for it, your life will be happy

  • Children : Last but not the least, one need to think about the children they are going to have as their future is in your hands. Even though every religion is good and have the same aim, the practices and traditions differ. Don't let the child be confused, but let him learn the various religions so that he will have a much better outlook as he grows. Also decide in advance which religion is to be selected for your child and here mutual understanding and acceptance is very much required. Even though, as per record, the child belongs to a particular religion, let them learn the other religion as well. Never change the religion of the children in between just because you have a fight with each other. Keep in mind the issues the child has to face and act accordingly for their welfare


Those who are in inter-religious relationship should get married as per the Special Marriage Act. Before getting married understand each other thoroughly and make sure you are ready to face all the above challenges in your life together. If you have a 0.01% doubt, please rethink about it. Love should be real and from the heart and not just on the spur of the moment. It is your life and you can't play with it and there is no point regretting later. Hence forward thinking and planning is essential in the case of inter-religious and inter-caste marriages. It is always better to start your married life with every one's support and blessings, so work for it.

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Author: Umesh26 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A nice article bringing out the features and challenges of an inter-religious marriage.

I just want to say that religion is something very deeply ingrained in the human minds as they are brought up generally in a religious environment or religious society. Religion has become an integral part of a society and it reflects from its various religious procedures and functions celebrated by that particular community. Even the people who are not staunch believers in any religion are afraid of the wrath of religious groups or leaders. The most amazing and intriguing thing about religion is that there are people who are ready to sacrifice even their life, what to say of their wealth etc for their religion. You can say it is a blind thing but unfortunately it is there and the politicians are, instead of reforming, exploiting this blindness.

In this situation we have to see how bold and brave are the people who are going for inter-religious marriages and sustaining it till end. So it is not an easy decision to go for such marriages until and unless the couple is very sure about their intentions, love and also their ability to face the world subsequently.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Oct 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A very good article by the author. The way the author has put the facts is very good. "We live in a society where people are interested in other's issues than their's" is a real quality of the society which the author has depicted in this one sentence. My appreciations to the author.
Another factor that comes in is food habits and the way of living. In case if one is Vegetarian and the other is Non-vegetarian in inter-caste marriages, it will also create some problem. Generally, the way of life will be having a lot of differences. So the couples should think these issues also before getting tied up. A lot of sacrifices are required from both in these inter-religious marriages. A good understanding and adapting to each other is very important. So a serious thought is required before getting married and in case of any little doubt, a rethinking on the decision is required.

Author: K Mohan28 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The challenges being faced in the inter-religious marriages is well written in this great article. I am of the opinion that when both boy or the girl who are from different religion/castes and decide to get marry, they must be prepared for the onslaught to be followed later from both side. Parents have high hopes on children and they want to see them settle in their life with good job and a marriage and then with children. All their aspirations and expectations cannot be discarded, thrown to wind due to the so called love marriage proposal and that too from inter caste. There are many problems to be faced. First of all both the families has to be convinced and they must adjust with each other. I do not think they would adjust and keep their ego fit. Food habits are different. And when a child is born, what name has to be christened. All these happens post marriage and the couples must be ready to face the tunes.

Author: Natarajan28 Oct 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A simple article on a complex social issues. A good read for people of different castes who want to become partners from being friends. Not everyone is lucky to fall in love and love doesn't come with an invitation. It just happens and it can happen between people of different faiths. Very happy to note that the author has listed 'No support' as the first challenge as practically it's the first knee jerk reaction of family and some friends (not all) and support(emotional,social,financial) from close ones is vital for the marriage to stay intact. It's better to get parents on board, even if takes time for them to accept.

Being friends or being in love is totally different from being married. Being married brings it's own share of responsibilities, duties and commitment. This is not a one day process, it's day in and day out for the rest of the married life. There would be numerous instances for issues or arguments to crop up and both would be left alone to deal with it and this requires trust and maturity on both sides.

Couple of issues that I feel useful is the fact of money and assets. Running a family needs money, so at least one partner has to diligently work or have a decent amount from family for a rainy day. Such couples should have an idea of what the families need in terms of saving for a home, saving for emergencies, saving for children's education etc.This is because finance is an integral part of long term relationships.

Claiming ownership of properties of the family of the bride or bridegroom also is difficult as many parents would not be in speaking terms or would not be in favor of giving a share of the family property for a son or daughter who has shamed them. These issues also should be anticipated and settled amicably.

Author: Venkiteswaran28 Jun 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Even today, there is a news report about an inter-religious couple granted protection by the court to live together without fear to their life. But the couple says that they are still getting threats and that the
grooms family is threatened to warn that the groom's sister will be abducted. The court has ordered police protection for them. This is the state of affairs in a state claiming to be literate- Kerala. The broadminded public was shocked at the terrific incident of kidnap and murder of one Kevin, the male partner of a love relationship, though of the same religion but of different economic status- that too in Kerala.

So we have to fear that the society is now on retrograde. Even those who are supposed to be broad-minded and claim to be so are different when it comes to their personal or family matters.

The risk interfaith marriage face is still not eliminated or has vanished totally.

While politicians give rhetoric on intolerance there is this kind of intolerance at ground level.Many events show that the intolerance is practised in exactly the opposite way of what the politicians blame.

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