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Essential Packing tips that makes moving relaxed

You found a new home. Are you excited and at the same time confused about how to pack your things and move them safely? Don't you understand where to start and how to dispose the unwanted stuffs you were accumulating these years? This article provides you with the important packing tips that make moving easy.

Relocating from one place to another place seems to be exciting but it turns to be stressful and traumatic when the packing process does not end. Packing all our belongings and moving them safely from a place, we have been residing for years is surely a tedious task. The modern world however has made the task easy as there are Packers and Movers service providers. Yet, there are some people who cannot afford for the cost of service and do it themselves.

This article guides you how to pack your things and move them safely without much strain.

Wrap up all the essential items in a bag

Right before you kick start your packing, wrap all the essential items like few clothes, medicines, phone chargers, toiletries, eating utensils, necessary cookware etc in a separate bag. Obviously you will be too tired to unpack your things right away you reach the new place. And so it's always good to place the essential items to be accessed quickly.

Dispose the Unused Items

Dispose the unused and unnecessary items you are not using and you were feeling hesitant to dispose these many days. With the less stuff you can pack up, unload, and organize the things easily.

Categorize the items

Categorizing the items makes the packing easy. Sort out the things to be placed in each room and avoid mixing the items from different rooms in the same box.

Choose the right size boxes

Always place the heavy items in small boxes and items that are less in weight in large boxes. Make sure that there are no empty spaces in the boxes and fill the gaps with packing paper. Doing this will help the movers to lift your things quickly and safely.

Labelling the boxes

Labelling the boxes will enable you and your movers to know where each box has a place in your new residence. Number the boxes you've packed and note the list of items you've packed to ensure all the items have been packed.

Wrap the boxes well with a tape

Tape the top and bottom joints of the boxes and also wrap a tape around the top and bottom ends as a safeguard measure. You can also buy a stretch wrap and group the items together. This will guard the furniture from getting scraped and scratched.

Wrapping the breakables

Wrap the breakables like dishes, glasses in a cloth or packing paper around each item. Never place the plates flat, place them in sides. Cups and bowls can be placed one inside the other. To wrap the dishes you can use dish-barrel boxes.

Pack the electronics in the Original boxes

The electronic items need special treatment and always pack the electronic items in the original boxes they arrived when you purchased. Tape the top and bottom joints and edges to safeguard from damage.

Hire the right movers and find a suitable date

Hire the best movers to make your moving right. Find the right movers and plan accordingly and it is always better to make the move at night or on weekends to avoid getting stuck on traffic.

Transparent Ziploc bags for tiny items.

Stock up the tiny items like screws, luggage keys, extension cords, power strips etc in a transparent ziploc bags for quick access.

Take pictures of electric connections before disconnecting

If you have the pictures of electric connections, you will feel easy to set up the electronic devices avoiding fretting.

Visit your new home prior moving and decide where the items should be placed

Before moving to your new home, have a visit. If required make a clean and decide where the items to be placed. This will avoid confusion during unloading.

Finally loading and moving

Load the heavy furnitures first, boxes with heavy items and then lighter boxes. Be gentle and stress-free during the whole process. Take care when you unload the items and make sure you place the items in the right place.

As a last word, start your packing ahead as you will feel stressful to tackle all in one day.

Hope the information is useful and please do share the packing tips you know out of your experience.


Author: Natarajan02 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 9

Moving home or relocating is quite a stressful event for the adults and the children as well. Tempers flare and if the burden of packing is taken off our shoulders it would be much more peaceful. Wonderful and simple suggestions that would be helpful to move with a smile on our faces has been provided by the author.

Few of my thoughts-

- Packing for a move is a good opportunity to get materials that would serve as memories for the future. Children's drawings, first toy, first dress, old pictures, first school dress or book. We have managed to save many such small things that serve as fond memories for us. We hope to keep them for our later years when we retire and kids have moved on.

- While moving washing machines, expensive water filters and high-end fridges, its better to be done with recognized company staff because if the appliance breakdown, warranty cover often is not given because unauthorized people have handled the washing machine or a giant plasma TV screen etc.

- Don't take the entire project on yourself, involve children and other adults. It is often useful to repeat out loud when an important or a very useful item is placed in a particular box.

- It's also useful to keep track of expensive gadgets as to where they go. Discuss with your spouse or other family members on the order of loading and unloading so that you don't end up moving stuff again later.

- In all the hustle and bustle food, coffee and tea take a back seat, if possible don't waste time and stress yourself in the kitchen for a couple of days on both sides of the moving date, get a friendly neighbor or a home delivery.

- Children get bored while we are busy packing, have some ideas to keep them occupied or they can play in the neighbor's home or at relatives.

- Keep some bottled water ready for the move as it runs out very quickly once we have disconnected the water filters.

- Take pictures of the entire process so that later it reminds us of our old home and the memories.

Author: Chitra04 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Shifting your house is the most tedious task. Keep in mind the following points while shifting-

1) Number the cartons or make a mark so that you know what is kept in which carton. Once you reach the new house, you will find difficulties in opening the packets and arranging the stuff in order. The initial days will be a terror, so marking the cartons helps to find and get the necessary items quickly.

2) Don't carry all the things from the old house. Shifting is the best time for you to identify the waste and unwanted things you were storing in your house. Find them and throw them away rather than taking it to the new home and wasting the space there as well. Keeping unwanted stuff in the house also creates negative energy.

3) Don't wait until the last minute to pack. Start packing well in advance. First, start with the least used items and then move on to the others. Last minute rush will end up with missing something or not packing it properly.

4) Don't mix up things while packing. Keep a separate carton for kitchen stuff and another for clothes. In clothes also, it is better if you can pack kids clothes and your clothes separately. It will be helpful for you to rearrange it in the cupboard at the new house.

5) Remeber to sell off the used utensils or machines that you might be leaving behind for scrap.

6) When you arrange pick-up to shift things, try to get the closed type one. This avoids dust and dirt getting into your packed stuff. Otherwise, you will have to clean the things again once you reach the new place.

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