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The importance and consequence of social networking in human life

What is social networking ? Is there any merits and demerits for social networking in our daily life? Check out this article to know the precautions needed to be taken from a young age itself in the field of social networking.


Social Networking is a platform in which people can connect with other people either they may know or not physically. It may be due to business or friendship or for just time-pass. Social networking is for the people who want to associate with more people at a time in which the people on the other side may be in a different city or state or even country too.

Types of Social Networking

As already mentioned, Social networking may be used for business or to create a friendship. Hence we can simply be classified social networking as 'Professional' and Non-Professional'.

Professional category is used to build or to improve their business, employment and knowledge sharing. Some examples are Linkedin, India Study Channel.

Non-Professional Networking is used to build a new friendship, connecting with known people by sharing their happiness, sorrows, day to day activities and forwarding messages, pictures and videos which they liked most. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

How to connect with Social networking

To use this social networking, one should know some basic concepts about the social networking and it requires a little bit of computer knowledge and Mobile technology. We have to identify the need of using social networking for each individual as said earlier whether for their business or for sharing knowledge or just to kill the time.

We can use the computer for some social networking site like Linkedin, educational sites like India study channel and the same can be accessed through our mobile phone but it should be a smartphone. In addition to that, we can use more social networking apps in our mobile phone. We have to install first to use those apps. Apps are nothing but application software created for a particular purpose. To access these apps, one requires very less knowledge and by practice, you can do a lot.

Advantages and disadvantages of social networking

Whenever a technology comes to the people, it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are not by default but how people are accessing. When talking about Social networking, most people get addicted when start using. If we have some purpose of using social networking site or apps, then it will be productive whereas, if we get addicted and spending a lot of time in that, then the only problem arises either as an individual or in their family.

If we want to get some new clients for the business, knowledge sharing or for getting some new ideas for their career path, social networking has a wide range of advantages. It will sure to help our growth in terms of business, education and also our personal life.

As a parent, it is their duty to monitor their kids how they are using social networking site and how much time they are using. By getting addicted to social networking, people start moving away from their family, relationships and even they are less focused on their education or career path. So parents role is very important to monitor their kids. They can sit with their kids and can explain the pros and cons of social networking.


In our life, change is always there. We have to update and upgrade our knowledge. So it is our responsibility as individual to make use of social networking in a productive way but not to ruin our precious life.


Author: Natarajan15 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A timely article that's relavent to the current times. Social media and its misuse or overuse is a major issue among teenagers and adults.
Many parents worry about the 'screen time', the time that children spend with their gadgets. Longer screen time is associated with behavioral issues, anger, lack of attention and disturbed sleep. For a child around 5 years of age, the acceptable screen time is one hour.
For older children, the accepted time depends on the activity (communication/chatting, interaction/games, passive/watching TV or whether for creative use). Based on these, families can agree on what is ideally suited and follow the plan that should apply to adults also. Whatever is the format of the social media, parents should always be aware of what the children are getting exposed to and regulate the traffic and content.
Social media has to be increasingly used to exchange knowledge, important information and in emergency situations.

Social media is often misused to spread false information, altered images and rumors to incite communal and religious clashes, mislead common people for personal gain etc. Here there should be accountability and regulations in place to prevent such misuse.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao16 Nov 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Social networking is good for connecting people from different parts of the globe and sharing ideas. This can also be used for getting some financial advantage also. To that extent we can understand that the social media is doing good. But these days people are spending hours together on these sites and becoming addicted. Ultimately losing time without any benefit. So we should know up to what extent we have to use it. Many matured people are doing that and getting advantage of this. But the actual problem is with school going and college going students. I know some students who will be chatting on their cell phones with unknown persons from long distance till midnight. They sleep late and won’t get up early and then bunk the college or school. Parents can take care to some extent. But 100% they also can’t be after their kids and make them to stop. That way the social media is becoming a threat to the future citizens of the globe. How to overcome this and see that the youth will use their time more productivity is to thought of.
The author has presented the article in a very systematic and planned way. A very informative article. My appreciations to the author.

Author: Venkatasubramani22 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

By using social networks for long time, without any purpose, most of the people are getting psychological problems. They are not ready to speak with their parents or siblings and even they get irritated by answering their question. Whereas, they are spending lot of time with the people with unknown faces in the Social media.

Thanks Mr. Natarajan and Dr. Srinivasa Rao for your view about social media.

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