The most common pregnancy related problems and their cures

Here are some safe and holistic remedies for common pregnancy-related problems. Learn how to fight varicose veins, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and stretch marks that can trouble you when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy does give a woman a lovely glow to her face, but it also brings it with a lot of discomfort. While most symptoms are temporary and last only as long as the pregnancy last, they are nevertheless quite bothersome.

Women can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome that causes numbness and tingling in the fingers and pain in the wrists. Pregnant women are also prone to water retention that results in swelling of the feet. Other problems include stretch marks and varicose veins. This piece addresses all these problems and provides safe solutions.

Fight back pain

Pregnant women carry around extra weight and since most of it is concentrated around the middle and in the front, it tends to change the posture of the mother-to-be and cause severe discomfort in the lower back, also leading to pain. To ease the discomfort and the pain, follow these simple things –

Don't stand for too long

Avoid being on your feet for long duration, especially as the pregnancy advances. The growing baby puts a lot of pressure on your lower back, as your pelvic joints begin to soften and your posture changes, to maintain balance. These changes increase the incidence of backaches and standing for long hours, only aggravates the condition.

Maintain proper balance

You cannot avoid standing, so when you are on your feet, make sure that you maintain proper posture. Ensure that you balance your weight on both feet, instead of allowing one leg to take all your weight. Doing this puts tremendous pressure on the lower half of the spine which causes the pain to intensify.

Sit upright

Don't slouch when sitting on the chair or couch, no matter how comfortable it is. When you sit, push your self way back into the chair, such that your lower back rests against the backrest. Press your lower back against the backrest, as often as you can, gently, but firmly, as this workout, strengthen the muscles supporting the lower back.

Raise your feet

If you have a sedentary job, where you have to sit at your desk for long stretches, it is advised that a small stool is placed at the foot of your chair, so you can prop your feet up. This helps ease the back pain.

Control carpal tunnel syndrome

A number of women suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy. It causes tingling and numbness in the fingers and happens due to water retention, which is common during pregnancy. The excess water puts pressure on the nerves in the wrist. The condition can disturb daily routine and slow you down. A few tricks to overcome the problem –

Exercise the arms & wrists

Try the following exercise to find relief –

  • Clench your hands into a fist, hold that position for a few seconds. Open the fist and spread your fingers, as wide as you can. Repeat this exercise, at least four times, as often as you can
  • Alternately stretch out each arm, one at a time and place fingers on the other hand against the outstretched palm and push it backward
  • Join the tips of your fingers and place a rubber band around them. Slowly spread your fingers against the resistance of the rubber band

Reduce the possibility of stretch marks

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy, they are unavoidable. But the severity of stretch marks can be greatly reduced if you know what to do right. Stretch marks show up as silvery-white or purplish-red streaks on the belly, buttocks, thighs, breasts and other parts of the body. They happen when the skin stretches in the abdomen and breasts, stretches during pregnancy. This stretching takes place in the layer of skin that has the collagen, and this lies beneath the surface of the outer skin. Hence, fancy skin-care products that promise a miracle cure, usually won't work. So, don't waste a fortune, looking for a miracle cure. Try the following to reduce the incidence of stretch marks –

Watch your weight

Avoid putting on excess weight, beyond the acceptable weight gain, during pregnancy. Some women just let go and don't worry about the weight gain. Eat healthy, nutritious foods that are good for you and not ghee laden goodies, which will add to your bulk. The more weight you put on, the more stretch marks you'll end up with.

Vitamin E

Applying vitamin E oil on the abdomen nourishes the skin and prevents stretch marks from forming. This is not a miracle cure, so don't expect stretch marks to not form at all, they will. But, with time they fade away.

Preventing varicose veins

Many women suffer from ropey varicose veins during pregnancy. They form because pregnant women build up an excess volume of blood to nourish the growing foetus. Varicose veins are unsightly and painful. Wear stockings, designed especially for varicose veins, to keep the problem at bay. Alternatively, you may also try the following remedies –

Cold compress

The incidence of varicose veins can be greatly reduced by applying a cold compress on the legs. According to experts, the use of essential oils can act as a remedy for the problem. Six drops each of lemon, cypress and bergamot essential oils are added to a cup of witch hazel, and chilled in the refrigerator, for at least an hour.

Sit in a comfortable chair, with your feet raised and use a toweling cloth soaked in the chilled essential oils on the legs, as a cold compress. Do this for roughly 15 minutes. The essential oils are known to lessen the inflammation and contract enlarged blood vessels.

When to see a doctor

Luckily, a medical condition induced by pregnancy vanishes once the woman delivers. However, do discuss any health condition that erupts, with your doctor, before it becomes a problem. Most conditions can be managed via, exercise, balanced diet and holistic treatments.

Let your doctor know if you are having trouble keeping down fluids and solids or if you feel dehydrated. Women particularly have trouble with iron supplements.

If you suffer from frequent headaches that don't wane or experience double vision, you need to see your doctor. Also, if you find that your baby isn't moving as much or not moving at all, see your doctor.

Do you have remedies for common problems that arise during pregnancy? Do share them in the comment section.

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Author: K Mohan11 May 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Nice and relevant tips from the author which goes a long way to help the pregnant women in their run-up to delivering the child. What the elders used to say was that a pregnant woman should work normally and should not fear that something would happen to the child when she bends or do some extra work. The more she works and the more the exercise she would be doing will help in easy delivery. And if the pregnant woman needs to stand in view of her profession, then she must shift the weight from left to right and right to left leg based on the feeling of pain.

Author: Reena Upadhya18 May 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Other common problems which pregnant women face are-
Change in taste as well as a change in smell-
There are certain foods which will make pregnant women vomit or feel nauseous. They cannot get adapted to the way these food taste or smell. Sometimes the mere smell will make them intolerant. These changes are not harmful. As pregnancy progresses, most of the women will develop tolerance towards these foods. Avoid all those foods if their smell, taste or even appearance is causing sickness.

Nausea or vomiting-
Women, especially in the first trimester, will experience nausea or vomiting which will make them feel weak and can also result in dehydration. In most women, these things disappear by themselves as the pregnancy continues. However, in some women, it is seen that vomiting persists along with high body temperature and pain in the body. See the doctor immediately as too much vomiting not only harms the body but also harm the development of the fetus and result in the birth of underweight babies. Hormonal changes are the main reasons behind nausea or vomiting. As these symptoms are commonly experienced during morning time, it is known as morning sickness.

Do not miss meals. Missing meals can worsen the morning sickness. Fluid intake must be in small portions and in between meals. Do not drink large fluids. Before getting out of bed after waking up in the morning, try eating a dry biscuit. Avoid foods which are deep-fried, spicy and fatty.

Weight gain
A very common problem that is faced during pregnancy is weight gain. It is expected to put on some weight during pregnancy. It is good for the fetus as well as for the health of pregnant lady. However, if weight gain is taking place at a very rapid pace then there might be some underlying reasons which need to be diagnosed. Thus, consult the doctor as soon as possible.

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