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Tips to balance career life with family life

Are you struggling to balance your career life and family life? Have you set boundaries between family life and official life? Do you know what you are going to miss by spending to much time with your company? Read on to know how to manage your career and personal life. Start from today to be a better man/woman.


Let me start with the famous saying 'Time and tide waits for no one'. It is true and hence we need to use the time in hand wisely before it is too late. There is no point weeping later when you are not even taking a step now to make a change. Many of us especially ladies find it hard to balance their career life and family life together. Some end up in quitting the job or sending the kids to boarding schools. There is another category who gets frustrated in life and the frustration comes out as anger towards the family members. All these can have a severe impact on your life. Hence knowing how to manage career life with personal life is essential. In this article, I have mentioned few tips that you can adopt in order to find sufficient time for your family.

Tips to balance Career life with Family life

Our career might be our passion or we might be working for our family. Whatever be the case, we have a family behind whom we should take care of. Being ourselves fully busy with work and reaching home at the time of dinner alone is not going to help to have a happy family life. We need to find the time and be able to keep aside some time for our family. It is essential to keep our partner and kids happy. Their happiness will, in turn, be reflected in us and in the things we do. Let us have a look at the tips that I have to share with you to make your life more easier and happening.

Find Family Time

Find time for and with your family while doing your routine tasks. To achieve it, you might need to wake up a bit early. But it will definitely help you and is worth it. You can easily finish your morning stuff without rushing and can have your morning tea with your partner and kids. Make it a habit as during lunch time you can't be together except on weekends. After work, let both the partner start cooking and in no time the dinner will be ready. Have it together. No, you are not going to switch on the television then. Enjoy the food and have a small chit-chat with your partner and kids. After food, you can watch TV for some time so that you will not sleep until the food is digested. Likewise, think and try to make your regular chores and habits into a family bonding time. It gives each member of the family the feeling of togetherness. You won't get this feel by staring at the TV or by clicking on the phone. Make sure to go out for lunch on weekends, at least once every month. Do shopping together, go for exercises together. This way you are doing your routine stuff but your family is together with you. Together is always better.

Limit Distractions

Many times, even at home, we have a lot of distractions due to which we get less time for our family. Among the distractions, mobile phones top the list. If we are able to reduce and limit the time we spent on our mobile phones or on social networking sites, we will find some time for our family. Use those time wisely with your loved ones to make it a memorable one. Now what we get to see is parents are on laptop or mobiles, either working from home or being active on networking sites. The child also will be given a tab or a mobile phone to play with. All the three of them are in their own world. Is that life? In certain houses, mothers are into watching serials and they get annoyed when the children or husband asks them something during the serial time. Thank God! the number of males watching serials is comparatively less. Instead of choosing different entertainment sources for each member, why can't all of them enjoy together by getting involved in some entertainment all the three will like? Plan a trip to the beach or a small outing or go for a movie together. These things might not be possible everyday so whenever it is possible, make use of the time wisely. Have dinner together, have a small conversation with each other, all these help to strengthen the family bonding. Understand the time wasters and gradually try to get rid of them from your lives.

Stay Connected

We know both the parents have to work these days to lead a normal and happy life. It is essential to provide a good education for their kids. In the normal case, the work hours are 8hrs. But along with the work hours, if we add the preparation and getting ready time and the travel time, it will easily make up to 10 - 12 hrs. That is half a day you are spending away from your family. Certain days this will be more than 12hrs or less. It depends. Let us consider it to be 12hrs; don't you love to be with your loved ones in between this 12hrs? Definitely, yes! Then why can't you make it possible? Now the technology is developed and we have sufficient gadgets to make our wish come true. Even though we can't be personally with them, call them and chat with them using video chat. Let them know your presence. If the children are at home studying, video chat and ask them how many portions they have covered so far, did they take a nap in between and all? Call your partner and ask him/her about the office work, about kids, about themselves and all. This way even at work you are finding time for your family and they are not getting the feel of being away from you.

Be clear to the Employer

We have to be clear with the employer from the beginning. Choose a job according to our situation and needs. Make sure you tell your boss that you would like to leave on time as you have kids back home and if at all the job requires you to stay late, let it be for half an hour or so. If not let them provide you with a laptop so that you can work from home those days. It is also better if you have the option of working from home once a week or so. Also, understand your employer and if he/she is good enough share things with them and let them know your situation and accordingly they can do something for you. Like granting you a paid leave when your family member is sick or so. Leaving on time is essential especially when it comes to female staffs. When the kids are small, they need the presence of mother more, so be clear to the employer about that and make sure to clear your work on time and make it a habit to leave on time. If you sit late for few days then it becomes a habit, don't give a chance for that.

Organize Family Calendar

Make sure family is your priority and plan accordingly. Find out the functions at kids schools, family functions etc and note it on your calendar. Make sure you are able to attend those functions on time. Family gatherings are always a pleasure and will strengthen the bond. Being with kids on their school functions motivates them and makes them confident. Love is to be shown, and not to be hidden deep inside you. These are small ways to show how much you love your family. When you get a long weekend, plan a trip with your family. You have many options like a stay in a resort, a barbeque night, have pool fun and so on. Considering the taste and interest of each member try to figure out something and enjoy the trip and make it the one that you will cherish forever. Even on the working days, find the time and arrange some special activities like playing cards, caroms or so. It is your duty to organize it and make sure it works out well. Once in a while plan for a long trip, like a trip to another country or city. It makes you refreshed and also you can explore the beauty of nature.

Set Boundaries

This is where many people fail. We should be able to set boundaries between our work life and personal life. Many people carry the pressure and tension of work to home; but why? Even if you think about it ten times at home, you are not going to solve the issue. But you are definitely wasting the precious time which you could have happily spend with your family. It is better you leave your work and related thoughts at the office itself. Be a different person once you reach home. Understand and make sure that the time you have at home is for your spouse and kids. Similarly, don't drag your personal issues to your office. This will keep you worried and you will be delayed in completing the tasks assigned to you. This, in turn, will require you to sit late at work. What is the point of you reaching home once your kids have slept? Don't you love to have food with them, play with them or at least see them playing? Why are you doing injustice to yourself? Leave your work behind and spend your time relaxing and live for your family.


As we grow old, we will understand money does not have much value in life. It is the happiness and joyful memories which will have more value then. When we reach that stage and turn back we should have a handful good memories with our family. For that, we need to start today. We should find time for them only then we will be free from regrets. There is no point of thinking later 'Oh! I could have done it this way.' We see various ads or short films which comes with the moral that as we did not spend time with our children when they were young, now they do not have time for us when we are old. Let that situation not come to anyone of us.

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Author: T.M.Sankaran08 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

These days many families face this problem. Present generation has more working couples. It is an economic need. Day to day affairs of a family can be managed only if both husband and wife go for some job, the present day set up is like that. Earlier there was the joint family system in which only male members worked. Also it was agricultural activities, mainly the occupation. But the agrarian set up is almost extinct. Industrial field is now providing job. Office oriented works are also attracting both male and female members. Also both husband and wife are educated such that these jobs attract them. Unless both work the monthly income will be insufficient to make both ends meet. This become crucial when children are born. Hence adjustments become a must.
There is no guarantee that both the husband and wife are getting job at the same place. One may have to travel. He or she will have to start the day early. In our set up even if the man is working at a distant place woman too will have to start working earlier. Because she is the kitchen manager.
Any way if both are working both must be sharing the house hold jobs. Otherwise the family life will not be smooth. In my case my wife was an engineer in Govt. department. As usual she had to work in different places. I being a teacher attached to a University I worked in the same place. So for years my wife stayed with me but worked elsewhere. That meant she had to travel a lot. Our children were attending schools/colleges and were staying with us. We got up early and prepared food for everybody, sharing the work load, and went to work places. Very often one or two relatives also used to stay with us studying or working. We had to take care of them too.
Because of adjustments none of us felt any difficulty in pushing our days ahead. So the success is based on adjustments.

Author: K Mohan08 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Balancing the official life with that of family life has become challenging task for the modern people as given the strategic position at the office and with increased responsibility and targets, some times they wont turn up back to home staying back at office quarters and finishing the pending work. What I suggest that never keep the work pending and postponing. If you cannot do the work, assign to those who can be believed. And never bring office problem to home and never discuss home issues at the office. By keeping two issues separately, we can live with dignity, otherwise we are confused.

Author: Natarajan08 Nov 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

A very practical article for many nuclear families where both husband and wife have to work and family commitments at times take a back seat.
For many employers work-life balance is just on paper, in practice the longer you work the cordial would be your relationship at workplace.The moment you insist on time keeping you have the risk of being labelled as a difficult employee that adversely affect your growth.

We have tried organizing our leaves, it is extremely difficult to get time off both at the same time during the long weekend and having a strict division between work and personal/family life is not practical at least 4 days in a week.

What we have tried out is one of us have become a part-timer, this has eased the stress of the school mornings and give time to check into children's education. Once a fortnight we try our a burger meal at home where in we all chip in to do burgers at home, this is so simple and kids love it, for an hour or two its good time spent at home on a Sunday afternoon or evening. we have a list of favourite cartoon movies (Finding Nemo, Stuart little, ice age and tom and jerry) which we've seen many times and don't mind watching for an hour. Your idea of a family holiday to a peaceful place definitely helps in family bonding.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao10 Nov 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A very valuable article. Many of us are facing a similar problem. We are becoming a professional and not a family man. But here we are forgetting one important aspect. The employer will respect you and value you as long as you are a value addition to him. The moment he finds that we are no more required to him he will never hesitate to say goodbye. But the family is not like that it is permanent bonding to you. In your difficult times, they only come to your rescue. This fact is never realised as long as we are strong and we are able to earn. Probably this is the reason the children of these days are becoming more independent as they are not getting the love and affection they expect from their parents. So we should always keep some time for the family. We have to eat with them, we have to go out with them and we have to dance with them. These actions only bring the family together with a strong bond. This fact is very nicely brought out by the author in this thread. A good piece of work by the author and my appreciations to the author. I realised this fact what I have explained is realised very late by me. My wife always used to say to you, your office is the first wife and I am the second wife. Now I realised the fact and my wife says now that better late than never.

Author: Umesh13 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A nice article mentioning good tips for maintaining balance between job and family.

In my view the people who know how to manage their time efficiently between the various responsibilities from their home to workplace are able to manage this challenge successfully. A person is having only 24 hours in a day. He has to manage everything within that boundary for months or years in his lifetime. Those who know the value of time, when to do what and sharing of available time slots towards personal as well as career related tasks, are the winners in this arena.

Author: Mithra18 Nov 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 7

Article was a informative one. In the present world as due to the frequent changes in economic environmental factors have a great impact or influence in each individuals life. we all have come to a world or situation in which husband and wife both have to go for work so as to build up a secure future for them as well as for kids.

Body can work properly only if it has a restful and a clam quiet sleep along having nutritious food.Both work life and family should be taken care of . It should be balanced properly. In an organisation an employee should be provided with a good " quality of work life". If an employee is provided with good quality work life it helps them to work properly by providing a good return to the organisation which in turn increases the profit of the organisation.

If an individual is enjoying his/her work then he/she is out of stress and they are back home with full power pack energy.Thus they are able to spent time for their family and helps in balancing their life.Finishing work within the given time helps employees from stress life. Correct hours of sleep and having food at correct intervals and proper exercise helps body to work properly and finish job or assigned duties fast .

Spending time with family that is by way of helping in kitchen,playing with kids, going for movie and spending time in beach and parks gives a refreshment to mind. Communication has an important role in this contest because there should be proper communication with employees coworkers and even with family members so as to reduce misunderstandings and over stress.

Each one has different IQ, capabilities and thus while choosing jobs one should aware of the potentials in them.Take up opportunities in which you are confident enough that you can balance both your career as well as family life. one should also try to improve their skills and abilities.

Author: Partha K.03 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

An excellent and useful article from the author. It is necessary to separate family life from work. It is true that we work for the sake of our family, but at the same time, we must understand, under any circumstances, we must not ignore the family. We have to devote quality time with the family. We have to take care of our family members. As author has rightly pointed out that money is not everything, it can't fulfill the emotional needs of our family members who depend upon us.

So what is the solution? I think that solution is known by all. Since my joining work, I have heard that we must not mix our family life with work. Everyday we are advised not to go back to our home carrying the load of work. But it is not very easy to do so. Very few people can maintain a proper balance between their office and family. Those who can do it, are truly great. For doing this, proper mental training and determination are required. We have to separate family life and work in two separate compartments in our mind. We have to be determined not to allow the effect of any bad day in office in our relationship with family. We must not neglect either office or residence. This is ultimately totally upto us at individual level.

I recommend this article to every family-man in our society.

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