How to get a job in Dubai?

Do you like to work in Dubai and is searching for the various options available in front of you to find a job in the Emirate? Then you have the reached the right page. Searching for a job in Dubai will be made much easier if you come to know about these tips.


It is the ambition of many people to work abroad as they think that they can earn a better living by working outside India. Out of the countries, UAE is one among the most preferred destinations. It is an Arab nation where implementation of the law is strictly followed. Hence first and foremost you need to know the basic rules and laws of the country before searching for a job there. To say more about Dubai, it is a very foreigner friendly Emirate which has a modern outlook towards life. It is known for its cleanliness, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall etc. Don't worry, if you get a job in Dubai, your stay there would be amazing, apart from the fact that you are away from your family. Through this article, I have explained the various sources through which one can apply for a job in Dubai, the most known emirate of UAE.

Tips to note

Before getting into the details of how to apply for a job, let us note some of the basic tips that you have to keep in mind before planning your visit to Dubai and start applying for a job. Never forget to carry sufficient money with you and also you should arrange for an accommodation in advance. It is better to have at least one known person in the country. If in case you need any help, you can approach him/her. The other things to note are:

  • Choose the right time : Normally people from different parts of the world come to Dubai on visit visa and then search for a job. One of the biggest mistakes certain people make is they choose the wrong time for visiting the country. Whichever country you are intending to visit, it is a must that you should choose the right time keeping your purpose in mind. It is better to be in Dubai during the peak time if you are searching for a job. As Dubai is a Muslim Emirate, during Eid and fasting the work timings in offices are reduced to 6 Hrs and the business is also slow at that time. Searching for a job during Ramadan period is not at all a wise decision. Hence do not opt the Ramadan time to visit Dubai. Also, it is better to avoid the year-end months as mostly the companies will be busy with year-end closings and hence no new hiring will be done

  • CV and Cover Letter : You need to make a proper resume along with a cover letter. The CV should not be too long and too short. It should be nicely presented and should include all the relevant information and should brief your experiences and educational qualifications. Take few colored print out of your CV and keep it in hand. It will turn out to be useful later. Don't forget to add a passport size color photo of yours to your CV. Have a photo wherein you are wearing a formal outfit. Along with the CV, you need to also make a proper cover letter. Do not send the same CV to all the jobs. You need to modify and edit your CV and cover letter according to the various jobs you are applying for. There should not be any errors or mistakes in the CV and also you should have a clear idea of the contents of your CV. If you are not good at making a resume, you can take the help of your friend or a third party agency

  • Know the Basic Laws : It is always better to know the basic laws of a land you are intending to visit or stay. Especially in a place like Dubai, it is a must as all the laws are strictly implemented irrespective of any personal bias. We are aware that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. In public, you need to behave properly and proper dress code should be maintained. If you are on a visit visa, don't forget to carry a copy of it where ever you go. Only use public transport or your friend's help. Getting into paid private taxis might get you into trouble. Spitting, smoking on public paces are strictly prohibited. Use the pedestrian crossing for road crossing or else you will be imposed with fines

Best ways to get a job in Dubai?

Dubai is a developed Emirate, hence you have plenty of opportunities in front of you to find a job there. Finding the suitable job depends upon how you search and what measures you have adopted. And of course your performance and presentation during the interview matter a lot. I am not dragging it anymore; let us see the various methods to apply for a job in Dubai.

  1. Websites : This is one of the most used methods of finding a job in Dubai. There are various websites wherein you can register by updating your basic information and uploading your CV. The information these websites ask for is very basic in nature like your name, address, phone number, e-mail ID, nationality, educational qualifications, work experience, achievements, visa status etc. Some of the most commonly used websites in Dubai are listed below


  2. Newspaper & Radio : You can apply for a job through the jobs column in Gulf news or Khaleej Times, the two leading newspaper of the region. They have a dedicated page for job searchers and job offers. Try searching for a job and give a call to the company if you find any interesting or else you can give a free ad stating that you are looking for a job mentioning your expertise and qualifications. Certain radio stations like Hit 96.7Fm also provide information on job vacancies. You also have the option of going on air and describe yourself so that employers listening to it might call you. Don't miss out on any possibility, try all the ways and surely you will find a job

  3. Company Websites: Most of the companies have a website wherein they will mention either the HR e-mail ID or a separate tab 'Career' which will ask you to upload your CV and enter the required information. This information directly goes to the HR once you click submit. You need to find out the reputed and well-known companies in the market and the companies where there will be openings based on your qualifications. Take the website address and upload your CV or send e-mails to their HR department. Some websites will have a list of their job vacancies if you find anything suitable apply online and wait for a call. If you didn't get a reply in a weeks time, get their phone number and call them and speak to the HR

  4. Submitting CV In person : Don't think that by submitting your CV online, your work is done. You need to work a bit harder as it is you who need a job. You need to find time to call the HR of the targeted companies and visit them in person. Hand over the CV to them. Also, you can drop your CVs at the reception of various companies. It will then be forwarded to the HR department and you will get a call once a vacancy arises. If you get a chance to see the HR, you should be able to describe yourself well along with your situations. If interested in your ability they might immediately choose you

  5. Mass Distribution : There are certain companies or people who will send your CV to many companies at the same time for a payment of some fee. The fee normally charged is Dh. 500.00. But the charge might vary according to the post and designation you are applying for. The advantage of this method is that your CV goes to say around 3000 to 5000 employers at the same time. At least minimum 50 of them would have a requirement and you might get calls from them. Therefore you can always consider the option of mass distribution of your CVs

  6. Recruitment Agencies : Recruitment agencies are established solely for the purpose of recruiting employees to various organizations. So you can approach them and submit your CV. They will get back to you with a suitable opening. But make sure do not fall into their trap. There are agencies who charge a fee of say Dh 300 or so and you will have to pay it upfront. If they fail to find a job for you, your money is gone. Some agencies do not take any fee from you, but they will take a fee from the company that will be hiring you. So before choosing this option, you will have to do a pretty good homework to find out who charges and the method of charging and so on. There are certain agencies functioning in India who recruit employees for Dubai based companies, you can try them as well. But make sure to have a clear idea of the fees they charge and also do a proper investigation of the company you are going to join. Many a time, employees might not get the salary and allowances as mentioned by these agencies, hence be careful

  7. Some of the Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai are
    • Jivaro Partners
    • ESP International
    • MCG & Associates
    • Robert Murray and Associates
    • CareerJet Dubai
    • NADIA recruitment agency
    • Hays Dubai
    • BAC Middle East

  8. Social Networking Sites: Once you start looking for a job, be active on social networking sites. Upload your profile on Linkedin. Try to make more contacts so that you will get to know about various job opportunities through them. Through networking sites, keeping in touch with your old buddies who are settled in Dubai, as they might be able to help you with a job offer. Also, there are various groups on Facebook in which you can be a member. Those groups share on the job offers known to the members and from their, you can find any which is suitable for you. Widening your contacts is definitely going to help and networking sites help you to widen your contacts

Follow Up

By just submitting your CV in person or via online alone is not going to help. You need to make regular follow-ups. Even if you have attended an interview, you still have to follow up with the HR to know whether you are selected or any other candidate has been selected. Followups give an impression that you are seriously looking for a job and hence they might end up providing the offer to you. For instance, if you are applying for a job in Emirates, that has to be done through their website and they give preference to those candidates who regularly update their information.

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Author: Natarajan13 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Nice detailed article about Scouting Dubai for a job opportunity. I was not aware that people land in Dubai and then look for work. Your other suggestions of trying the recuritment agencies in India would be more useful. I've heard that at times the Indian recuirtment agents especially for nursing jobs charge 1-2 months of the agreed salary as their placement fees.
Having been to Dubai some info - there are shared taxis that are available for travel from Dubai to AbuDabi that would be more economical than the single taxis. There are a lot of small Indian restaurants that offer food at reasonable prices. For both of these services, asking a known local friend would be very useful. The city almost shuts down in the afternoons in summer, so I used to use this time to go to Old Dubai where there are many Indian shops and businesses. It's always safer to be very cautious when it comes to interacting with women or female staff and always maintain your distance with adequate personal space. Avoid any body language that would be considered as offensive. Lastly, with the economic difficulties in many areas of Gulf, is Dubai better off?

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