How to accept changes in your life without fear?

We all know that change is a part of our life. But we are not able to accept it and take it as a pain most of the times. Why do we assume change as a difficult part of life and do not understand the importance of it? What are the ways that we should adopt to accept changes and don't become afraid of it? Read this article to find out.


Changes are bound to happen. Because nothing in life will remain constant, as time is running, we are also coming across multiple changes. But there is this something inside us that resists us to accept the change that we have to undergo. From our childhood to adults, we face a lot of changes. We can say change is a part of our life, that helps us survive, changes our thoughts from our looks to almost many things. We also learn to accept changes. Because if we do not do it, it will be hard to survive. So, we accept the changes and keep moving in life, make it a habit in us. There are certain times when we find it hard enough to accept a changing situation related to our personal or professional life. Why are we not able to accept those changes and how can we improve ourselves to accept changes in life?

Below are the possible reasons that do not allow us to accept change

  1. Our mindset does not allow : We have maintained a particular routine or habit of things, which we follow on a regular basis. If we get diverted even a little, we are unable to accept it. It is our mindset that does not allow us at first to accept the changes, because of our ongoing routine. We feel that any little change will hamper our daily routine and we will not be able to bear with it and accept it. We do not want to change our mindset to accept the change

  2. People in our vicinity influence our mind : We are afraid to accept change and also the people in our surroundings will modify their views and make their opinions in a similar manner that we would also feel like the same. They would try to pamper you with the ongoing normal process and will enhance your thoughts in a similar manner

  3. Change seems inconvenient to us : We get worried if any sort of change could make our living inconvenient be it in terms of money or happiness or our relationships. Any type of change could impact our life process differently. This makes us worry more as we think about the after effects that a change could bring. We remain worried more about the financial prospects

  4. Lazy enough to accept changes : Sometimes we are lazy enough to accept and follow any change. For example, in order to make a good change in our lifestyle to do daily exercises early morning. We would not want to accept the change because we are lazy, we do not want to spoil our sleep. We want to accept it, but we cannot make it. We become lazy to accept change and hence get worried about the outcome i.e being unhealthy

These are some ways we can follow to accept change in our day to day life.

  1. Change your attitude to accept the change :The first and foremost thing that we should do is to try and follow an attitude that accepts changes. We should know that any change is for betterment and should note the fact that it will be an enriching experience for us if we learn to accept the changes. It is being said flexible people will always be loved by everyone. This means that you are a type of person who can adjust to any environment and can accept changes, then surely you will be loved by everyone and will remain happy and satisfied in any situation.

  2. Focus on the positive outcomes of a change : In order to accept changes in life, we first need to find out what are the positive effects that the particular change is going to bring in and should feel good about it, then only we can remove the worry of that change and allow it to take a part in our life and routine. For example, we know eating healthy food is good for our health and should try and avoid junk foods as it is bad for health. In this case, if we accept the change and feel that we have to eat healthy food and not junk pizza, and think about the outcome of both. We can figure out the value of eating healthy food and the type of a change that we are going to bring in if we make a daily habit of eating healthy food and follow that change

  3. Change is a natural phenomenon : Accept that change is a natural process. It brings in new thoughts and ideas also. It also serves as a new beginning and sometimes the end of bad thoughts. The change could also be in our behavior as an improvement to our personality. Accepting small changes turns you into a mature person with an improved thought process

  4. Change makes life interesting : If something remains constant, we too get bored of it. A change is needed to know the importance of it. Even in a relationship, if everything remains normal, we do not feel better about it at times. But if there is a fight and then the things start becoming normal, there quite an amount of peace and more of love is felt. Ups and downs are needed to maintain the legacy and significance of life and its relationships. Those ups and downs form the changes and will make things interesting.

  5. Change is required for our growth : We will come across many changes as we grow in our life. They become the path that we follow and tread on. From childhood to becoming an adult, our looks and attitude change, that becomes a part of our growth. Change happens as a part of our growth, our success or even our failure. At the end, it will always give a good learning experience to us all.


On the ending note, I would just say learn to accept change to live a happy life. Understand that change will happen and is an essential part of our life and our growth. It will teach us, impart knowledge in its own way. Time brings in change for us and we experience a chance to learn more.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A nice article about the Change. We all know that nothing in this universe is static and everything is dynamic. So changes are inevitable. We have to accept the changes and we should adjust ourselves to the changes that are happening. We can't be resistant to changes. We should go with the wind. When we are in Rome we should behave like Romans. We can't say we will not. We have to learn to change and continue our living. There will be many changes in our life not only physical cham]nges but also other changes. We should be capable of accepting these changes. Many people get worried about a change. This is mainly because of fear of survival and not to move out of comfort zone. Generally, when we are doing good and everything seems to be alright in this life nobody wants to have a change. They think that taking the risk by changing is very difficult at that stage. But if we are confident of our skills and knowledge we should think that a change is giving us an opportunity to learn more and we should think there is a lot in the store which we can get by this change. Once you have this kind of positive mindset you will never hesitate to have a change. The author has brought the reason for not accepting the change and how to do it in a very pleasant way. A good reading.

Author: Natarajan12 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Excellent article about a true problem with humans and their mindset. Change? Why now is the common question asked and many of us resist change rather than embrace it.

It is important to realize that change is the way forward, accepting and going along with change ensures our survival and well being. The more we resist, the more we stand to lose because of the simple fact that 'Change is inevitable and is one of the few constant factors in our lives'. There are a couple of key facts that I would like to add here:

1.Comfort Zone- I think one of the important reasons why people do not change is the truth that 'They do not want to step out their comfort zone.' and 'The fear of losing what they have in hand in exchange for a newer version that is yet to reach their hands'.Many of us feel safe in our rather predictable life because many things are under our control.

2.Change is not a challenge or threat- Many of us mistake change for a challenge or even a threat to our current existence (job, salary, lifestyle etc).

3.Change is the path to our future- I think the sooner we realize that change is good for us and is the future, the easier it becomes to embrace change.

Author: Umesh13 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Change is the law of nature and we have it in our life whether we like it or not. The author has given a good narration to understand change and how to cope up with it.

In my perception, we avoid or resist change because we are either afraid that we will have to toil more or it does not appear remunerative to us. In any case we see it as our enemy. We do not want to surrender to it.When the post-change scenario appears lucrative to us, we simply jump in it without seeing the pros and cons. We take random risks in such situations. I feel it is the inherent psychology of human beings to change their selves for tempting things but resist the doubtful or unrewarding offers.

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