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How to become tough minded: Part-1

Confidence, bouncing back quickly, remaining focused, setting short-term goals are some of the qualities which can enhance mental toughness. Check out this article to know the details of various tips which will help an individual to become mentally tough and strong.


Mental toughness helps us to remain focused and develop confidence within. We develop a psychological edge which will always keep us confident to deal with high pressure events. If we are tough minded, only then we will be able to overcome obstacles and turbulence's. During turbulent times, most of us give up, as we lack that stamina and inner strength which often get depleted under sheer pressure. If an individual is tough minded, he will not be robbed of his inner strength. This is the reason that he performs his best with complete stamina and energy, irrespective of whether outer circumstances are easy or tough. Strong mindset consists of certain qualities and attitudes. If we tend to develop all or most of these qualities then we will become mentally tough and thereby will possess capacity and capabilities to face challenges. Mental toughness increases our chances of achieving success. Tough minded individuals are the people with strong mental strength who have a positive approach towards life. They believe in can-do philosophy and therefore are neither scared of tough times nor allow themselves to easily give up during such turbulence's.

Tips to become tough minded

  • Become confident: Having a belief in self, increases our mental toughness. If we believe that we can achieve success then that means that we are preparing ourselves for the same and thereby bracing ourselves to remain protected from turbulence's which we are going to encounter in our way. Mental toughness and confidence are directly proportional to each other. Confidence is a key factor here to develop mental toughness. Doubting anything and everything is not going to get us anywhere. We need to instill in us lots of confidence which will invoke the will power within to carry out even toughest of the tasks which we usually encounter in turbulent times. Need of the hour is to pump up our confidence level. This is because mental toughness and confidence goes hand in hand.

    Hesitation we show usually when we encounter any challenge is because of our low self confidence. This creates fear in us i.e., fear of failure which in turn makes us step back. Until and unless we instill in ourselves lots of confidence and take that extra step, we will never encounter success. Self confidence will help us to make right choice out of so many options or choices available. We then will become so mentally strong that we need not ask others for their opinions. Confidence is nothing but believing in ourselves. When we start believing in ourselves and start taking those extra steps as we know that we can, we keep achieving our goals. Taking small steps can make us sail through toughest obstacles; we never thought we would cross. Thus, we need to slowly build confidence in ourselves and bid good bye to all sorts of doubts. This will help us to become mentally tough.

  • Remain focused: It is quite easy to begin a task, but very difficult to reach the end by completing it. Only those of us who are focused will keep going consistently and reach the goal. Rest of us who have lost the concentration and focus will fail miserably. Focus therefore is a very essential factor to become mentally tough. In high pressure circumstances, mentally tough individuals will continue to strive well. Those who are not mentally strong will end in failure. When we are focused, our whole concentration is on our task. Efforts which we have put in are never going to go in vain. Thereby we can find solutions and strive hard, even in tough times. We need to build this quality within ourselves by increasing our concentration. This in turn will help us to remain 100% focused.

  • Practice composure: Mental toughness is inversely proportional to nervousness. A mentally tough individual will never become nervous. Maintaining composure is a great quality and we all need to develop it in ourselves, especially if we want to become mentally strong. When we are composed, we can completely control ourselves. When we have a control over ourselves, we can make fine decisions and thereby control situations. On the other hand, if we are nervous and doubting ourselves, we lose control from ourselves. At that time, outside circumstances control us and thereby we are not able to make any decisions.

    Remaining composed or calm is an important trait that we need to develop in ourselves. This in long run will help us to handle high stress situations in a better way without undergoing through stress and panic attacks. This quality will make us mentally strong and tough. A tough mind is an uncluttered mind. This is the reason that we need to quiet our mind. Calming down or practicing composure automatically comes to a quiet mind which is free of unnecessary distractions and worries. When mind is scattered over so many unnecessary things then focus is incomplete. Therefore, we need to practice composure and shift our focus on necessary things and meditation is an excellent way to do this. It instills stillness in our minds and thus we can control it rather than letting it make a control over us.

  • Set short-term goals: Even to climb a mountain, we need to take one step at a time. We cannot take a huge leap and manage to reach on the top. This is the reason that achievers are the one who aim to reach their long term goal but keep focus on short-term goals. Strong mind is one who does not miss any opportunity to reach a step forward. This is because moving forward or taking a step further means a step taken towards ultimate goal. This is a kind of test we need to take on every day basis.

    If we want to become mentally tough then we need to challenge ourselves with such short-term goals and look out for our behavior, our actions and reactions. If we step backwards that it means that we are not mentally strong to face turbulence's. If we reach our short-term goal successfully then we need to set next challenge for ourselves which is slightly of a higher level. This should be kind of an everyday exercise which will increase mental stamina of our mind and will ultimately help to increase our mental toughness. To be strong minded, we need to remain dedicated to a purpose which will make life meaningful. If we have set goals for ourselves then it means that we are willing to spend time and efforts to achieve the same as they require lots of hard work.

  • Bounce back: It is not true that tough minded people do not meet failures. What set them apart is after each failure they bounce back quickly. There is no room for discouragement in them. Winning and losing is a part of life. We need to learn to accept our defeats and also learn from our mistakes. This kind of behavior will keep us far away from disappointments and feeling of failure. If we prepare ourselves in this way then we will never give up on our goals. We need to prepare ourselves both internally and externally and surround ourselves with positive people and materials which can motivate us in difficult times.

    Instead of wasting time being disappointed after each defeat, we need to quickly bounce back. Quicker the bounce back will be, quicker we will be able to reach our destination. We need not act shy of owning our own mistakes as these mistakes itself will act as learning tools in our study material. We cannot let our wrong decisions or mistakes get the better or worse of us. It is not necessary that to be mentally tough we need to be always right and therefore we should not admit our mistakes. To be mentally tough, we need to know where we went wrong and try convert wrong into rightful deed and this is what known as bouncing back which will guarantee success.


To become tough minded, we need to become confident and believe in ourselves. Doubts often create illusion of failure. This is the reason that we need to instill lots of self-confidence in ourselves and always keep our focus on our goals. We need to set realistic short-term goals for ourselves and this is because if we drain our complete energy by shifting our focus on long-term goals which seem big and unrealistic at present then we may end up giving up on everything. We need to keep ourselves calm and we can do this by practicing composure. Quiet mind can work wonders and therefore we need to keep our mind clutter and distraction free. Failures are a part of life and therefore we cannot waste our precious time and energy on regretting doing something which we should not have done. Need of the hour is to learn from our mistakes and bounce back quickly and more strongly. All these qualities will help us become strong minded and increase our mental toughness which will help us survive even in tough and difficult times. To know more about such qualities and tips which can enhance our mental toughness, go through How to become tough minded: Part-2.

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How to become tough minded: Part-2

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao05 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

When we have to do things on our own we can become toughminded and we can be confident in executing our thoughts and we can face the result. But when it comes to getting the things done by others is this tough mind concept, works? If we are an in a position of responsibility and we have to get the implementation done by someone, the other person should be able to accept us. Here I feel understand the other's mindset and getting the thing done by him is the best way than being tough. But we can't be with a pickle mind but we should be able to adjust ourselves to the organization when we are in with some people. There adopting the situation is more important than acting tough. These are my feelings. I want to know the author's views on this understanding. The author has presented the article very nicely on the subject. The article shows how strong is the author in this line. My appreciations to the author.

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Irrespective of whether we are working for an organization or running an organization where number of people are working for us, tough mindedness helps in both cases. Qualities described by me does not ruin a person. Tough mindedness in no way means a person is cruel and cannot adapt to the organization. Once again look at all the qualities which are described in article. Qualities like focus, inner-confidence, bouncing back, setting goals, maintaining calmness etc all help an individual in some way or other, irrespective of whether he is working on his own, working for others or else if others are working for him.

This article is about qualities a person should possess to be called as tough minded. Toughness here does not mean that he is cruel, rude and thus not fit to work under others or else not capable of running an organization. Tough minded approach will always yield superior results. Tough minded is an approach that is actually based on path of principles and passion.

Author: Umesh11 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Being confident, tough and focused is what everyone cherishes. Keeping oneself composed in all situation is a great attribute of a personality. The author has nicely brought out these aspects in this article. It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication and disciplined life to acquire these traits which eventually make a personality tough.

It is not easy for everyone to become tough as it requires not only self-discipline but also a dazzling performance in the real world activities. People will not look up to you if you are a laggard.

So there are many other aspects like success, leadership, coordination, vision etc which are necessary ingredients in the process of becoming a tough personality and until and unless they are acquired, the goal of becoming tough will not be met.

Author: Natarajan12 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Nice article for people in the real world because the old adage 'when the going gets tough, only the tough get going' is very true. Glad that the author has mentioned 'self-belief'. If we trust ourselves, then we can face many difficult situations and come out of it with flying colors. After a failure or a difficult phase in life, having realistic goals helps us to achieve them with our commitment and hard-work.

It is also useful to know that being tough is not taught at school or college, life teaches us how to be tough. As we enjoy our success and joy, we also need to accept failures and difficult times. Here, being tough reflects our resilience to withstand the hardships that can come our way in life.

Often people resign to their fate and have a self defeating attitude that cripples them. Being tough, helps them to take difficulties as they come, reflect on the issues and learn to cope with them and slowly climb back to good times.

Perhaps the most underestimated qualities required to be tough is patience and time. How a wound needs time to heal, similarly destructive adverse events in life need time to heal and it can test our limits of patience.

To develop mental toughness (not physical) one needs a close circle of family, friends and well-wishers who would always be supportive of us through the road to recovery. Having trust in Almighty and practicing meditation and relaxation techniques also helps.

Author: Neeru Bhatt15 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

There are many people who work hard and pursue their objectives with sustained efforts. Once successful, they are motivated to work more and in that process become self-confident. This element of self-confidence is required to become tough and bold in life. A person who can take decisions and learn from the results and correct them in future is able to guide others and command them also. These qualities are the prerequisites for being tough.

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