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How to become tough minded: Part-2

This article explains various tips which enable us to become tough minded. Developing qualities like keeping our motivation ignited, becoming optimistic in life, worrying less, developing control over ourselves help us to strengthen our mental ability and achieve success even in difficult situations.


Mentally tough people do not break down when circumstances are not favorable to them. They instead deal situations with enough grace and strength. They may not be having enough resources, skills or talents, but what they acquire is strong mind which is the most important thing or quality needed to turn unfavorable situation into favorable one. They never let cynicism rule the day. They are not scared of tough times; in fact each and every tough situation helps them to bounce back even stronger. They have grit at their core. Consistency is the perfect term to define them as they are persistent in both failures and success. They do not get disappointed of losses they face or failures they encounter. Loses and failures challenge them. There are certain qualities which they possess and these qualities itself make them out-stand others. A tough minded individual is the one who does not run away during times of despair and faces all sorts of odds with sheer strength and confidence. If we want to make ourselves mentally strong, to not let turbulence's during difficult times shake us then we need to inculcate certain qualities within us.

Tips to become tough minded

  • Keeping motivation : We all know how difficult it is to keep motivation alive. It is very easy to find motivation, but keeping it alive is where the real problem lies in. To keep going, we need to motivate ourselves both internally and externally. We easily and quickly get inspired when we hear stories of other achievers or when we meet them personally. We decide goals for ourselves. Within a few days or a week, this motivation somewhere gets lost and we stop doing what we were supposed to do. Tough minded individuals do not work in this way. They need a purpose in their lives and once they have set certain goals for themselves, they do not stop until they achieve them.

    We need to keep motivating ourselves if we want to achieve strong mental strength. Motivation and focus are very closely related. The moment we shift our focus from our goal towards less important things, our motivation drops down and we start feeling low. Our motivations are closely linked to our values. Suppose if we value friendship then friends are the ones who will best motivate us. We need to determine the subjects or objects which can keep motivating us. Once we find them then there is no looking back as motivation which we will then be continuously receiving will keep driving us to achieve what we want.

  • Develop control : Tough mind never fears of anything. Neither it justifies itself with the feeling of being scared nor gives room to inadequacy. If we have to become mentally strong then we need to understand that we are the ones who can control ourselves. We are the ones who can empower i.e., upgrade ourselves or degrade on the other hand. We often blame others or external situations for our failures. Instead of wasting our quality time in doing so, we need to realize that we ourselves are responsible for the outcome and thus we need to focus our shift from outside world towards us. We can influence both direction as well as outcome of our life. We cannot passively accept everything that is coming in our way. When we realize that control is in our hands then we will start feeling that we are the masters and thereby can shape our destiny.

    We live with preconceived beliefs. Once we develop control over ourselves, we can challenge ourselves with these beliefs. If we feel that we cannot succeed in certain sector or an area, we can challenge ourselves in doing the same. When we try and succeed, only then we will realize that how false our beliefs were. There is no limit for anything. Tough minded individuals can thus very well fare during adversities because they do not restrict themselves. For them, adversity is same as good time as their focus is more inwards then outwards. They cannot control adversity, but rather they can control themselves and thus they work with equal pace and quiet mind and therefore they never fall back. It is important to develop control over ourselves and challenge our old beliefs. We will very well find ourselves enlarging our own territory and keep developing our mental strength. We need to understand that we ourselves are responsible for our actions and reactions.

  • Stop worrying: If we have to become mentally tough then we cannot let ourselves worry on silly and small issues. We often react and feel bad when things are not going the way we wanted to do. We feel disappointed on hearing bad news. We dishearten on hearing negative comments. If we keep ourselves vulnerable to such small issues then we are never going to grow strong. We need to become unshakable and this does not mean that we need to become emotionless. No human can become emotionless. All we have to do is to learn how much we need to react and when to react. Draining out our precious energy on not so important issues is a complete waste. If we cannot handle little issues then standing firm during turbulent times will almost seem impossible.

    We need to challenge ourselves on everyday basis and at the end of the day, we need to analyze where we reacted and how we reacted. All those issues which shook us should be brought forward. Changes have to be made in our belief system and the fear and insecurities which we hide deep down our subconscious mind should be removed. We need to develop a thicker skin. We cannot keep worrying about other's statements and judgments as we cannot control them. We need to learn to remain on even kneel even under sheer pressure and difficult times. When we keep our emotions under control then we can make right decisions. Unnecessary stress and tension is of no use. We need to channel our energy in right direction and not waste it unleashing on others.

  • Develop optimistic outlook: Mental toughness and optimism goes hand in hand. If we want to become mentally tough then we need to develop optimistic outlook towards each and everything in our lives, irrespective of whether our life is going in right or else in wrong direction. Optimistic outlook gives us hope and this hope itself keeps us alive. No matter how difficult times arrive, if this hope is kept ignited then it serves as a purpose for our lives and gives a meaning in real sense. It serves as an asset especially when things become difficult for us during difficult times. Complaining about each and every thing and keeping a pessimistic approach can only bring disappointment to us. We need to always find a silver lining in darkest of clouds. This kind of attitude will help us to cope well during times of despair and disaster.

    Instead of running away from difficult situations, we have to boldly face them. When we start facing reality then we start making practical decisions in our life. This again will bring positive change in our attitude. Overriding belief itself is the one which separates tough minded optimistic individuals from others. Optimism helps us to embrace the situation and thus we stop complaining and start taking a more realistic approach towards our problems. Seeing positive side of everything will help us to keep negativity away. When everything is so positive then nothing wrong can take place. This kind of attitude will keep our hopes high, even when we have lost everything. We need to be always in search of that ray of hope and this hope and positive attitude itself will help us sail through most difficult times. We need to therefore develop this kind of optimistic attitude in ourselves if we want to strengthen our mental ability.


We need to keep ourselves motivated both internally and externally. We need to find company of others as well as all those objects which will boost our metabolism. Internally we need to consistently remind ourselves about our goal and keep ourselves motivated. We need to learn to control ourselves. We can neither let others nor let circumstances control us. When we accomplish this, we get rid of all the scary feelings and insecurities of losing during tough times. We understand what is in our control and what isn't and thus we do not try to control over things which we cannot. To become mentally tough, we need to stop worrying and keep our mind stress and tension free. If we shift our focus to unnecessary matters then our goal seems unattainable. Our complete focus and attention should be on our goal. We should not allow ourselves to become vulnerable over small, silly issues. This will help us in long run as every day we will work towards strengthening our mental ability. An optimistic outlook towards everything will further help us to make our mind strong and tough. All these qualities when we inculcate in ourselves, we become successful in making ourselves mentally tough. To know more such tips which can increase mental toughness, go through How to become tough minded: Part-1

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Author: Natarajan12 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Valuable tips are given to improve our inner self when faced with adversity. Motivation is something that doesn't come easily as many humans are used to what is given to them rather than making an effort to reach out for what they want. We should be motivated and inspired constantly to reach the targets that we have set for ourselves. Instead of blaming our misfortune, we have to understand our strengths and weaknesses to quickly overcome failures.

At difficult times, the fickle mind wanders all over and many negative thoughts haunt us. We need to be firm in our belief and have a positive attitude to dispel all negative thoughts.

True character and a die-hard attitude show up when we are tested by difficulties, major financial setbacks, a failed relationship or bereavement of a close family member. In such instances having a purpose in life, self-discipline, spiritual and emotional well being helps us to tide over the crisis by making us tougher than we are.

Very practical two part article. Must read for people looking for solace or how to tide a crisis in life.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The author showed a better flow in this part of the article. To be frank Part II is much better written by the author.

When we decide on goals and target we should take an appraisal of ourselves and also conduct SWOT analysis for our own self. We will understand what are our strengths and weaknesses, what are the opportunities and threats for our progress better when we do that. Once we know these things and make our goals automatically we will get strong and we will become tough-minded. nobody can misguide us and we will have the required confidence in our acts. As a self-motivated person, you will know where you have the avenues to progress. This will bring you a toughness to you in your approach

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