What is air pollution and how to control this

Air pollution is one of the biggest threat we are presently facing on the earth. There are many reasons for the pollution of air and ways to control. In this article, you can see the various reasons for pollution of air and the methods to mitigate the problem.


Pollution is a word that is commonly used nowadays. This is a dangerous situation that affects our life. Our Earth is a place for human beings, trees and animals. The system was created such that the waste gases released from human beings are useful for plants and trees. The Trees vent out gases which are useful and important for human beings and animals. This equilibrium is created in such a way that nature will maintain its statuesque without any changes. So nature has provided a good platform for the human beings for living happily.

But we, the human are always in a mood of improving our living conditions. We want to have all luxuries and do many tasks. We want to earn more and more money and spend lavishly and enjoy the life. There is no harm in this thought. But the methods we are adopting or following to achieve our greedy desires are the culprits. We are not caring for the environment. In our pursuit we are cutting trees, we are leaving all harmful gases into the atmosphere and making the environment more polluted.

How this is happening

The main actions which are causing heavy air pollution are

  • Carbonaceous gases : The main source of this gases are our vehicles, generators, oil fired boilers and coal-fired boilers. These gases are doing a lot of harm in maintaining the equilibrium in the universe

  • Cutting of trees and deforestation : This is considered to be a big reason for polluting our air. The man density is increasing and to have more and more area we are cutting the trees in the forest and we are converting those green lands into concrete jungles. As a result, the density of trees is coming down. The trees played an important role for purifying the waste gases, the human-produced and in turn giving them oxygen. But as the trees are coming down the volume of carbon dioxide gases taken by trees is coming down and the output of oxygen is also coming down. As such the air is having less percentage of oxygen and getting more carbon dioxide gas. We all know that the air which contains more carbon dioxide gas is not so useful to mankind

  • Global warming : As the density of trees is coming less, the natural wind blow is coming less and in turn the air is getting heated up. To avoid this heat we have started electrical cooling systems. These systems use halon which are very poisonous in nature. These gases are cutting the ozone layer which is protecting us from harmful UV rays that are coming from the Sun. Once the Ozone layer is going away all these poisonous gases will reach the earth and earth will get warm up. This is also another major reason that affect the ability of a human being to breath good air

  • Smoking : We the human beings for our happiness start smoking tobacco products and the gases that are coming out from those tobacco products are also a cause of this air pollution

  • Chemical industry : Another big polluting source is the chemical industry. In these industries, many chemicals for our use are being made. In the process of making these chemicals, many harmful gases may be also produced as by-products. It is the responsibility of the industry to ensure that these gases are treated and neutralized before leaving to the atmosphere

All these activities put together the air is getting polluted. By absorbing these gases the human beings are getting sick and to get alright new medicines are discovered. This drug discovery is creating pollution be releasing gases into the atmosphere. Thus it has become a vicious circle and pollution is going beyond tolerable limits.

Methods to control

Even at this stage if the humans are not understanding the situation and not taking preventive actions, the earth will become a place where a human being can't survive. To stop this pollution and hand over the clean environment to the next generation we should follow and implement some of the actions which are narrated below.

  • Plant more trees : By planting more trees, you can develop forests. But make sure not to cut trees. This is the first and important action which is to be implemented at the earliest. Every house should grow some trees. In any case, no tree should be cut. The act of cutting trees should be made punishable

  • Don't use a private vehicle for individual needs : Try to use public transport to the maximum extent possible. The daily commuters to their workplaces can have pooling up system so that number of vehicles on the road will come down. As far as possible don't use your motorcycles and cars. For short distance travels you can use manual cycles. They will be good for you also as it is a very good exercise. Thus you will have a double benefit and you need not go for a separate walking.

  • The smoking habit is to be stopped: It will have multiple benefits. You will not fall sick. Your neighbor will also be healthy. Your expenditure will come down and you will have a better financial position. The air also will not get polluted

  • The chemical industry should install all treatment facilities : All gases that are being released into the atmosphere should be treated properly before releasing into the atmosphere. The Pollution control board authorities should act tough and should see that without proper treatment methods and systems in place in all the manufacturing organizations and under any cost untreated effluents will not be released into the atmosphere. They should not go for unethical activities and should not safeguard the unethical practices of Industrialists which are the main reason for today's pollution problems

If these systems are implemented with full understanding and in its true spirit the air will not have any problem with pollution and maintains its purity and we all will have a happy living on this mother Earth.

Final words

A healthy air will give us a good life without any other side effects. As a consumer of air, we all should understand the importance of air and in addition its our duty to make sure that the air will not get polluted and also our mother earth will continue to be the most desirable place for humankind.

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